Here are some new and exciting products on display at productronica




Alpha Assembly Solutions, will be exhibiting alongside its sister company MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions. Alpha will present its latest stencils innovation, ALPHA tensoRED Master Tensioning Frame at the show. ALPHA tensoRED enables a higher and more even tension compared to ALPHA Tetra Frame.

In addition, Alpha will showcase its newly developed solution for void reduction under bottom terminated components (BTC), the ALPHA AccuFlux BTC-578 Preform System. The system combines Alpha’s AccuFlux BTC-578 preform, solder paste, engineered stencil designs and optimized processing parameters to dramatically and consistently decrease voiding.





BTU International, Inc. plans to introduce its new PYRAMAX Vacuum reflow oven. The system has been designed around requirements of large EMS/high-volume automotive customers. The unit is configured with 10 zones of closed-loop convection heating and a maximum production width of 18.” Nitrogen atmosphere capable, the PYRAMAX Vacuum reflow oven offers a maximum process temperature of 350° C.

The unit features integrated controls with BTU’s proprietary Wincon windows-based control system and full integration with factory MES/Industry 4.0 including vacuum parameters.





Cogiscan Inc. will introduce the second major phase of evolution for the award-winning Factory Intelligence software. The first phase of Factory Intelligence was focused on real-time performance monitoring. The new Analytics package offers a series of capabilities to analyze metrics and KPI over a period of time. Being able to collect and analyze key metrics such as machine OEE is key to enabling manufacturing staff to quickly identify any deviation from expected performance and quickly drill down to the root cause for corrective actions.


AIM Solder


AIM will highlight its revolutionary REL61 lead-free solder alloy at the show. REL61 addresses the most challenging issues with today’s common lead-free alloys, specifically soldering performance, cost and durability. A low silver/low cost alloy, REL61 not only is more durable than SAC305, but has a wider process window than any low/no silver alloy on the market today. REL61 improves wave and selective soldering performance, addressing sluggish barrel fill issues common to other low/no silver alloys and eliminating costly alloy maintenance and analysis requirements. Extensive testing indicates that REL61 can reduce tin whisker formation as well as outperform SAC alloys in thermal shock, vibration and drop shock resistance. Combined with AIM M8 Solder Paste, REL61 has reduced voiding on BTC packages by over 45%, increasing both thermal performance and solder joint integrity.

AIM will also highlight its full line of advanced solder materials, including solder paste, liquid flux and solder alloys, including its newly developed REL22 solder alloy for extremely harsh environments.


Indium Corporation


Indium Corporation will feature its void-reducing Indium8.9HF Solder Paste Series to help customers Avoid the Void. The Indium8.9HF Series delivers no-clean, halogen-free solder paste solutions designed to produce low-voiding–plus improved stability–during the printing process. Under optimal process conditions, this series: Demonstrates consistent printing performance for up to 12 months when refrigerated. Maintains excellent printing and reflow performance after remaining at room temperature for one month. Delivers excellent response-to-pause even after being left on the stencil for 60 hours. The Indium8.9HF Solder Paste Series boasts a unique oxidation barrier technology that makes these pastes perfectly suited for a variety of applications, especially automotive assembly.




Inventec presents a new ultra low voiding formula, Ecorel Free 305-16LVD to achieve optimal voiding performance in automotive, power electronics, LED lighting and other high reliability applications, without degradation of high speed printability and chemical reliability. Solder voiding is a complex phenomenon under the combination of many interactions affecting both the reliability and quality of solder joints, in such interactions solder paste is a key contributor. Ecorel Free 305-16LVD is a No Clean, lead free solder paste developed to achieve ultra low voiding and reduce the size of voids, especially in large area components such as power discretes, LEDs and QFNs. It is a halogen free ROL0 flux system; available is powder size Type 3 and 4. It has been recently selected to be used in new generation electronics modules for a global German automotive OEM. The main benefits of Ecorel Free 305-16LVD include:

  • Ultra low voiding percentage and reduced void size
  • Very good wetting on any surface finish
  • Transparent colourless residue
  • Good first pass yield pin testability
  • It can be processed under air or nitrogen reflow atmospheres Ecorel Free 305-16LVD is available worldwide in different packaging options.





KIC will exhibit with SmartRep where it will debut the new ecosystem led by the Vantage network software system and discuss the SPS smart profiler.

The new KIC Vantage software is designed to help engineers gain insight into their reflow and wave solder processes to enable better and faster decision making. It provides a real-time dash-board for thermal processes, accessible anywhere, from any authorized PC or mobile device. The process data is automatically stored in a central location where the engineer can quickly retrieve and share all relevant data.

The new KIC SPS smart profiler collects the profile data and compares it to the process specifications. Within seconds, the new smart profiler also suggests an improved reflow oven setup. It utilizes smart factory technologies to acquire and analyze thermal process for new insight and actionable data leading to increased production line utilization, reduced rework and electricity use.




The cleaning experts at MicroCare Europe bvba WILL present their ever- expanding range of ‘greener’ cleaning products, including the new Universal Flux Remover and the TergoTM High Performance Flux Remover. All of the innovative chemistries from MicroCare use unique chemistries and clever packaging to help companies clean PCBs faster, better and at lower cost while meeting ever-more stringent European regulations.


Microtronic GmbH


The company will exhibit in several booths during the four-day event (PEMTRON – Hall A1, Stand 406, Akrometrix – Hall A3, Stand 102/1, EVS – Hall A4, Stand 141 and AIM Solder – Hall A4, Stand 409), showcasing the PEMTRON PS Series Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMS), the LBT-210 solderability tester, AIM solder materials and more from its other suppliers.

The PS Series Models include the PS-210 Compact Desk Top Mini-SEM, the PS-230 High Performance Normal-SEM, and PS-250 Analytical Normal-SEM. The high performance microscopes offer 3nm-5nm resolution in a compact design. The systems are similar in price to a tabletop SEM offering much higher performance and capability.

The LBT-210 automatic and PC-controlled solderability tester is a revolutionary system that meets today’s current industry challenges. Of course, it also can measure using the common methods with a solder bath or a solder globule. All industry standards including IPC, IES, NF, MIL and JEDEC are supported.




MIRTEC plans to exhibit its award-winning MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI, the MS-11e 3D SPI, MV-3 OMNI Desktop 3D AOI and INTELLISYS software.

The award-winning MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI Machine is configured with MIRTEC’s exclusive OMNI-VISION 3D Inspection Technology that combines the 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Camera Technology with MIRTEC’s revolutionary 8 Projection Digital Multi-Frequency Moiré 3D system in a newly designed cost-effective platform.

The MS-11e 3D SPI Machine is configured with MIRTEC’s exclusive 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Vision System and uses Dual Projection “Shadow Free” 3D Moiré Technology combined with a Precision Telecentric Compound Lens and Precision Laser PCB Warpage Compensation to accurately characterize each solder deposition post screen print.

The MV-3 OMNI Desktop 3D AOI Machine is configured with MIRTEC’s OMNI-VI SION 3D Inspection Technology which combines our exclusive 18 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Industrial Camera Technology with our revolutionary 8 Projection Digital Multi-Frequency Moiré 3D system in a newly designed Desktop platform.




Mycronic is introducing its next-generation MYPro series assembly line. Completely software-driven and operator-independent, the MYPro series combines comprehensive factory connectivity and real-time data into a single, fully automated production solution. Key features include full visibility planning, intelligent material handling, advanced traceability and production statistics, among many others.

The new MY300 expands capacity up to 224 feeder positions within a 40 percent smaller footprint than previous models. At the same time, it achieves higher real-time speed due to a number of performance enhancements including automatic conveyor width and job selection, as well as faster tool changes. Fully automated board train functionality increases throughput even further thanks to simultaneous loading and unloading of multiple boards. Additionally, the series’ improved linescan vision system, with up to 4k resolution, ensures a future-proof solution for even the most advanced future components. The MY300 platform offers a wide selection of highly automated line configurations for any intelligent factory.

The MY700 solder paste and adhesive jetting combines a new dual-lane, dual-head design with high-speed, state-of-the-art jetting heads. The dual-head design covers the widest possible range of solder paste dot volumes for small and very large components, or can be configured to jet two different types of media.


Nordson Test & Inspection


The Nordson Test & Inspection team will showcase a suite of award-winning systems including the Quadra 5 and Quadra 7 X-ray inspection systems, the new Inline X-ray inspection platform XS-series complemented by the X#-series and XCT-1000 as well as the FX-940 ULTRA 3D AOI system. On the bondtester side, the company will demo the 4800 configured for ball shear on a 300mm wafer and a 4000Plus bondtester configured for battery testing.

Nordson DAGE’s flagship system – the new Quadra 7 represents the cutting edge of X-ray inspection performance. 6.7 MP ultra-high quality images are displayed at full one-to-one resolution over two 4K UHD monitors ensuring you see the clearest features today, and for all your products in the future.

The Quadra 5 offers high performance and ease of use for 2D and 3D X-ray applications. 0.35μm feature recognition up to 10 W of power, makes the Quadra 5 the leading choice for printed circuit board and semiconductor package inspection.

The Nordson DAGE 4800 Advanced Automated Wafer Testing bondtester is at the forefront of wafer testing technology catering for the testing of wafers from 200mm up to 450mm.

The 4000Plus Bondtester with Camera Assist Automation is ideally suited for pull-and-shear testing of wafer interconnections, lead frames, hybrid microcircuits or automotive electronic packages.

Nordson MATRIX – the market leader for automated inline X-ray inspection and pioneer for innovative inspection technologies will present the latest additions to its product portfolio.

The Nordson YESTECH FX-940 ULTRA 3D AOI with cutting-edge 3D technology is ideal for the inspection of solder defects, lead defects/lifted leads, component presence and co-planarity of chips, BGAs and other height sensitive devices. With its Advanced Fusion Lighting and comprehensive inspection tools including angled cameras, full-color digital image processing and both image and rule-based algorithms, the FX-940 ULTRA offers complete inspection coverage with unsurpassed 2D and 3D defect detection.



Panasonic introduces the latest addition to the award-winning NPM-series, geared for manufacturers who value setup and changeover time over speed. NPM-W2S offers a completely integrated, single-platform solution, providing far-reaching functions that expand and advance with the electronics assembly industry.

At a time when lot sizes are smaller, manufacturers strive to tighten control of their work in process, minimize changeovers, and expand feeder capacity—at an affordable price. This need is the premise for the development of the Panasonic NPM-W2S. It brings advances that expand upon standard component range, spanning 03015mm microchips to massive 100x90mm components and connectors nearly 6” long (150mm) and up to 30mm tall.

The NPM-W2S enables greater odd-form capability by increasing insertion force to 100N as well as increases imaging capability with an optional Pin-in-Paste Illumination option to better image pin-through-hole devices. It is equipped with the Industry’s only multi-recognition camera, enables component alignment, defect inspection, chip thickness, and 3D co-planarity inspection in a single pass to promote high productivity and quality. Newly released Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Pre-Pickup Inspection features allow unique recognition of tray-fed parts from barcodes, lines, and polarity marks to determine proper pickup angles even if parts are fed incorrectly. Many of these new features have also been added to other NPM models such as the W2, D3 and TT2 with more to come in the very near future.



R&D VaporTech

A4 STAND 216


R&D VaporTech, a subsidiary of IBL Technologies, LLC, will debut its new Smartphase Inline Vapor Phase Reflow System at the show for the first time.

The Smartphase system has been designed for high volume inline manufacturing. It is a fully automatic, inline vapor phase reflow oven designed specifically to move easily into your manufacturing line. The Smartphase is the world’s only true inline vapor phase featuring an edge guided conveyor system for easy handling and left to right manufacturing reflow. At 410 cm, or just over 13 ft., it also reduces floor space requirements.


SEHO Systems GmbH


SEHO will present a complete production solution that will provide users with ideas for optimizing their own manufacturing processes. All machines in the production line are linked with the SEHO mcServer, the machine communication server from SEHO.

The production solution continuously exchanges data – from placement control, to a flexible selective soldering process with automatically controlled removal of solder balls and integrated optical inspection – to intelligent handling systems and automatic separation of defect assemblies by means of a robot. mcServer allows complete monitoring of all integrated processes and machines, and provides real-time information from systems – including those installed at different production sites worldwide.


Seica SpA

HALL A1, BOOTH A1-445 

Seica SpA will be showcased the new Pilot V8 next > series of flying prober, featuring a renovated and stylish look thanks to the premium materials of the chassis, and innovative electrical worth discovering performances, undoubtedly the most complete flying probing test platform on the market. In its most complete configuration, the Pilot V8 next > series tester will provide up to 20 mobile test resources for an electronic board, ranging from probes which can supply today up to 2 A current each, high-resolution cameras for automatic optical inspection, barcode reading and datamatrix, LASER, capacitive probes, pyrometers, optical fiber sensors for LEDs, minifixtures for boundary scan and On Board Programming, up to high-frequency probes for measures over 1.5 GHz (an absolutely unique performance on the market).

Seica will also showcase the brand-new DRAGONFLY next > series, an AOI system providing optical inspection capabilities for the “standard” (THT) components of electronic boards, as well as of the conformal coating, increasingly used today to protect the products after manufacturing. Both the THT and CC versions of the DRAGONFLY feature the opportunity to inspect one or both sides of the board, which is conveyed on a standard SMEMA compliant rail conveyor, driven by an intuitive and streamlined management software which will allow commissioning and application program development in few hours. The DRAGONFLY technology will be made available to Seica customers also with possible customized solutions, to promote the best integration in the existing automated production lines, with additional conveyors dedicated to boards for repair, in-line or stand-alone repair stations, as well as the opportunity to adjust the system footprint according to the available area.




The Vi TECHNOLOGY team is preparing for a busy show, with plans to bring two 5K3D AOI systems and two PI 3D SPI systems as well as the new software module Sigma Line.

By coupling these two measurement systems, Vi TECHNOLOGY’s Sigma Line module offers a real-time combination of 3D SPI and 3D AOI inspection measurements. By considering all inspection systems as one tool, the results is a new way to optimize the SMT process and converge to the zero defect line. Also, it is the prerequisite to transform large volumes of data into actionable data.




Viscom AG will present its cutting-edge solutions for optical inspection systems with 3D technology under the motto “Solutions for me.” The highlight of the event is the X7056-II automatic 3D X-ray inspection system, developed with extremely high throughput and superb image quality for the requirements in high-end electronics production. This new AXI in-line system can ensure precise inspection of hidden solder joints and components in high-volume production. It is equipped with the xFastFlow transport module, which cuts printed circuit board changing times. With this feature, up to three boards can be processed at the same time. The new handling design also means that significantly larger board sizes can be inspected and the scope of angled radiation is extended.

Visitors also can gain insight into Viscom’s expertise and know-how in two presentations: in the PCB & EMS Speakers Corner regarding the topic “How Big Data in Electronic Assembly Inspection Shortens Time-to-Market” and in the SMT Speakers Corner about “Process Control and Highest Quality beyond Optical and X-Ray Inspection”.

Additional 3D AOI systems from Viscom also will be part of the Panasonic and Nokia trade fair exhibitions at their respective stands.



ViTrox is proud to announce that three of its major products will be featured on this upcoming trade fair namely V810i S2EX AXI, the V510i Optimus 3D AOI and V-ONE. The V510i 3D AOI is enhanced with 12 Megapixels camera that guarantees high inspection quality and resolution. It resolves challenging defects such as Lifted Lead, Coplanarity, Black color PCB / Multicolor PCB, Presence / Absence and small components like 01005/ 0201 and many more defects. The revolutionary multi-angle multi-color illumination of structured lighting for 2D illumination with multiple color LEDs have the capability to allow multiple images to be acquired for each viewing.

The V810i S2EX AXI, an Advanced 3D X-ray inspection system. Its key features include Scan Path Merging (SPAM), Single Unified Management Office (SUMO), Simultaneous Efficient Reconstruction Technique (SERT), Predictive Slice Height (PSH) into a single scanning path, Phase Shift Profilometry 2 (PSP 2) that enhance the system to its optimum level of performance.

ViTrox will also introduce its latest smart manufacturing software-based solution, V-ONE, an all-in-one suite of software solution that connects the inspection machines in SMT production lines to monitor performances on a real-time basis.


VJ Electronix

HALL A3 STAND 102/105 


VJ Electronix will demonstrate material handling automation for the XQuik II AutoLoad with AccuCount Technology, along with the Summit II rework system. Additionally, an XQuik II with Accucount Technology will be on display in the SmartRep GmbH stand. SmartRep was recently appointed as the company’s distributor throughout Germany and Austria.

With newly introduced material handling automation, the XQuik AutoLoad system automatically counts components at up to twice the original speed. New parallel processing tehniques allow the system to aquire images and calculate component count in parallel with bar code scan, loading and labeling of reels. The revolutionary XQuik II and XQII AutoLoad with AccuCount Technology are now faster than ever.




YAMAHA announces the launch of its YSi-V 12M Type HS2 high-end hybrid Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system. The YSi-V 12M Type HS2 offers faster inspection speed, higher precision, and enhanced capacity and performance for specular components. Development of the YSi-V 12M Type HS2 targeted faster processing through improved image processing hardware and image inspection algorithms; as a result, it has achieved more than 25% increase in 3D inspection speed when compared to the existing model, and delivers a significant speed increase of up to 40% for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with high component mounting density. New features include a high-precision mode, enabling capture of clear three-dimensional images. The high-precision 7 μm resolution camera includes an all-new design dedicated 3D image capture projector optical system, significantly improving form reproducibility of extremely small-sized components down to 008004 size, and increasing height measurement repeatability. In addition, the optimizati on of image capture parameters and the use of newly-developed algorithms has enabled inspection capacity and performance compatible with thin, highly-integrated WLCSP and FOWLP components, whose use has risen dramatically since last year.




ZESTRON will be exhibiting a selection of state-of-the-art cleaning machines from the Technical Center in Ingolstadt, Germany. As a result, tradeshow visitors who are looking for a new cleaning machine can compare different, innovative and proven technologies directly on site. ZESTRON’s process engineers and representatives from equipment manufacturers are available for questions regarding the features, as well as the optimally adapted cleaning agents. Further trade fair highlights are the pH neutral PCB cleaning agent VIGON N 640, providing excellent cleaning performance on the latest fluxes in specific batch systems, as well as the single-phase stencil cleaning agent HYDRON SC 300 designed to effectively remove SMT adhesives without leaving streaks after drying.



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