New Products – August 2017

■YAMAHA Modular Mounter.

YAMAHA Sigma Series G5S Modular Mounter

YAMAHA’s new Sigma Series G5S Modular Mounter delivers high-speed, flexible placement using a two-head mounting solution driven by YAMAHA’s patented Overdrive Control functionality. Self-loading ‘splice-less’ SL feeders eliminate production interruptions, and quick-change feeder bases and tray units deliver seamless productivity. Yamaha’s Sigma G5S excels in speed, capacity, accuracy, and virtually non-stop efficiency. Featuring the fastest, most flexible Rotary head in the industry, and equipped with a Multi-function head that performs lead-clinching and tamping, the fast, flexible Sigma Series G5S is a true performer that’s perfect for High-Mix assembly environments, offering a dual-side component supply with up to 120 unique 8mm tapes, and the ability to handle PCBs up to 1200mm (47”) long. The Sigma G5S is equipped with YAMAHA’s unique patented Overdrive System that enables the heads to assemble PCBs simultaneously with no wait time. Overdrive functionality enables both placement heads to pick from each other’s component supply, on either side of the machine, and place on the same board simultaneously and without restriction. Overdrive functionality enables the user to adapt to varying production require requirements without reconfiguring the line. The Sigma G5S’ better ‘Family Setup’ approach slashes changeover time by more than 90%, and Feedback communi-cations with YAMAHA’s YSI-V AOI bring greater efficiency and optimization to the SMT/PCB assembly process.

■Multitest tri-temp handler MT9928 withan enhanced Soak Booster option.

Multitest soak booster option on the MT9928 tri-temp handler

Multitest recently installed the well-es-tablished tri-temp handler MT9928 with an enhanced Soak Booster option. The Soak Booster cuts down the soak time by up to 50%. Multitest is currently the only company offering this kind of advanced technology for gravity handlers. With this development Multitest is respond-ing to the market need for temperature testing of large devices where soak time closely correlates with throughput, and as a result, impacts the cost of test. High-volume production test of automotive devices is one market that benefits from this enhanced Soak Booster capability. Whereas the industry standard for gravity handling is thermal heat transfer by radiation from track to device, Soak Booster uses convection as transfer principle. The temperature controlled air is blown directly to the device. The Soak Booster option is built on Multitest’s excellence in temperature test solutions and is available for SO packages down to 300 mil in size.

HumiSeal introduces Vivid Cure –liquid optically clear adhesives

HumiSeal introduces the Vivid Cure product line of Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives (LOCA). These uniquely formulated products currently serve a broad spectrum of industries. Vivid Cure products are available directly from HumiSeal or from our authorized channel partners. Vivid Cure LOCA products are uniquely formulated urethane acrylates that provide the LCM assembler with the highest level quality and product features. The current offering features index matching, very low shrinkage, high bond strength, along with low modulus for ultra-low MURA, which makes them ideal for either the direct bond or the cover lens process. Furthermore, the product’s unique low energy UV curing capability reduces the temperature during assembly which therefore minimizes the stress on the LCD. Vivid Cure LOCA products are offered in standard viscosities, however they can be adjusted to the assembler’s requirements. Dam forming Vivid Cure 70521 LOCA is available in convenient cartridge packaging. Low and medium viscosity products (70501, 70511 and 70531) are designed for high efficiency and high production environments. All can be used with a variety of dispensing equipment. Materials have been designed with rheology to enable fast bubble release. These HumiSeal materials are manufactured with highest quality supply ingredients for maximum cleanliness. Many additional products are available and products can be developed to fit your application needs. Keith Waryold (Vice President of Industrial Materials and Technology) said “The introduction of the Vivid Cure LOCA product line is a true testament of HumiSeal’s advancement in technology. 


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