Expanded Program at SEMICON West

SEMICON West sets the stage for a busy three-day event as the industry expands on multiple fronts.

The burgeoning sensor technologies in the automotive industry is one area that is driving substantial growth in electronics safety devices, infotainment, and autonomous vehicles. Clean energy systems are also contributing to the explosion that will result in 8-9 separate sensor systems in every car with the next five years.

Front end factory automation is also experiencing its own revolution using Industry 4.0 software and sensor systems to optimize manufacturing in wafer fabs and device packaging companies.

Add to this, the recent budget increases in military spending in the US and promised increases to meet the 2% GDP commitment by other NATO countries and many small-to medium-sized companies will feel the benefit in the months and years ahead.

Some companies continue to be cautious, but this is not a time to be timid. If you want to be part of the new wave of manufacturing opportunities, then now is the time to market your services, invest in the equipment to improve your quality and yield and hire the talent that will help you capitalize on the current boom.

SEMICON West offers a superb opportunity to increase your knowledge, network with peers and seek fresh ideas and new talent. The program is wide and varied and covers the following topics:

• 5G

• Advanced Packaging

• IoT

• Materials

• SMART MedTech

• Advanced Manufacturing

• Industry Outlook

• MEMS & Sensors

• SMART Auto

• Test

The program will also contain an extensive program of Keynotes & Executive Panels, Receptions, Training & Development and Standards.

Join us at SEMICON West on July 11-14th and don’t forget to pick up your copy of Global SMT & Packaging from the media bins!

– Trevor Galbraith Editor-in-Chief



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