ZESTRON Academy invites you to attend a FREE online training session on Nov 2017

ZESTRON, the worldwide leader in high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry, is pleased to invite you to attend our FREE Online Training Session, “Impact of Multiple Thermal Cycles on the Cleaning Process” on Nov 10 2017.

Many printed circuit board manufacturing processes involve multiple thermal cycles’ which could impact the cleaning process and as a result, risk the performance of the boards. In this presentation, you will learn the effects of numerous heat cycles have on the PCB cleaning process, the recommended cleaning parameters and results from the specially tailored DOE. This live training session will be presented by ZESTRON Academy’s accredited experts, Guan Tatt Yeoh, Senior Application Engineer.

For more information or to register, please click here or contact academy-malaysia@zestron.com.


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