Industry Buoyant, Despite Rough Seas

The last 18 months have witnessed unprecedented growth in electronics manufacturing, particularly in the United States and to a lesser degree, Europe.

Much of this has been fueled by a combination of facts, ranging from new technologies such as autonomous vehicles, medical and wearable-tech to increased military spending, tax cuts and tax incentives to build products closer to home.

But the surging economy has stretched our supply chain to its limits. Component shortages have delayed or even halted some projects. Counterfeit components are on the rise and availability of some capital equipment is as long as six months in many cases.

And then we have the political uncer- tainties, which seem to change by the day, or by the tweet. Despite all of this electronics manufacturing continues to grow, although there are some early signs of pull-back among orders for new capital equipment.

Clearly investment strategies need to be based on solid expectations of continued growth and stability.

Despite all of the political uncertainties, electronics manufacturing continues to grow, although there are some early signs of pull- back among orders for new capital equipment.

Hermes and IPC CfX join hands

In a recent announcement, IPC has agreed to adopt The Hermes Standard as an official replacement for the outdated SMEMA standard (IPC-SMEMA-9851). The Hermes Standard has been given the official IPC naming convention – IPC- HERMES-9852.

This is a significant step in cementing the relationship between The Hermes Standard and IPC CfX. The two standards now clearly emerge as a direct alternative to JARA and SECS/GEM.

Although many suppliers and manufacturing companies are eagerly supporting HERMES/CfX, a number of the large tier one manufacturers are deeply invested in SEC/GEM from SEMI. Convincing them of the benefits of switching is not impossi- ble, but it’s a bit like changing course in a very large ocean liner.

SMTAi on the horizon

SMTAi is almost here and once again, Global SMT & Packaging will have a packed agenda of panel discussion, video interviews and the Global Technology Awards ceremony.

I look forward to meeting many of our colleagues, readers and viewers in Chicago.

– Trevor Galbraith


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