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Vitronics Soltec to expand operations in China

Industry News

Company announces plans to move production of XPM line from Camdenton, MO to Suzhou, China

Vitronics Soltec has announced plans to consolidate manufacturing and expand operations in China.  Starting in late 2012, and into the third quarter of 2013, it will transfer production of the XPM reflow line from the company’s Camdenton, Missouri plant to the existing Vitronics Soltec facility in Suzhou, China.

The Suzhou facility has been producing MR+ reflow ovens and Delta 3 and 5 Wave ovens since 2004, manufacturing well over 2000 systems to date. The experienced personnel and solid quality systems that are already in place have given the company the confidence to make the move while continuing successful production and growth of the XPM line. Also as part of the realignment, the Vitronics Soltec myReflow oven produced in the Netherlands will be discontinued at a future date.

“Moving production of the XPM to Suzhou and discontinuation the MyReflow product line will allow us to consolidate and focus our reflow resources on further improvements and development of the reflow line,” said Laurie Hume, Business Unit Manager of Vitronics Soltec Americas.  “We are also pleased that this move will only involve manufacturing. Our training, support, spares, helpdesk, service, and order entry will all remain at our Camdenton, Missouri facility, which will remain our Americas regional operations center.” 

The move to China helps Vitronics Soltec’s products remain competitive with regards to pricing without sacrificing their quality or reliability, which will be held to the same high level as all of the company’s products, said Hume.  “This is not a joint venture,” she said.  “Vitronics Soltec Suzhou is staffed by our own employees, and they’ve produced over 2,000 machines.  The quality is there and we plan to increase our workforce with even more talented engineers and technicians.” 

During the transition period, Vitronics Soltec is committed to continuing to work with its customers to maintain all the benefits from the previous systems that were manufactured in the USA.  “It will be business as usual in North America,” said Mick Austin, Vitronics Soltec’s Director-Americas Region.  “Our same sales and support staff will continue providing the customer service our company has been known for.”

Vitronics Soltec will post occasional updates on the transition on its website. www.vitronics-soltec.com/

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