Industry News Europe – May 2017

■ The PEMTRON PS Series Scanning Electron Microscopes.

Microtronic GmbH distribution agreement with Pemtron

Microtronic GmbH announced that it has added the PEMTRON PS Series Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) to its product line up in parts of the EU. The PS Series Models include the PS-210 Compact Desk Top Mini-SEM, the PS-230 High Performance Normal-SEM, and PS-250 Analytical Normal-SEM. The high performance microscopes offer 3nm-5nm resolution in a compact design. The systems are similar in price to a tabletop SEM offering much higher performance and capability. Ernst J. M. Eggelaar, President of Microtronic commented, “We are thrilled to add this new line of analytic equipment to the existing technologies like Scanning Acoustic Microscopes, solderability testers, TherMoiré and ionic contamination testing.” With fast sample exchange in just three minutes, the PS Series is designed to handle samples up to 140mm with minimum pump down time.

■ (from left) Sebastian Glitsch (ANS answer elektronik) and Helmut Öttl (Rehm) during solder paste inspection with the TROI-7700H

Europlacer extends direct support in Europe

Blakell Europlacer International Limited is excited to announce an enhancement to its infrastructure in Europe, with new resources now in place to fully support activities directly in Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. The company recently expanded its sales and customer support teams based at a new direct office in Trieste, Italy (Europlacer Italia Srl). Now the business, which has been well established in the region for more than a decade, is extending its Trieste operation to directly address the support needs of the Slovenian, Serbian and Croatian territories. “We have a very strong installed base in these countries,” explains Europlacer International Sales Manager, Stephen Farragher. “Thanks to our continued growth in the Italian market, and the proximity of the Trieste office to these neighbours, it makes strategic sense to capitalise on these resources to deliver the exemplary service these customers require.” Farragher knows that his team of professionals will match the high levels of service for which Europlacer is known – and for which it has won a succession of prestigious industry awards.

Optimal processes thanks to innovative test equipment

Rehm Thermal Systems is expanding the machine park at the Technology Centre with new solder paste and coating inspection systems.

The processing of a circuit board directly influences product quality. Above all, the reliability of the production processes is of great importance. In order to be able to more closely inspect the quality directly after the printing or painting process, two new inspection systems of the TROI series from Pemtron are now in use at the Rehm Technology Centre in Blaubeuren. In Germany, the equipment of the Korean manufacturer is distributed by ANS answer elektronik, which already looks back on a long-term collaboration with Rehm Thermal Systems.

“Our aim is not only to provide high-quality equipment for the inspecting and testing of electronic assemblies, but also to support our customers during process improvement. An impeccable paste print during soldering or a precise application of lacquer in the case of conformal coating is the basis for all further process steps, especially with regard to the increasing miniaturisation of components. The new solder paste and conformal coating inspection systems of the TROI series optimally complement our machine park and ensure the best possible analysis results”, explains Helmut Öttl, Head of Process Development/Application at Rehm.

■ Thomas Kucharek

ZESTRON Europe promotes Thomas Kucharek

ZESTRON Europe announced the promotion of Thomas Kucharek to Deputy Head of Application Technology. Mr. Kucharek has been with the Application Technology department at ZESTRON Europe since 2002. In his new position, he will be responsible for the team of the technical assistants, supporting application engineers and developing and implementing specific cleaning processes for our global customers.


■ SmtXtra’s 5000 ft.2 factory and office facilities in Doncaster, UK.

SmtXtra celebrates its 10th anniversary

SmtXtra announced its 10th anniversary. The founders and Directors Susan and Sean Cassidy, have many years’ experience within the electronics industry and have a dedicated team of engineers, technicians and sale managers whom have grown alongside the business. The company supplies original SMT spare parts including nozzles, feeders and other consumables. These are sold at a cost savings of up to 40 percent in the following lines: Panasonic, Fuji, Universal, Yamaha, Juki, Assembléon, ASM, Samsung and iPulse. The company remains the only supplier of SMT equipment to be awarded the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for quality management for its products and services. SmtXtra’s success is evident through its recent expansion into the American market with the launch of its sister corporation: SmtXtra USA Inc. It is led by Tennessee-based Sales Manager Paul Pittman; who has more than 10 years’ experience within the industry. Pittman has worked with some of America’s major OEMs and has undertaken training with Panasonic Americas, enabling the company to now support the growing electronics market within the USA.


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