SMT celebrates 30 years anniversary of pioneering spirit, innovation and vision

SMT celebrates 30 years anniversary of pioneering spirit, innovation and vision

Participant of SMT anniversary celebration

Innovative developments and exceptional success are characteristic attributes of SMT Thermal Discoveries to this date. The company was founded by Hans-Günter Ulzhöfer on February 13, 1987 and became one of the world’s leading producers of thermal process systems. 30 years ago, SMT, like no other company, was able to adapt its development to the requirements of the electronic manufacturing industry. Early on it was recognized that reflow soldering was the technology of the future and our systems were adapted for full-convection. This was the beginning of a success story that was crowned with numerous patents and awards and which continues to this day.


Welcome speech in the Technology Center of SMT

The company’s 30-year anniversary was celebrated with customers and business partners at the SMT Technology Center in Wertheim. The company’s founder, Hans-Günter Ulzhöfer, addressed the company’s history in his speech, and told some amusing anecdotes.

His son, Dr. Christian Ulzhöfer, welcomed the English-speaking guests. He thanked his family for its engagement in the company and its support. The development of energy-efficient systems is very important to him, like it is to his father.




SMT Technology Center

Christian Ulzhöfer showed guests the reflow soldering systems displayed in the Technology Center, which were manufactured during several decades. These include the SMT 400 C reflow soldering system from 1997, which, in 20 years, ran for more than 18,000 hours in the customer’s 1-shift operation, the SMT Quattro Peak L Plus, which has been used at the Technology Center since 2015 for test soldering and customer evaluations and the newly developed reflow-soldering-system generation SMT R360.





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