The fact it is ‘productronica’ year made no difference to SMT/Hybrid/Packaging this year. The exhibition got off to a brisk start and maintained a busy pace throughout the three-day event.

Some of the highlights included the European debut of Mycronic’s China acquisition, Axxon. Axxon manufactures a wide range of inline and bench-top dispensing systems. They complement Mycronic’s well-established MY500, 600 and their latest MY700 jet printers. The Axxon debut was so successful that the demonstration machine was sold within the first few hours of the exhibition opening!

Mycronic also displayed the new MY700 printer, a dual-head system that can jet different materials of different viscosities, or two valves jetting the same material. This additional jetting valve increases the versatility of the MY700 and enables it to keep up with the speed of the line.

Another first at SMT/Hybrid/Packaging was the emergence of 3D AOI that use laser triangulation (Amfax) or using a software simulator (CyberOptics) to produce accurate 3D data. This, in my opinion, is the way that AOI will needs to develop to provide the data needed for future closed-loop reporting to the pick and place machine and printer.

Kurtz ersa took a different approach to their booth by not including any machines. Instead, they opted for a highly customer-focused approach called “Time4You”, comfortable seating booths, supported by state-of-the-art infotainment systems to demonstrate every aspect of their equipment portfolio. And, just in case this they need more, there was a live link to the factory in Kreuzwertheim, where engineers were on hand to answer any questions or demonstrate any piece of equipment.

Sticking with the thermal theme, KIC made the European launch of their KIC SPS ‘smart profiler’. The profiler is constructed from a new strong, composite material that offers greater protection to the electronics inside. The system has more battery capacity enabling multiple profiles to be stored before downloading them to an offline computer. It also has RF capabilities that can enable live monitoring of the profiler as it moves through the oven.

Aegis added a new ‘scheduling module’ to its well-known FactoryLogix software suite. The scheduling system enables smart scheduling based on the availability of materials and their locations around the factory. Materials are tracked from Goods Inward to final utilization.

SMT Wertheim introduced a novel new method of managing the heat flow transfer through the oven. Traditional ovens manage heat in zones, where the heat source is blown from the front and back of the oven chassis. The new Quatro Peak oven manages heat in the opposite axis, enveloping the board from heat sources along the length of the oven. SMT claim this provides a shorter thermal path from the source to the board, enabling greater control and saving energy.

Viscom X7056 – II is the latest version of their successful 3D inline x-ray system. It accommodates a significantly larger board size and has improved the speed of handling using Viscom’s ‘x-fast flow’, which can provide a cycle time of 4 seconds including loading and unloading.

Microcare launched their latest TERGO flux degreasing chemistry and discussed the opening of their latest factory and warehouse in Belgium, where they now have the capability to manufacture using locally sourced chemistries that are REACH qualified.

Essemtec unveiled their new Fox 4 pick and place machine and discussed their renewed strategy to serve customers in the prototyping to mid-range market.

All Rehm machines are now fitted with digital motors, armed with up to 60 sensors providing real-time data on the performance of the motor and providing an early warning system, before the system starts to fail. This information and information from each machine and multiple machines can be directly accessed on a secure app by cellphone or tablet.

Yamaha introduced the award-winning YZM 40-R which produces a record-breaking speed of 200,000cph at IPC standards. They achieve this by combining a 16 gang pick system with a high-speed rotary head.

Inventec released their latest low voiding solder paste, the 2516 LVD which is available as a Type 3 or Type 4 paste. Inventec has done some considerable research on how board finishes affect voiding and will present a paper at SMTAi in Chicago providing more detail on how they managed the flux formulations to control voiding levels.

A-Leader, the Chinese AOI company introduced Factronix as their new distributor in the German-speaking countries of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Factronix will distribute and support the full range of A-Leader products which ranges from a sophisticated SPI system to a first article inspection system that can combine AOI, SPI, and first article inspection into one system.

Microtronic introduced the LBT210 Heavy Duty wetting balance tester that can test component from 4grams in weight up to large connectors weighing up to 160 grams. The system is also available with a safety guard for the production environment. Microtronic also showcased a new range of benchtop Scanning Electron Microscopes from Pemtron. The magnification ranges from 50 – 100,000 or 50 to 300,000 depending on the model and prices that are under $100,000.

FUJI had a number of their innovative products on display, including their new H12L head can pick up larger components up to 50gram components with a new vacuum system. The V12D is a bulk feeder that can place up to 104,000cph. The Nexim software has been significantly upgraded to improve production line and supply chain management. It also integrates with the ASYS Pulse and the new Hermes platforms.

Most companies had plans for major equipment and material launches at Productronica in November, but given how busy the industry appears at the moment, it was refreshing to see the level of innovation at SMT/Hybrid/Packaging. Altogether, another very successful year for industry’s most consistent show.


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