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■ Andreas Karch

■ Andreas Karch

Indium Corporation announces new technical manager

Indium Corporation announces Andreas Karch technical manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Karch provides support, including sharing process knowledge and making technical recommendations for the use of Indium Corporation’s materials, including solder paste, solder preforms, fluxes, and thermal management materials.

Karch has more than 20 years of automotive industry experience, including the advanced development of customized electronics. He is an ECQA-certified integrated design engineer and has a Six Sigma Yellow Belt. He was recently the recipient of the top 10 innovative patents for an automotive LED assembly. Karch maintains a thorough understanding of process technologies and project management skills.

■ XD7600NT Ruby X-ray Inspection System with X-Plane technology from Nordson DAGE.

■ XD7600NT Ruby X-ray Inspection System with X-Plane technology from Nordson DAGE.

Inovar invests in Nordson DAGE’s X-ray system

Inovar, Inc. announced that it recently purchased and installed an XD7600NT Ruby X-ray Inspection System with X-Plane technology from Nordson DAGE. Inovar will use the XD7600NT Ruby X-ray system for internal troubleshooting and failure analysis activities. Additionally, the system will be available to Inovar customers in need of fast, accurate issue resolution. Head-in-pillow (HiP) defects, package-on-package (PoP) defects and micro-cracks, among other issues, will be addressed. The implementation of the XD7600NT Ruby X-ray improves Inovar’s troubleshooting and failure analysis processes. The X-Plane technology speeds up the detection of defects that previously were undetectable with conventional X-ray technology without damaging the board. Additionally, the X-Plane software enables the user to obtain a nondestructive, virtual cross-section of the area of interest. Jef Nielsen, Process Engineering Manager, said, “The system allows Inovar to provide improved solder joint inspection of bottom-terminated components including ball grid arrays (BGA) and quad flat no-lead (QFN) components. The 160 kV X-ray tube with up to 10W target power allows Inovar to always have submicron inspection capability. The 70° oblique views without loss of magnification provide a more rapid assessment of barrel-fill solder joints for THA components.”

■ Isidre Rosello

■ Isidre Rosello

KIC brings on new COO

KIC has hired Isidre Rosello. Reporting directly to the company’s president, Rosello will plan and direct KIC’s operations, new product and services development, company objectives, initiatives, and drive the company’s financial and operational goals. Rosello has helped Fortune 500 companies such as HP and Kodak manage and grow businesses. He was vice president and general manager of HP’s Indigo Division. Prior to that, he contributed to building HP’s global digital imaging leadership. He managed sales, marketing, R&D, operations, finance and HR. Rosello contributed to Kodak as president of the Digital Printing Solutions Group and later was elected as a corporate vice president by the Board of Directors. Prior to joining KIC, Rosello provided engineering services into technology markets, from venture funded companies to established corporations.

VirTex appoints new Business Development Manager

VirTex announced that William Ryczkowski has been appointed New Business Development Manager, effective from 18 April 2016. William Ryczkowski brings a wealth of experience and a strong industry network to VirTex. He previously worked in Business Development at Surface Mount Technology Corporation for over five years, in various commercial

roles. In relation to his new appointment Ryczkowski commented, “I am very happy to join VirTex and to have the opportunity to innovatively fulfill the manufacturing needs of our current and future customers in the aerospace/defense, automotive, industrial and medical markets. The customer base served by VirTex and the capability roadmap is a perfect fit for the regional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) located in the Midwest.

Delta Electronics installs thirteenth ACE system

ACE Production Technologies, Inc. announced that Delta Electronics, Inc. has invested in three additional selective soldering systems from ACE. The KISS-102IL and KISS-102ILDP selective soldering systems will be installed at the Delta Electronics facility located in Amphur, Thailand making a total of thirteen selective soldering systems Delta Electronics has ordered from ACE Production Technologies. The KISS-102ILDP dual pot in-line selective soldering system significantly reduces the overall processing time by concurrently soldering two different printed circuit boards utilizing two separate solder pots, each equipped with their own independent X-Y-Z axis positioning system. The dual pot machine architecture of the KISS-102ILDP allows for both tin-lead and lead-free solder pots to reside within the same machine so each can be used as required via process control and interlock to safeguard against intermixing of solder alloys. The KISS-102IL is a fully-configured SMEMA compatible selective soldering platform equipped with “Super Quick” processing speeds and the unique dual solder nozzle systems enabling the use of multiple nozzle shapes within the same program.

Scienscope enters exclusive representative agreement

Scienscope International has appointed Ark Manufacturing Solutions as its exclusive manufacturers’ representative in the Southwestern U.S. ARK Manufacturing Solutions will represent Scienscope’s state-of-the-art X-ray cabinet systems. Dave Murrin, President and principal owner of ARK Mfg. Solutions commented, “We are very pleased to be able to represent these products throughout the ARK Mfg. Solutions’ sales territory. Scienscope offers a range of X-ray systems that incorporate many of the features and capabilities of high-end systems at a much more economical cost. We believe the value proposition that these systems bring to our customers will be a perfect match for their X-ray needs and their budgets.” ARK Mfg. Solutions manages and sells to the Southwestern states of Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, and the state of Sonora, Mexico. Formerly Phoenix Marketing Representatives, the company has been in business for more than 20 years, having had the good fortune to represent some the best manufacturers in the electronics industry and serve the best customer base in the market.


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