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LOPE-C 2012 conference program : Focus on applications

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The conference program at LOPE-C (Large-area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention) reflects the latest market developments and focuses on concrete applications. More than 180 speakers from  27 countries will present applications, developments and advancements in organic and printed electronics. The conference is broken down into five events, i.e. the Plenary Session, the Business Conference including the Investor Forum, the Technical Conference, the Scientific Conference including Interactive Sessions, and the Short Courses. Representatives of user companies such as Janssen Pharmaceutica/Johnson & Johnson, MeadWestVaco, Philips and Stora Enso are giving lectures there. LOPE-C takes place in Munich from June 19 – 21, 2012. 

Plenary Session
The Plenary Session on June 20 and 21 will open with internationally prominent speakers. In lectures on the most important interdisciplinary topics that pertain to organic and printed electronics, international speakers will give participants a comprehensive look at developments and advancements in Europe, the United States, Taiwan and Japan. 

Dr. Kai Grassie, CTO of Giesecke & Devrient, will hold a lecture on the topic of “Reliable transactions - Security through authenticity“. He will present the use of printed electronics in the smartcard sector. 

The other lectures in the Plenary Session will be given by representatives of the  European Commission and ITRI in Taiwan, among others.

Business Conference
The Business Conference from June 19 – 20 focuses on commercial aspects. For example, Eric Snoeckx from Janssen Pharmaceutica/Johnson & Johnson in Belgium will hold a lecture on “The integration of printed electronics in the pharmaceuticals industry”. 

Other items of the agenda at the Business Conference include presentations from American companies such as Harris & Harris and MeadWestVaco as well as from Heraeus Precious Metals, Philips and PolyIC in Germany.

Technical Conference
In more than 35 lectures on June 20 and 21, representatives of the scientific and
ndustrial sectors will examine the diverse range of potential applications for organic and printed electronics in their respective sectors. On June 21,  Prof. Henning Sirringhaus from the University of Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory, will make a presentation on “High-performance, solution-processed organic transistor circuits.”

Other lectures will be given by representatives of companies including Konarka (USA), MC10 (USA), Stora Enso (Finland) and Terepac (Canada), among others.

Scientific Conference 
Scientists and developers from around the world have applied to make presentations at the Scientific Conference. A committee of prominent international specialists selected the various speakers from among those applicants. Within the scope of this conference from June 20 – 21, scientists and engineers will present the state of the art in research.  On the third day of the conference, among other things, Prof. Tatsuo Hasegawa, Deputy Director at AIST in Japan, will discuss “Double-shot inkjet printing for single-crystal semiconductor films.”

Projects will be introduced by the University of California, Berkeley (USA), Merck Chemicals in Great Britain, and the Holst Centre in the Netherlands. 

The Scientific Conference will be round out by an interactive session with approximately 30 poster presentations from 18:00 – 20:00 on June 20.

Short courses
On the first day of LOPE-C, experts from the industrial and scientific sectors will give 90-minute introductory presentations about technologies and applications including components, functional materials, printing techniques, production techniques and sensors. 

Detailed information about the conference program and the speakers at LOPE-C is available at the LOPE-C website.  

www.lope-c.com,  www.messe-muenchen.de, www.oe-a.org

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