Whizz Systems: A Trusted Partner at Every Step of the NPI Process

■ Co-founders Muhammad Irfan (left) and Many Karim (right) are committed to advancing customers to the top of their industries without compromising on quality.

Whizz Systems is a premier provider of electronics product design, development and manufacturing services located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Known throughout the industry as providing the most efficient path to launching products, the company works hard to take an idea and turn it into a workable, shippable product. Customers are in good hands with Whizz
Systems because it manages the entire process of a product from development to prototypes and manufacturing.

Co-founded in 1999 by Muhammad Irfan and Manny Karim, the company began as an advanced engineering and high-mix/low-volume EMS provider. Irfan and Karim invested in the best technologies and practices so that the company could continue to provide the best service and products in the industry. Today, Whizz Systems is equipped to successfully design and develop the products that customers need to remain successful in today’s rapidly advancing market. The company has the technical expertise, flexibility, competency and scalable capacity to successfully finish a project.

“We are built for today’s complexity and changing requirements and offer our customers a comprehensive set of value-added product realization services,” said Irfan. Additionally, Whizz is strategically positioned to service companies targeting solutions for Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, embedded, FPGA, high-performance computing, and wireless. Whizz has in-house infrastructure and expertise to provide solutions for integrating a wide variety of sensors, technical expertise around RF/antenna design for connected sensors/beacons and embedded/mobile connected gateways. Irfan added, “Whether a client has small isolated needs or an entire product design and development, we are here as a partner and an extension of our clients’ resources at every step along the journey.”

■ One of Whizz Systems’ partners is Juki Automation Systems. Juki provides Whizz with storage towers as well as four complete lines of equipment to help advance Whizz Systems’ NPI business.

A global company across three continents, Whizz Systems’ customers include industry leaders in the computing, storage, networking, security, consumer, semiconductor, instrumentation, medical and defense industries. The company’s team of design engineers, operations, materials and PCB assembly professionals are committed to excellence, which has earned the company its reputation of success and maximum efficiency without compromising on quality. The team has developed processes and procedures that emphasize continuous improvement in every phase of the manufacturing operation that now includes four state-of-the-art assembly lines in Santa Clara with a similar infrastructure in the Malaysia facility.

To continue strengthening its reputation for quality and commitment and keeping its assembly lines up-to-date with the latest technologies, Whizz Systems partners with key manufacturers whose ideas of excellence match its own. Equipment on the lines in both Santa Clara and Malaysia include systems and materials from companies such as Juki, Essegi, KYZEN, Nordson, Scienscope, BTU International VJ Electronix and Metcal. Whizz works closely with its suppliers. For example, it has had a strong partnership with Juki since it installed its first placement machine. Since that time, the company has installed four lines of Juki equipment, including six storage towers.

“Whizz Systems has been a long-time customer of Juki,” said Bob Black, Senior Advisor at Juki. “We are proud that we installed Whizz’s first placement machine, and that the company has stuck with us over many years. Whizz has experienced dramatic growth, driven by its well-earned reputation for top quality, on-time delivery and customer service.”
He added that for the past few years, Whizz has used the Storage Solution Component System from Juki to speed the pulling and re-stocking kits. This has allowed the company to increase its volume while maintaining fast delivery. “Juki congratulates Whizz Systems on their outstanding performance.”

As part of its successful New Product Introduction (NPI) business, Whizz Systems provides solutions from concept to completion. This includes FPGA design, hardware design, CAD & SI/PI, mechanical, thermal, firmware/software, manufacturing, and testing emerging technologies in AI, HPC, IoT. With its high-end Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI) simulation and thermal simulation expertise in-house, the company greatly improves the first pass success of complex designs. With its Material team providing real-time feedback to engineers during the design phase, Whizz Systems can rule out material availability issues while optimizing cost and performance.

• Engineering: FPGA design, board and system design, signal integrity and simulation, PCB layout and DFX, and simulation, mechanical and thermal design, and ODM/JDM

• Manufacturing: Material sourcing and procurement, NPI and quick turn prototypes (board and systems design, PCB fabrication, material procurement, PCB assembly, rework), production, and complete box build services

• Firmware/Software: The company provides firmware and software as it relates to board bring up and debugging. Software design services and capabilities include Cloud, security, RTL for FPGAs, micro controllers, DSP, RF/wireless, USB, porting of operating systems, and connect products.

• Testing: Flying probe, In-Circuit Test (ICT), functional test, burn-in, rework and Engineering Change Order (ECO), and redesigns for EOL parts.

• IoT Design: Whizz Systems offers an expansive choice of engineering services pertaining to IoT networks that are sensor-driven, ranging from IoT architecture design and development to manufacturing. These include edge devices, base station design, sensor networking and cloud connectivity.

Through its world-class supply chain partners, Whizz Systems provides global sourcing, materials management and logistics tailored to meet customers’ unique needs. The company prides itself on having developed sophisticated tools to help manage its inventory, generate customized reports, handle MRP functions and manage prototype and production builds. Coupled with its capability to add new functions, improvements and customer-required formats to its MRP system, Whizz Systems also works with engineering BOMS without part numbers and produces a production BOM with specs for all parts chosen with customer approval. Irfan said Whizz Systems has an extensive inventory of commonly used parts in-house and are closely tied with Tier 1 distributors and brokers all over the world to get the parts in time for quick turns, and that this is what makes the company cost competitive and cost-efficient.

Whizz Systems uses the turnkey manufacturing model to support NPI, quick-turn prototypes, and mid-volume manufacturing. “Our expertise in working with engineering groups doing the designs, building prototypes and providing precise documentation is invaluable, will decrease your burn rate and get you to market with a reliable product sooner,” added Irfan.
The company is known as the time-to-market leader for PCB requirements. When working with startups, it understands that speed is crucial at all points of production. When working with large companies, it understands that multitasking is crucial to be attentive to AVL considerations, while interfacing with multiple groups within the customers’ organization, all while keeping the project on track. Its turnkey manufacturing model bridges the gap between engineering and operations.

While most companies have the manufacturing equipment necessary, few actually have a materials team that performs well on quick-turns. Whizz Systems has both. Its materials team closely interfaces with its in-house design team during the design phase to identify long lead time parts, recommend packages readily available, and raise the flag on EOL parts. The process tracks the daily changes made by engineers during the design phase and transmits the BOM changes to the materials team. This precise coordination is crucial to the successful delivery of quick turn prototypes and a smooth transition into production. Irfan added that the company’s long-term relationships with key suppliers allows Whizz Systems to circumvent long lead time and secure critical components.

Additionally, the company runs three state-of-the-art SMT lines in-house and is RoHS compliant. Whizz has extensive experience assembling complex boards with more than 16,000 components, 2800 pin count BGA packages and equipment capable of placing 0201 0105 components and 0.3 mil pitch ICs. “Quick turn is a norm in our business,” said Irfan. “Our yields are well above industry average and we have steadily improved the yields of well-known customers during NPI from the high 80s to 99 percent. With proper DFX during the design phase and good manufacturing processes, we are hitting 99% yields on most of our programs.”

For more information about Whizz Systems, contact the North American Corporate Headquarters at 3240 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054; 408-980-0400; E-mail: info@whizzsystems.com; Web site: www.whizzsystems.com.


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