Industry News Europe: September 2017

■ Bela Electronic Designs adds Cupio’s benchtop AOI.

Bela Electronic Designs adds Cupio’s benchtop AOI

Previously running a Yestech YTV 1000, Bela updated their automated inspection process in 2010 by purchasing a Nordson YESTECH BX 12 automated optical inspection (AOI) machine, supplied and supported by Cupio. The BX 12 off-line benchtop system allowed PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage. Bela’s operators could inspect solder joints and verify correct part assembly to improve quality and increase throughput. This new automated approach successfully resolved Bela’s capacity issues; timely training and support from Cupio enabled them to fully utilise the BX AOI’s capabilities and eliminate the inspection bottleneck. Yet, as the business continued to expand, pressure once started mounting on the inspection stage. As previously, the Nordson YESTECH BX provided the solution; in May this year Bela took delivery of a second BX 12 AOI machine. Bela found the benchtop AOI systems to be a good fit for their production profile, and easy to integrate into their manufacturing process. With connections into the factory network, both machines can access Gerber files from the network servers, and run at the same time. Bela’s operators could program the AOI systems fast and intuitively, typically taking less than 30 minutes to create a complete inspection program including solder inspection. Once generated, these programs can be used on either machine. The machines’ complete inspection coverage and extremely low false failure rate is enabled by advanced Fusion Lighting and newly-available 5-megapixel image processing technology.

New low viscosity conformal coating from Intertronics

Dymax 9452-FC from Intertronics is an advanced electronics conformal coating formulated with a revolutionary new technology as an alternative to thin, solvent-based conformal coatings. Whilst it has a very low viscosity – 20 cP – it still provides good electrical insulation and protection against humidity, plus very good thermal shock and corrosion resistance. It offers an instant UV and visible light cure with secondary heat cure for shadow areas within electronic assemblies, to ensure that no area is left unprotected. Dymax 9452-FC fluoresces blue and so enables fast, easy inspection. Dymax 9452-FC is believed to be the first light cure conformal coating to successfully provide these high performance characteristics in one easy to use product. Dymax 9452-FC coating can be precision sprayed. It is environmentally friendly compared to solvent-based alternatives, being 100% solids. It is curable using UV LED-based curing systems in addition to conventional broad spectrum lamps, with the associated production and cost benefits. In-house analysis shows the coating’s exceptional performance through reliability tests such as heat and humidity resistance (500 hours at 85°C / 85% relative humidity) and corrosion resistance (sulphur and salt spray resistance).

■ Keith Bryant

Keith Bryant appointed Global Director Electronics Sales

YXLON International is very pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Bryant as Global Director Electronics Sales. Keith brings with him over 25 years successful experience at a senior level in Technical Sales, mostly in the x-ray field. He will be responsible for all channels to market, and develop our global sales team to be even closer to our customers, understanding their needs and reacting promptly. Keith says: “I have known Yxlon as strong competitors for a long time and also as one of my clients for the last almost 3 years. I am very happy to be joining this great team, and continue progressing on the current growth path”. “Keith, with his deep understanding of the industry, its applications and our customers, is a tremendous asset to our Electronics sales team.

TR Fastenings adds ISO 27001 certification to security

TR Fastenings (TR) has demonstrated its commitment to information security by gaining ISO 27001 certification for its IT service desk and technical teams in the UK. The certification has been awarded after an official audit of these departments which took place earlier this year. The quality stamp from BSI (British Standards Institution), which is voluntary, relates to the handling and storage of data and information on staff, the company and its customers. The board of TR’s parent company Trifast Plc, led by CEO Mark Belton, was keen to obtain certification to the standard to show customers its commitment to information security, which is a major issue facing businesses around the world. TR’s IT department in the UK has been audited and certified to the 2013 version of the standard, and there are now plans to roll this out to other departments and locations. In order to prepare for the audit, TR undertook a comprehensive review of processes including access to information, data storage, security measures, data transmission and disposal of information. In practical terms, this meant ensuring screens showing sensitive information were not left unattended, shredding confidential documents and keeping detailed logs of activity and any potential incidents. Policies covering use of the internet, social media and IT facilities were also visited and updated.

■ Dr. Markus Meier

ZESTRON Academy is expanding its team

The ZESTRON Academy welcomes Dr. Markus Meier as a new contact for technology coaching sessions. Dr. Markus Meier received his PhD in chemistry from the Technical University Munich and is an expert in the fields of interfacial chemistry and surface analysis. At the ZESTRON Academy, he is responsible for the organizational and professional handling of technology coaching sessions. For this, Dr. Meier prepares an individual coaching programme together with the customers which is specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of the manufacturing process and is based on the knowledge of the participants. In addition to the professional training of employees the technology coaching within the ZESTRON Academy can also help to solve specific problems.


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