ASM Deliver Competence with Confidence

Tuesday, January 17th heralded the opening of the new Competence Center for ASM Assembly Systems in Singapore. This follows the successful launch of their Competence Center in Munich last year and is part of a global network of five regional Competence Centers around the world.

But what is a Competence Center? Demo centers and technical centers have been around for years! Competence Centers do not simply showcase the equipment, they highlight the process. If you are in the business of equipping ‘smart factories’ then you need to be able to demonstrate the potential for improving and optimizing your process.

Manufacturers are fully aware that they can only produce boards at the speed of the ‘slowest’ machine on the line. Working alongside ASM’s process experts at the Competence Center, manufacturers can learn how to optimize existing equipment, strategize for incrementally upgrading the line and even troubleshoot existing equipment, processes and prototypes.

The Centre of Competence in Singapore was opened by Dr. Koh Poh Koon, Minister of State for the Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Trade & Industry Singapore. The state-of-the art center comprises a fully optimized SMT line and supporting stations for nozzle development, placement head calibration and many more tools to assist visitors with prototype testing and troubleshooting. One interesting addition was the world’s first fully automatic chip assembly machine, which handles wafers up to 12” and has a placement speed of 42,000 flip chip dies per hour.

Rounding out the ASM portfolio, the other side of the Competence Center displayed a range of advanced packaging equipment, although this part was a demo center unlike the fully operational SMT equipment.

Representing ASM Assembly Systems at the Singapore opening was W.K. Lee, President & CEO of ASM Pacific Technology, Günter Lauber, CEO, SMT Solutions Segment and Peland Koh, Vice President – South East Asia. W.K. Lee presented Dr. Koh Poh Koon with a momento depicting the Singapore Merlion printed using 4,488 0201 components placed by a SIPLACE mounter.
The management of the Center of Competence will be headed up by Phan Yong Chong, supported by a team of application experts, process engineers and industry partners. Customers will be able to bring their projects into the Competence Center to troubleshoot, practice on live, state-of-the-art equipment and even run prototypes. The prototyping service is available for rent at competitive rates, which is a useful service for companies that may benefit from doing this work off-site.

Another major benefit of the Competence Center in Singapore is it’s proximity to R&D. ASM’s global research and development is split between Munich and Singapore, making sure that any issue can be escalated up to R&D if necessary. Munich has the added benefit of housing ASM’s own PCB assembly lines, which was recently awarded ‘Factory of the Year’ by Produktion Magazine in association with the consulting firm A.T. Kearney, providing additional access to manufacturing experts in the same building.

ASM have a full calendar of events surrounding each Competence Center, ranging from Workshops and Training Days to application support, NPI support and process support. More information is available at



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