Electronics Manufacturing America Industry News – August 2018

■ Circuitronics’ new SMT line includes an MPM printer, Juki placement equipment and a Vitronics Soltec reflow oven.

Circuitronics adds new SMT line for quick turn and prototyping

Circuitronics announced that it is running an additional SMT line for quick turn engineering requirements. The company is offering three, five- and ten-day manufacturing turns. The new SMT line includes an MPM printer, Juki placement equipment and a Vitronics Soltec reflow oven. Circuitronics focuses on higher mix PCBA and system-level solutions that require impeccable quality and the ability to respond to last-minute needs. Market dynamics are increasing pressure to develop and actualize new products in order for a company to compete. Circuitronics continues to lead the way with fast, flexible solutions for the challenges its customers face. The company supports time-to-market demands with 1-3 day prototypes and custom solutions that meet the quality and service requirements of some of the most demanding markets. Circuitronics Sr. Director of Business Development Harsha Deivanayagam commented, “The service we offer on this line is a separate cost center, so it doesn’t fight for over- heads or line time with our production customers.” Circuitronics is certified to ISO 9001:2008, IPC J-STD-001 and IPC A-610, as well as ITAR registered.



Industry veteran joins Creative Electron

Creative Electron, Inc. announced that David Kruidhof joined the company as Sales Manager. A seasoned veteran in the SMT market, David has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California San Diego and over seven years of experience as a sales representative. He’s also an officer of the San Diego SMTA chapter. David’s experience as a sales representative will be a critical asset in his new role as manager of Creative Electron’s growing representative network in the US. “I’m excited to join this incredible team at Creative Electron. Since we design and fabricate all TruView x-ray machines out of our facility in California, we can provide our customers with off the shelf and custom x-ray systems that truly satisfy the most com- plex imaging applications,” said David Kruidhof. “I’m proud to join a team of experts who take customer satisfaction so seriously.” “We are very fortunate to have David in our sales team,” said Dr. Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron’s CEO. “Our customers come to us with applications that require a high level of tech- nical expertise. David’s solid technical background and experience supporting customers and their applications is the perfect blend we need to augment our sales team. When customers call us, they need to talk to someone who can really understand their application.” creativeelectron.com


■ Marcel Thielke, ZESTRON’s new Central
Regional Sales Manager.

ZESTRON Americas announces new Regional Sales Manager

ZESTRON announced the addition of Marcel Thielke as the new Central Regional Sales Manager. “Mr. Thielke’s expertise in sales and knowledge of the electronics manufacturing industry will be essential to bringing the next generation of precision cleaning solutions to our customers in the Central USA,” says Sal Sparacino, Sales and Marketing Manager, ZESTRON Americas. As the Central Regional Sales Manager, Mr. Thielke will be responsible for managing sales through- out the central states. “As the new Regional Sales Manager, I am excited to hit the ground running and promote ZESTRON’s products and services throughout the Central USA. Together with my team and partners, I am confident that we will strengthen existing business relationships while creating new business opportunities,” says Mr. Thielke. Mr. Thielke joins ZESTRON with nine years’ experience in the electronics industry.



Datest hosts successful press visit at Microfocus CT Lab

Datest hosted a successful and well-at- tended open house on July 9 for the press, including US Tech, Global SMT & Packaging, Mexico EMS, Circuits Assembly, and SMT Today Magazines. The group was treated to an up close and personal tour of Datest’s Fremont facility, showcasing its new Microfocus CT lab. A lead-shielded room houses

the VJ Technologies custom microfocus vault 225kV X-ray CT system, which can X-ray parts up to 110 lb at resolutions
as small as 5 microns. In CT scanning mode, the Microfocus system can com- pile as many as 6400 discrete projections or image slices into three-dimensional models, suitable for viewing using four different sets of modeling software (Fraunhofer Volex, VJT Vi3, and Volume Graphics VG Studio and VG Studio MAX). Applications include digital radiography, volumetric comparisons, metrology, nominal/actual comparisons

for additive manufacturing, and porosity analysis of castings, to name just a few of many capabilities. Support is provided by both Datest and VJT personnel, including Ph.D.-level analysts and opera- tors, and NAS410-certified and ASNT Level II and Level III technicians. “A large portion of our business is in quick- turn problem solving for customers with urgent needs,” commented Robert Boguski, President of Datest. “The addition of the microfocus lab is not a change of direction for Datest, but a natural expansion of the failure analysis services that we have been providing to the circuit board and EMS world for years. We are taking our increased knowledge and applying what we have learned to other sectors and industries, going well beyond PCBAs and electronics. Our key customer is an engineer with a problem requiring an immediate solution. Our goal is to provide that solution or at least a direction to pursue.”



Boston Semi Equipment enhances MEMS sensor testing

Boston Semi Equipment (BSE) introduced its Zeus gravity feed solution for handling pressure MEMS devices that require pressure and vacuum stimulus during testing. The system is an enhanced capability for BSE’s existing pressure MEMS handling solution and enables MEMS test cells to apply pres- sure and vacuum in a single test cycle.

“Our innovative design for applying a pressure stimulus to devices under test enabled us to easily integrate a vacuum stimulus,” said Kevin Brennan, vice president of marketing for BSE. “This solution is unique in the industry. Our customers can already test MEMS devices faster using the Zeus handler, and now they can test with both vacuum and pressure stimuli in a single pass through the handler. This capability is a significant boost to productivity, making Zeus-based MEMS test cells a highly cost-effective solution for pressure MEMS testing.”



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