Industry News Americas: September 2017

■ Nordson DAGE’S Quadra 5 flexible X-ray inspection solution.

Cirtronics adds high-performance X-ray inspection solution

Nordson DAGE is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Cirtronics for its Quadra 5 flexible X-ray inspection solution. David Patterson, COO at Cirtronics Corporation, commented, “We’re excited to add the Quadra 5 to our manufacturing inspection capabilities. Adding the Quadra 5 provides us with additional flexibility in selecting the optimum inspection method to meet each customer’s requirements. This is part of our Precision Engagement approach where we tailor everything we do to the needs of each customer.” Patterson continues, “Cirtronics uses X-ray inspection as a process monitor and indicator in our SMT assembly operations. Moving from our current 2D platform to the Nordson DAGE Quadra 5 considerably raises the bar for us. The Quadra will help us increase throughput with its advanced feature detection and allows the operator to quickly focus on results.”

ViTrox and KIC establish new business relationship

KIC announced a new business relationship with ViTrox Corporation. They have established this new business relationship to meet the needs of the evolving electronics industry. The need for real-time data and insight from production machines and inspection systems is growing rapidly as the electronic manufacturing industry converts factories into smart production facilities. While real-time dashboard and traceability systems have been around for some time, the ‘black box’ reflow process has been a glaring omission in such systems. The ViTrox V-One system will connect to KIC’s automatic profiling and thermal monitoring systems to offer a full line solution.

■ DMG NHX-4000 horizontal milling center.

COT grows capability with DMG Horizontal machining centers

Count On Tools Inc. is pleased to announce that with the recent expansion of its manufacturing facility, the company has purchased and installed two to further increase production capabilities and lower product lead times. The new equipment expands COT’s current capabilities into more complex parts that can be manufactured with significant costs savings to the end-user. According to DMG, the NHX-4000 are general-purpose horizontal machining centers enabling high-efficiency, continuous machining and mass production machining in various areas, such as the automotive and other mechanical fields. The entire structure is optimized for increased performance in static and dynamic rigidity. As a result, the models achieve the highest level of speed and accuracy demanded of a horizontal machining center. Because extreme accuracy is mandatory, highly specialized precision equipment is necessary. The industries that COT serves count on accuracy of part specifications and on-time delivery of orders. The new DMG production cell will help Count On Tools achieve both. Additionally, the new machine handles jobs faster by providing increased production speeds and faster processing power. According to company representative, Zach Shook, “This new equipment helps us to produce tight tolerance, precision components quickly and consistently. As a result, we can now respond to changing customer needs faster and at highly competitive costs.”

Plasma-Therm and Trymax partner in North America

Plasma-Therm LLC, and Trymax Semiconductor Equipment BV, announced that they have entered into a distribution agreement for North America. The agreement gives Plasma-Therm the exclusive rights to distribute all of Trymax’s NEO products for ashing applications. Plasma-Therm and Trymax can now address all ashing, polymer removal and dry cleaning applications in the served markets, for all wafer sizes including 12 inches. “Partnering with Trymax allows Plasma-Therm to offer resist strip and ashing products which complement well our existing High Denisty Radical Flux (HDRF) technology which targets polymer removal and low damage surface treatment” commented Yannick Pilloux, business development manager at Plasma-Therm. Trymax’s NEO products for ashing/etching, and descum serve the semiconductor industry for 150mm, 200mm and 300mm substrates. Our bridge tools are fully flexible for processing multiple different substrate types like Si, GaAs, SiC, LiN, LiT, eWLBTM and TaikoTM wafers from R&D to high volume markets.

Cogiscan and Technica, U.S.A. announce sales partnership

Cogiscan Inc. announced the appointment of Technica, U.S.A. as its sales representative throughout Northern California, the Pacific Northwest and the Mountain States. “This new partnership with Technica, U.S.A. is both positive and timely,” said Mitch DeCaire, Cogiscan’s Channel Sales Manager. “We selected Technica U.S.A. for many reasons, most notably their dedication to helping their customers increase productivity and lower operational costs. Technica’s sales team consists of industry experts who serve their customers in a consultative manner. This approach is especially critical in our industry today, as our customers strive to embrace Industry 4.0 by making their factories and systems more intelligent and connected.”

Electronic Systems, Inc. invests in a VERSAFLOW from Ersa

Kurtz Ersa North America installed a VERSAFLOW 3/45 selective soldering system. “With designs becoming more intricate all the time, versatile, high-accuracy selective solder is the future of the EMS business,” said Paula Schmidt, ESI Manufacturing Engineer. “The VERSAFLOW is top-of-the-line technology offering many enhancements that will help us to meet our customers’ ever-changing and diverse needs well into the future.” VERSAFLOW 3/45 is the industry’s most widely used in-line selective soldering platform and most repeatable system on the market. It also is the first in-line selective soldering machine with dual track transport, and features the highest flexibility and throughput that can be realized with the smallest possible required space. To satisfy all demands in regards to flexibility, the third generation of Ersa’s VERSAFLOW selective soldering systems is based on a modular platform.

Conecsus, LLC consolidates company’s U.S. sales

Conecsus, LLC announced the consolidation of the company’s U.S. sales territories with ELECTRI-REP and West Tech Automation. Conecsus, LLC is an ISO 14001 EMS certified recycling company and a refiner of SMT solder/solder paste wastes and residues, as well as Tin, Lead, Antimony, Silver, Gold, and other metals. Conecsus converts these wastes into usable metal products, paying cash to the customer. ELECTRI-REP, Inc. covers the states of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. ELECTRI-REP, Inc. founded in 1975 is a second-generation company representing the best in class manufacturers and technology. Their line card includes equipment and supplies for the electronics industry.


SOURCE: 1203-global-smt-packaging


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