Electronics Manufacturing INDUSTRY NEWS EUROPE – October 2018

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Freddy Gilbert starts as Process Engineer at ZESTRON Europe

ZESTRON Europe strengthens the department of Application Technology with the new Process Engineer Mr. Freddy Gilbert. In his new position he is responsible for customers in Eastern Europe, Turkey, Israel and South Africa. There he advises customers in the field of installing, monitoring and optimization of cleaning processes. He conducts technology coachings and trainings on risk assessment and failure analysis for ZESTRON Academy.



Amada Miyachi Europe unveils new website

Amada Miyachi Europe announces the launch of its totally redesigned website, which features an extended search function, an intuitive interface that makes browsing simple, and access to all content in seven languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Spanish). The new website offers improved navigation and easy access to a product overview of laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, resistance welding, micro TIG welding, hermetic sealing and hot bar reflow soldering and bonding equipment and systems. Visitors to the website can easily contact an extensive network of regional sales representatives who can provide immediate assistance and answer customer questions. The new website provides visitors access to a vast Amada Miyachi Europe knowledge base with detailed information on technology options. The site contains an easy link to technical support options, including technical consulting on component construction, production process development, production optimisation, and system integration.



Hiroaki Yamazaki President at JUKI Automation Systems GmbH

Jens Mirau, President for many years, will pass on executive management responsibilities to his successor Hiroaki Yamazaki. Hiroaki Yamazaki will take over the running of the company JUKI Automation Systems GmbH based in Nuremberg, Germany, effective September 1, 2018. “We are pleased to have found a successor from within the ranks with long experience in sales in particular who will continue developing our European SMT business,” states the management team of JUKI Automation Systems GmbH. Hiroaki Yamazaki looks forward to the new challenge: “I am proud to assume responsibilities for JUKI Automation Systems European headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. I am confident that we can benefit from synergies that will positively influence the way our business develops due to my existing network at JUKI Corporation in Japan and by working with an experienced and motivated team in Nuremberg. It is a matter of particular concern to me to strengthen cross-border communication and as a result, minimize response times for increase in customer satisfaction.”



Seica publishes video about the new Pilot V8 Next> Series

In our new row of Educational Videos, here now Pilot V8 Next > Series we introduce today the most complete flying probe test platform on the market, provides up to 20 mobile resources for testing an electronic board, including test probes which can each apply up to 2A current, highresolution cameras for automatic optical inspection, barcode and data matrix reading, laser sensors, capacitive probes, pyrometers, optical fiber sensors for LEDs, minifixtures for boundary scan and On Board Programming, high-frequency probes able to measure signals at frequencies over 1.5 GHz (an absolutelyunique performance on the market). Engineered for medium/high volume production, the Pilot V8 Next > Series is available in a fully-automated version, capable of hosting from 1 to 12 racks of boards to be tested (even of different types) or for direct connection to board loading/unloading and tilt modules, compatible with any standard assembly line.

You will find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGyXfrv8ui8&feature=youtu.be


OnRobot acquires Purple Robotics

Purple Robotics, which developed an innovative vacuum gripper within one year – the world’s first gripper specifically for cobots – has now been acquired by OnRobot. The acquisition takes place a mere two months after the OnRobot merger of three robotics companies from the USA, Hungary, and Denmark to create one global player with a strong focus on the market for industrial robot accessories. Now, OnRobot in Odense, Denmark, adds another trail-blazing technology to the product mix. With the acquisition of the company Purple Robotics, OnRobot can now offer its partners the world’s first dual vacuum gripper. The gripper attracted international robot industry attention when the inventors presented it in June at Automatica, the world’s largest robotics fair. Purple Robotics was established by the three Danish ”super-nerds” Lasse Kieffer, Henrik Tillitz Hansen, and Peter Nadolny Madsen, all of whom have a background as product developers at the company behind the world’s first cobot, Universal Robots.



TAGARNO: A new CEO and great ambitions

Ole Lind Terkelsen joined the TAGARNO team as CEO this year and has launched an even stronger focus on creating premium customer experience. TAGARNO has an increase of 10 new distributors year to date, a promising sales perspective and an extensive sales network of renowned distributors around the world and across several industries. The company will continue to enforce their presence in various market segments and secure additional distributors. The electronics industry being the company’s largest market, TAGARNO also has a strong focus on markets such as agriculture, foods and material science segments. By expanding several departments, such as Sales, Marketing, R&D and Operations, and with a versatile and agile microscope and software apps portfolio, Ole Lind Terkelsen is sure that the company is fully equipped to further expand the business and take over more and more market shares in different markets. Ole Lind Terkelsen has a Master of Science Econ. & Bus. Adm. from Danish Aarhus University and an extensive international management and market experience from Alfa Laval.



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