2016 Milestone Anniversaries


20 Years

Mike Schwager, President

Aqua Klean Systems has been an innovative leader in electronics manufacturing equipment since 1996. The company began with the design and manufacturing of zero-discharge water recycling systems. Shortly thereafter, Aqua Klean Systems began refurbishing, servicing and distributing used inline cleaners from all manufacturers. The experience Aqua Klean’s engineers gained by working with multiple brands of PCB cleaners along with customer concerns, allowed Aqua Klean to design The Typhoon fleet for the ever-evolving industry standards. The Typhoon was built to remove inadequacies in previous cleaning procedures and to revolutionize the PCB cleaning industry.

Over the last 20 years, Aqua Klean has consistently expanded as an international company serving our customers throughout the world. Aqua Klean Systems has built an exceptional relationship with its customers by providing innovative products and outstanding customer service. We take pride in working with our customers to solve any process issues they encounter now, or into the foreseeable future.



45 Years

Karl Berger, President

Circuitronics is a premier electronic manufacturing services (EMS) company that caters to the needs of customers requiring higher technology and reliability in the industrial, energy, mil-aero and telecommunications markets. The company is centrally located and the right size to offer responsiveness, agility and customer focus. Circuitronics offers complete EMS services including PCBA, system assembly, NPI/prototyping, supply chain solutions and advanced engineering services.



curt-couchCOUNT ON TOOLS, INC.

25 Years

Curt Couch, President

Count On Tools Inc., a precision component manufacturer, has been setting new performance standards in the SMT pick-and-place nozzle market since 1991. As the ORIGINAL source for high-quality, low-cost SMT nozzles, automation tooling and associated consumables, the company has pioneered with world-class development and process engineers that combine to ensure that innovation and competitiveness is applied to all of its extensive product range.

According to Mr. Couch, “I feel honored at the thought of where I started and where Count On Tools is today as a company. We came from humbled beginnings, but strived for excellence. I am proud of our 25-year track record of organic growth and sustained profitability while delivering global solutions for SMT nozzles, tooling and consumables to this industry. We are forward focused on the next evolution of our company and have plans to continue to develop and deliver additional value to our clients and innovation to the industry. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the loyal support of our employees, customers, partners and vendors. These first 25 years have been a journey and I feel quite honored to say we look forward to 25 more.”




10 Years

Giuseppe Garbin, President

Storagesolutions offers its customers a real solution for completely exploiting the potential of the equipment used in the production department. The company’s software offers all-round management of the entire company stock. Storagesolutions’ automatic and intelligent component storage systems ensure a reduction of more than 50 percent setup time for pick-and-place equipment, complete certainty of the availability of the necessary components before starting any job order, and more.


dr-frank-boseESSEMTEC AG

25 Years

Dr. Frank Bose,


Essemtec AG is a privately held Swiss equipment manufacturer, specializing in high speed fluid dispensing as well as flexible high-mix SMT placement solutions. Both divisions leverage the company’s vast equipment and process know-how gained since 1991 to let their customers achieve significant competitive advantages. The company’s goal is to improve its customers’ workflows, setup times, defect rates, traceability and overall manufacturing efficiency through superior software and by providing managed SMT storage.



10 Years

John Perrotta, President

Europlacer became a division of Parable Trust Ltd. in 2013. Europlacer has been developing machines for SMT electronics assembly since the 1970s and invented the intelligent feeder concept in the 1980s. After its acquisition by Blakell Europlacer in 1991, the company moved away from split-axis to the inherently more capable X-Y architecture that underpins the company’s pick-and-place machines today. Europlacer’s policy has been to ensure wherever possible that technology purchased many years ago, especially feeders, remain compatible with the latest pick-and-place equipment. Europlacer designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of highly flexible SMT pick-and-place systems for the global electronics industry.


ernst-j-eggelaarMICROTRONIC GMBH

35 Years Ernst J. M. Eggelaar, President

Microtronic was founded in 1981 and is based near Munich, Germany. With 35 years’ experience, Microtronic is the microelectronics leader in Europe and offers a wide range of products and services to the microelectronics industries. The company offers regular training courses on various topics through in-house training or can arrange for specific employee training courses on request to suit specific needs.

Microtronic’s customers include companies who require added solderability test, ultrasonic microscopes, circuit board repair systems, welding systems, solders and solder pastes. The company offers centralised pricing to its customers with the added benefit of unparalleled delivery times from its centralized European warehouses.


tetsuro-nishimuraNIHON SUPERIOR CO., LTD.

50 Years

Tetsuro Nishimura, President

Nihon Superior was founded in 1966 when it began marketing unique flux products imported from the US. The company made its mark on society by gathering the most advanced soldering and brazing technologies and products from around the world, and supplying them to companies in the metal-joining industry. A turning point for the company came when it started developing its own soldering materials and with the success of its unique SN100C lead-free solder alloy Nihon Superior has become a major player in the global market. To support the growing demand for its products, Nihon Superior has established manufacturing and sales centers in Japan, China and other Asian countries, and the United States, and formed business partnerships with companies in other markets.




10 Years

Phil Vere, President

Headquartered in Aylesbury, UK, Nordson DAGE is a unit of the Nordson Corporation and manufactures and supports a complete range of award-winning digital X-ray inspection systems and bond test equipment for the printed circuit board assembly and semiconductor industries. Dage was founded in 1961 and was acquired by the Nordson Corporation in 2006. For more information, visit www.nordsondage.com.

OK International – 70 Years Christopher Larocca, President OK International is a leading global supplier of soldering tools and equipment for production assembly. The product range includes bench top soldering and desoldering tools, array package rework equipment, fluid dispensing systems and accessories, and fume extraction systems.

OK International is committed to understanding the product needs of its customers and supplies professional grade products that are innovative, reliable, price competitive and easy to use. Through a global sales channel, OK International provides expert product support and responsive customer service, with localization to meet regional market needs.



40 Years

Markus Walter, CEO

Since its foundation in 1976, SEHO has become the worldwide contact partner whenever soldering is involved. Today, SEHO is the leading global manufacturer of complete solutions, providing innovative systems for all fields of automated soldering processes and production lines including board handling, creative work places and material management. Through its systems, SEHO provides its customers with sustained and resource economizing production facilities. With innovative spirit, SEHO continuously develops its technology in order to provide customers with a competitive advantage.



55 Years

Bryan Gass,

Vice President

Techcon Systems was established in 1961 to service industrial manufacturing markets and has continued to be a leader in fluid dispensing systems and products. In 1996, OK International acquired Techcon Systems, providing a strong global sales channel, with direct subsidiaries in the UK. Today, Techcon represents OK International’s Industrial Product Division. Currently focusing on fluid dispensing systems, Techcon’s components are used in medical, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and industrial applications worldwide, helping to improve manufacturing processes and increase the customers’ bottom lines. Techcon offers an array of fluid dispensing products and provides dispensing components ranging from disposable accessories to complete microprocessor-controlled dispensing systems, and precision valves.



30 Years

Jay Wimer President & CEO, USA

Valtronic is a full-turnkey service provider of engineering consulting, design & development and manufacturing services for the Active Implants, Medical Devices, Orthopedics, Aerospace and Industrial markets. Everything we do is supported by our core values: Electronics & Microelectronics, Agile Footprint & our Smart Money Investments.

With over 30 years’ experience developing everything from micro-electronics and mechanical parts to complete devices, Valtronic has developed a variety of electronic devices for customers throughout the world with a proven track record.



25 Years

Dave Trail, President

Horizon Industrial Systems, Inc. (DBA Horizon Sales) was incorporated in January 1991. Horizon Sales takes great pride in its ability to maintain a strong customer base as a well as the stability and longevity of its core product lines. Horizon manages and sells to the mid-western states of: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Western Pennsylvania, and recently added Illinois, Eastern Iowa and Wisconsin. In business for 25 years, Horizon has supplied equipment and supplies to some of the most well-known names in the industry including: Saline Lectronics Libra Industries, Rockwell Automation, DynaLab, Motorola, TT Electronics, Kimball and Jabil Circuits. Horizon has furnished these important manufacturers, and many others, with state-of-the-art equipment and supplies, helping them to achieve best-in-class status in their respective markets.



25 Years Built on 45 Years’ Experience Terry Bush, SCS President & CEO

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, SCS is the worldwide leader in Parylene conformal coating services, systems and materials. SCS has 45 years of application experience and expertise in the medical device, electronics, automotive and military industries. With coating facilities throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, SCS leverages its worldwide Parylene coating resources in order to meet its customers’ needs on a global basis. The company also offers industry-leading liquid coating systems, including spray, spin and dip coating systems, and ionic contamination test systems.



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