Global SMT & Packaging: SMT – Surface Mount Technology, PCBA – Printed Circuit Board Assembly, EMS – Electronics Manufacturing Services, ASM – Advanced Semiconductor Materials, SFS – Smart Factory Solutions, IPC – Institute for Printed Circuits

Global SMT & Packaging The Global Assembly Journal for SMT & Advanced Packaging Professionals enters it’s 19th year providing the latest printed circuit board technology and electronics manufacturing news, process tips and smt industry news to professionals in the surface mount and semiconductor advanced packaging industry news. Global SMT & Packaging is the world’s leading B2B magazine for electronics assembly and advanced packaging professionals with editions in US, and China. With two editions (Internationaland China) and four websites (International; China; Southeast Asia; Germany/Austria/Switzerland). These sources offer solution-led technical articles, business forecasts, insightful columns, coverage of industry news, new products and events.

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Global SMT & Packaging is the global reference to learn about the latest technology and process improvements to make your job easier, faster, more reliable and profitable! With APP, PODCAST, Websites, Newsletters, Magazines, Videos and Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTUBE) are a regular source of information about worldwide trends in the PCBA – Printed Circuit Board Assembly, EMS – Electronics Manufacturing Services, ASM – Advanced Semiconductor Materials, 3D Printing, SMT – Surface Mount Technology, OTSOpen Technology Solutions, SFS – Smart Factory Solutions, IPC – Institute for Printed Circuits. These sources also give you exclusive access to CEO interviews, webinars, white papers, new products, panel discussions and videos interviews from trades shows / conferences / tech open days / networking. We provide the gold standard for technical reporting in the electronics manufacturing industry. Global SMT & Packaging magazine covers all industry sectors involved in electronics assembly such as Aerospace, Telecommunications, Consumer, Industrial, Military, Medical and reports on the latest emerging technologies such as wearables, renewable energy, LEDs and OLEDs. In addition, each issue focuses on the latest manufacturing systems, processes and techniques, including Industry 4.0, Factory 2.0 and other IoM (Internet of Manufacturing) technologies.

The International and China editions of the magazine are backed by a heavily visited international website, region-focused websites in key manufacturing locales, including UK/Ireland, Germany, Southeast Asia, and China. We keep our readership up to date on the latest in the industry through our international and region-focused newsletters. Open your mind to a world of possibilities! No other industry publication has the reach and global awareness of Global SMT & Packaging.

Global SMT & Packaging continues to be the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry’s most successful brand and respected for its leading edge technology. Our PODCAST delivers time-sensitive news, in-depth analysis, case studies, real-world applications of new products, industry opinion, and the latest market trends, bringing you the highest quality, most highly educated potential customers worldwide. Indeed the largest growth in 2018 came from Asia, where we have a huge and dedicated following of readers and viewers, eager to learn, using their mobile devices. Recent research confirms that more and more people are accessing the Internet via their mobile devices than ever before. What’s more, most mobile phone users keep them close at hand throughout the day, giving you round-the-clock access to your potential customers.

Our APP (IOS / ANDROID) provide easy access to our monthly or quarterly magazine, daily or weekly newsletters or one of our five websites around the worldwide via our mobile apps. Our in-depth technical debates at recent trade shows have been extremely well-received and are in line with our goal to be an up-to-the minute educational forum, where we debate the latest technologies and challenges facing electronics manufacturers across the world. All of these activities have been helped by our continued expansion across social media, where we have a larger presence than any other media channel.

Our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages are very popular and feature interviews and highlights of mergers, acquisitions, new technologies and major events. These page attracts thousands of viewers. In 2018, we encourage you to “Advertise and Socialize”! Modern marketing campaigns are focused on ‘reader or viewer engagement’ and Global SMT & Packaging is pleased to report the highest engagement statistics of any EMS media outlet.

And finally, we have extended our expertise to the events arena. In 2018, we held the first eSMART Factory Conference at the Plug ‘n Play Center in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, which was a great success and brought together some of the largest EMS companies, OEMs and Contract Manufacturers in our industry. So take the time to look through the many options we have presented to you in our media kit. If you would like some help to find the most effective campaign for you, our highly experienced team will be more than happy to help you craft a targeted and effective campaign that will meet your needs.

Global SMT & Packaging Magazine and Global SMT & Packaging—China and their associated websites and newsletters are published by Trafalgar Publications, Ltd.


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