Electronics Manufacturing INDUSTRY NEWS EUROPE – September 2018

■ Freya Petersen

ZESTRON Europe makes Freya Petersen Product Manager

ZESTRON Europe, provider of cleaning products, cleaning process solutions and analytical services for the electronics industry is pleased to announce the promotion of Freya Petersen to Product Manager. Ms. Petersen has been with ZESTRON Europe since 2011 as Junior Product Manager. In her new position, she is responsible for managing and marketing of the Process Optimization Products such as the ZESTRON EYE product line. This product segment helps analyze and optimize the cleaning process for electronic boards and components. Furthermore Ms. Petersen is responsible for the product area of maintenance cleaning agents.


US Digital Selects ASM Assembly Systems’ E by SIPLACE Platform

Continuing its nearly 15-year partnership with ASM Assembly Systems (ASM), Vancouver, WA-based OEM US Digital has selected an ASM E by SIPLACE system to modernize its placement capability with a faster, feature-rich platform. The new addition to its SMT line replaces a SIPLACE CF system, which the company has utilized successfully for the last 14 years but is not equipped with the advanced technology needed for greater capacity and today’s broader component range. “It is imperative that our optical and magnetic encoder products are produced with the highest quality for superior performance,” says Neal Donowitz, Chief Operating Officer, US Digital. “Uniquely, we manage the majority of our processes in-house, including our own metal work, injection molding, as well as film imaging and cutting, cleanroom applications and more. This attention to detail has fueled our solid and steady growth, and we needed a faster placement system that could enable higher production rates, place odd shaped components and simplify programming and changeover. E by SIPLACE ticks all the boxes.” Used in a wide variety of applications, US Digital’s encoder products provide precise positional feedback for dependable operation of stepper motors, robotics, medical and lab diagnostic equipment and additive manufacturing systems. of-use.



WACKER ELASTOSIL N9111 tin free silicone from Intertronics

WACKER ELASTOSIL N9111 is a tin-free single part RTV silicone adhesive sealant, with a neutral cure chemistry, producing a non-corrosive seal that does not inhibit other materials such as platinum cure silicones. This, along with its UL94 V-0 rating, makes it a strong candidate for electronics manufacturing, especially for gap filling, component ruggedisation, and form-in-place gasketing. It is stocked in depth at Intertronics for next-day delivery. Elastosil N9111 is also well-suited for automotive and small appliance electronics and for new/sustainable energy devices and similar. Further applications for this general-purpose adhesive sealant include demanding bonding applications in the household appliances sector, e.g. bonding of ceramic hobs, screens and control panels in electric cookers, or mounting and bonding of front windows of microwave ovens. enables the silicone rubber compound to be readily applied both manually and mechanically.


Unitron invests in Europlacer iineo+ placement machine

Dutch manufacturer Unitron Group has selected Europlacer’s flexible iineo platform as the centrepiece of a new SMT assembly line located at its European HQ and manufacturing centre in Poperinge, Belgium. The company chose the iineo+ placement machine after a detailed comparison of equipment vendors and support levels across the market. Having initially considered outsourcing its electronics manufacturing while maintaining its older SMT line, Unitron took a strategic decision to keep the assembly process in-house to preserve product quality and control. The company defined its global requirements and conducted online research to draw up a shortlist of placement equipment that would function at the core of the new line.




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