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Hover-Davis and AdoptSMT Group Europe sign Extended Distributorship Agreement for Europe

AdoptSMT_Group_Logo_English_RAdoptSMT Group Europe and Hover-Davis announce the immediate start of  their cooperation in the following European countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

Since February 2011 AdoptSMT has represented Hover-Davis already in UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Greece.  The AdoptSMT Group however has been world-wide agent for Hover-Davis for many years, providing new Hover-Davis tape feeders together with pre-owned pick and place equipment. More recently from February to October 2011 AdoptSMT offered a successful Feeder Trade-In program and sold feeders this way throughout Europe and  also into the countries now added to their territory.

“We enjoy a successful relationship with AdoptSMT Group Europe through their world-class refurbished equipment sales and support operation’’, said Michael Cyr, General Manager of Hover-Davis.  ‘’With this  expanded relationship, we have full confidence that AdoptSMT Europe will provide outstanding value and service to our feeder customers in this important region  of Europe".

Erhard Hofmann, AdoptSMT Europe Managing Director notes that “AdoptSMT is in a very unique position to serve these markets. We have a well established presence through our spare parts and consumables sales, pre-owned equipment sales and support infrastructure. Being in a position to distribute the Hover-Davis brand is a logical and very natural progression for us. We can respond to the complete equipment, spare parts, consumables and feeder needs of our customers in these important markets.”

For more information about Hover-Davis, please visit www.hoverdavis.com, or call +1.585.352.9590.

For more information about AdoptSMT Group Europe, please visit www.AdoptSMT.com.


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