Electronics Manufacturing Europe Industry News – August 2018

■ Matthias Pfeifer, Head of Sales and Marketing from SMT Thermal Discoveries.

Great development of “The Hermes Standard”

The networking of the entire produc.tion is the target of the smart factory. With the communication protocol “The Hermes Standard”, a new M2M communication was created, which may replace the SMEMA standard.

At this year´s SMT Hybrid Packaging at Nuremberg, customers and members proved the successful development of “The Hermes Standard”, that was intro.duced only 15 months before.

Based on a TCP/IP and XML protocol, “The Hermes Standard” provides to pass on PCBs seamlessly and without data loss through all stations of an SMT line. This should significantly reduce the time for setting up and integrating an SMT line and provide better transparency of the production process.

Besides further well-known manufac.turers, SMT Thermal Discovery participates “The Hermes Standard” as one of the leading SMT suppliers right from the start and supports the networking of the intelligent SMT line.
Electronic manufacturer can down.load the specification of “The Hermes Standard” free of charge at:



■ Kurtz Ersa central warehouse in Kreuzwertheim-Wiebelbach.

Kurtz Ersa opens central warehouse

After a building phase of just twelve months, the new central warehouse of Kurtz Ersa went into operation at the beginning of July. An occasion that was fittingly celebrated: with an official opening and an Open Day. In a festive setting on 2 July, Kurtz Ersa CEO Rainer Kurtz und Kurtz Ersa Logistics Director Matthias Hofmann officially opened the new central facility – with the symbolic warehousing of the first container. Alongside representatives of the companies and official bodies involved in the construction, the event was also attended by the Kurtz Ersa management and the staff of the new location which accounted for an investment volume of around EUR 15 million. “The central warehouse supplies Kurtz Ersa customers worldwide with spare parts, and secures supply to the production facilities in our German locations. In this way we are elevating our inventory management to the next level with the latest logistics technology and electronically-linked logistic partners, permitting smooth production processes wherever they may be. And, of by no means lesser significance, the central warehouse provides urgently-needed manufacturing capacity at the operative sites of Kurtz GmbH and Ersa GmbH,” said CEO Rainer Kurtz.

In order to present the mode of opera.tion of the central warehouse to all Kurtz Ersa employees and the general public, an Open Day was held a few days later, on 7 July, in glorious weather – with an attractive supporting programme ranging from interactive stations to food trucks and from a coffee and cake buffet to entertainment for the children. As soon as the gates opened at 10 a.m., guests flocked into the light-flooded central warehouse to inspect the new Kurtz Ersa location. Groups of visitors regularly formed around the automated small parts area with 31,000 container storage spaces and tray storage offering an impressive 1,200 m.of storage space on a footprint of just 30 m2 to watch the automated processes in Kurtz Ersa logistics. Similar scenes could be observed in the wide-aisle warehouse with capacity for up to 3,300 standard euro pallets, where goods are reliably warehoused at a height of 13 meters using camera-supported forklifts. Following the inauguration celebrations, the Kurtz Ersa logistics staff will be kept busy up to September 2018 ramping up operations in the new premises. Step by step, existing stocks will be disbanded and moved to the new facility. With an effective area of around 8,000 m2, the new Kurtz Ersa central warehouse offers abundant capacity to ensure that the planned future growth can be catered for, fully automated.



■ Zollner’s new medical technology building houses the most state-of-the-art production technologies and biometric access control systems.

Zollner medical technology building completed

The manufacture of medical devices and systems began in the new Zandt building upon the completion of the interior space and installation of technical equipment.

It took just 14 months from planning to completion of the production hall. The better than 12,500 square meter new building provides space for 220 production and office staff and satisfies the most stringent requirements in medical technology, including those defined by the US authorities for overseeing foods and drug approvals, the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration issues strict regulations to guarantee product safety.

For this reason, the most state-of-the-art production technologies and biometric access control systems are utilized in the new medical technology building along with its cleanroom and controlled environment production. Additional to these are automated warehouse and logistic systems, energy-saving LED lighting, industrial panel heating, inductive-controlled fork.lifts and systems for early fire detection.
The project was only able to be realized under its very tight time schedule with exceptional, smooth cooperation from all project participants. Project start was March of 2017, and final work began in May of last year, after receiving the construction permit. Framework construction was weather.proofed right on time at the end of the year, and Zollner Elektronik AG invited guests to the topping out ceremony on Dec. 14, 2017. Interior construction moved forward at full force in early 2018 with technical facility installation such that the 2nd quarter, 2018, planned move-in date was able to be met.

With this new building, Zollner has expanded its offering of truly state-of-the-art production equipment and invested in know-how that will serve to secure its future. The company is now best equipped to meet future tasks and take on new projects.



New potting compound from DELO protects sensors

DELO now offers a potting compound for automotive and power electronics. DELO-DUOPOX CR8031 protects electronic components, like sensors, from damage caused by gas, oil, salt and other chemicals. This new, easy-to-han.dle two-component epoxy resin exhibits good adhesion to different plastics, including polyamide and ABS. It offers a compression shear strength of 20 MPa on polyethylene after plasma treatment.

With an elongation at tear of 5%, DELO.DUOPOX CR8031 is tough-hard and can withstand permanent temperatures up to 180°C. After 1000 hours of storage at this same temperature, and after 1000 hours at 85°C and 85% air humidity, the product’s mechanical properties remain the same. Resistant to oil and fuel, DELO-DUOPOX CR8031 is ideal for applications like pot.ting of sensors and printed circuit boards or sealing of housings, in the engine com.partment of vehicles. This new epoxy resin achieves reliability and flows easily without any fillers, allowing for no risk of filler sedimentation. No stirring or degassing of the potting compound is needed, resulting in a simpler system design. DELO-DUOPOX CR8031 is a low-viscous product and is mixed in a 2:1 ratio. It can be used for fully automatic production, as well as semi-automatic processes in medium production volumes. The multi-purpose casting compound can be applied as if it is a one component adhesive through dispensing guns with static mixing tubes. It is optimized for fast production and can be heat-cured within 10 minutes at 80°C. Without additional heating, functional strength is reached after 16 hours of curing at room temperature. This saves energy and minimizes stress on the component.



■ Jeroen Nagtzaam

Mek appoints new Operations & Logistics Manager

Mek (Marantz Ele ctronics) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeroen Nagtzaam in the position of Operations & Logistics to help with continued company growth. As part of the Mek team, Jeroen will oversee the smooth delivery and logistics of Mek AOI and SPI systems and take a supportive role in sales activities and fulfilment. Having completed his Bachelor of Commerce in 2015, followed up by qualifications in marketing, communication and multi-media design, Jeroen will also take internal responsibility for Mek’s website and online marketing activities.



PDR Rework opens European training and demo suite

Located five minutes from Gatwick airport in the UK, the facility is fully ESD safe and runs off of solar power. It currently houses a PDR IR-C3 Chipmate series and a PDR IR-E3G available for demo and training. Additionally, the company plans to offer online demos from the site in the near future.

Daniel Gibbs, PDR Sales and Distribution Manager, states: “We are very pleased to offer PDR’s new and existing clients the ability to receive advanced rework training, technical assistance and online demonstration capabilities on multiple continents and in different time zones.”



C-SKY selects UltraSoC embedded intelligence

UltraSoC announced that Microsystems Co Ltd (“C-SKY”) has licensed UltraSoC’s embedded analytics technology for use in C-SKY’s China-developed system-on-chip (SoC) products. The companies plan a long.term partnership, with the first products targeted at sophisticated artificial intelli-gence-based applications.

China’s indigenous semiconductor industry is gaining a reputation for increased innovation and sophistication. C-SKY will employ UltraSoC’s embedded analytics technology to enable advanced product developments based on its own proprietary CPU technology, and the emerging RISC-V open standard.

Rupert Baines, UltraSoC CEO, commented: “China’s semiconductor industry is growing rapidly and companies such as C-SKY are demonstrating how home grown IP can enable innovative product design. Our partnership with C-SKY provides benefits throughout the electronics value chain: for C-SKY’s engineers; for product designers and manufacturers building C-SKY’s products into final systems; for software developers; and ultimately for end customers who get better, more reliable products. We’re proud to be working with C-SKY to help build a new generation of semiconductor products.”



■ Presto saves customers money by turning ordinary testers into extra-ordinary testers.

Presto Engineering creates extra-ordinary testers

The fast pace of new technology can mean that companies are pushing the boundaries with products faster than the manufacturers of test equipment can keep up. As one of the leading test facilities in Europe, Presto Engineering has encountered this problem many times and has devised many ways to solve it.

Martin Kingdon, Presto’s VP of Sales, explained, “Customers often come to us to solve their testing challenges. Frequently, the issue is that they are pushing the boundary of technology. This means that the manufacturers of test equipment have not created testers yet or, if they have, the testers are very expensive and specialised, as the need has not reached mainstream demand.”

In most cases, Presto creates a hardware solution that is built into the load board so that a standard tester could be used rather than having to buy and charge the customer for a highly specialised tester. Test costs are based on the time that a tester is used so that the small additional costs of components on a load board is significantly more cost effective than moving to a higher feature or specialised tester.


New records for electronica India and productronica India

  • Due to record participation numbers, the shows expand their exhibition space two months ahead of their opening dayCo-located show
  • IPCA Expo also outreaches the original goals and increases its exhibition space
  • High-ranking supporting program to capture trends and innovations

Bengaluru, India: Market leading trade fairs catering to electronics industry, electronica India and productronica India benefit from the growing and optimistic electron.ics industry in India. This year in Bengaluru, Messe Muenchen India will be organizing the biggest ever edition of the show which has grown by more than 20% from its past Bengaluru edition two years back.
IPCA Expo which focuses on the printed circuit board segment is also growing. The expo is co-organized by the Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA) and Messe Muenchen India and supported by the Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA). The twin trade fairs and IPCA Expo are fully booked and additional space is planned for the waitlist exhibitors.
Bhupinder Singh, CEO of Messe Muenchen India is delighted with these news: “Our trade fairs are the true reflection of the positive market sentiments and we are pleased to pres.ent the largest editions ever. Offering a combination of live products and technologies on display along with high-level supporting programs will enable electronica India and productronica India to unlock the massive market opportunity for the electronics industry in India.”

The electronics industry is undergoing an exciting phase due to revolutionary changes in technology, the launch of innovative products and the challenge of global competition. This has made it necessary for electronic product and component manufacturers to focus on continuous improvements to stay ahead in the evolving Indian market. There is a larger need to stay connected closely to the market with rise in demand for electronics.

More than 470 companies representing 18 countries have confirmed their presence at the upcoming technology trade fairs taking place from September 26– 28, 2018 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru. The trade fairs will cover technological trends such as automotive electronics, mobile manufacturing, technology for PCBs manufacturing and news in PCB tech.nology at IPCA Expo.

In addition to the regular participants the trade fairs will bring numerous new companies this year com.pared to the last New Delhi edition: Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd, Murata Manufacturing Company, Hanwha Precision Machinery (Samsung), Mahindra CIE Automotive, Mouser Electronics India, ROHM Semiconductor India and TTM Technologies to name a few.


  • 3rd edition of the India PCB Tech conference focusing on the ‘Importance of a robust supply chain and value addition to strengthen the PCB Sector in India’ organized by ELCINA and supported by IPCA
  • 3rd edition of the Advantage India summit focusing on ‘Mobile manufacturing in India’
  • 3rd edition of the CEO forum focusing on the ‘Vision for quadrupling to a US$ 400 billion electronics industry’ organized by ELCINA
  • 2nd edition of the e-Automotive conference focusing on automotive electronics jointly organized by UBS Forums and Messe Muenchen India

The Buyer-Seller forum will take place this year again and bring together exhibitors and visitors in over 1,200 face-to-face meetings. The forum generated huge interest and reported strong participation in the past editions.

Singh concludes: “Our continuous objective is to serve the electronics industry with our trade fairs. I am confident that attendees will benefit from our knowledge-rich conferences and the vast spectrum of technologies on display.”

The upcoming edition of electron-ica India and productronica India will take place from September 26–28, 2018 at BIEC, Bengaluru. Space book.ing for 2019 edition taking place in New Delhi is now open! Please contact urmi.kothari@mm-india.in for further details. More information is available online at www.electronica-india.com and www.productronica- india.com Media contact for Messe Muenchen India: Siddharth Narain at +91- 9971600355 or siddharth.narain@mm-india.in


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