Phil StotenColumnist


Scoop Communications
– Present (2 years 6 months)London, United Kingdom
Scoop is the only marketing company owned and staffed by experienced journalists and marketers dedicated exclusively to the electronics manufacturing industry. Our team of experienced journalists, marketers and consultants plan, produce, deploy and measure content that is informative and focused to your brand and targeted at the right audience to create successful thought leadership and lead generation campaigns.

Scoop is actively involved in all key industry events, and together with an established network and strong relationships with the media, industry experts and thought-leaders, Scoop is perfectly placed to push a client’s message out through a tailored mix of channels.

Whether through press releases, interviews, white papers, infographics, articles, webinars, videos, blogs, round-tables, speaker opportunities or social media, Scoop can handle the entire marketing communications mix or work on a more specific and focused project-by-project basis.

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