Innovation and Brisk Business at SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2016

Despite the fact this year’s show clashed with Hannover Messe (visited by President Obama) and Nepcon China in Shanghai, Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH managed to host a strong event at SMT Nuremberg, as it colloquially known.

Exhibit numbers were a little lower because of the event clashes, but visitor numbers appeared strong. Occupying 26.200 m² of exhibition space, the event hosted 420 exhibitors and 36 represented companies, attracting approximately 15,000 visitors.

On the show floor, many companies displayed a wide range of innovative new technologies, despite the fact that most are working on extended lead times.

ASM ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS announced the opening of their Competence Centre in Munich. Customers can bring boards and NPI products to trial them in a real-time environment, before introducing them into production at their own facilities.

■ ASM Assembly Systems

■ ASM Assembly Systems

MIRTEC announced they were going direct to manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. “The European headquarters are in Plymouth, UK and it makes sense to work directly with customers in this territory”, said David Bennet, Managing Director, Mirtec

■ Mirtec

■ Mirtec

Europe. Bennet also claimed they had almost sold out of their MV-6 special allocation and were considering whether to repeat the popular offer.

KURTZ ERSA introduced their novel void reduction system, currently used in their reflow ovens to their rework systems. The system can easily be added to rework stations in the field and uses the high frequency oscillation to remove virtually all voids from soldered devices. This is particularly useful in rework as manual assembly attracts a much higher level of voiding than automatic systems.

FUJI displayed a new bulk feeder cassette that inserts into the head assembly, removing the need for reels, tapes and potential lost components.

ESSEMTEC had two new major innovations. The Fox pick and place machine can have up to 180 feeder lanes, needs only 1sqm of floor space and can process PCB’s of up to 305 x 406 mm. The Spyder is a fast jet and general dispenser, rated for up to 150 000 dots per hour. It dispenses 3D patterns, lines and a variety of dot sizes.

YAMAHA exhibited the YSM-20 mounter, which is now 20% faster. The other new product on the stand was the Vi AOI system.

REHM exhibited a range of new and existing technologies. These included their vacuum technology used in reflow to eliminate up to 98% of voids. The vacuum technology also extends to their Condenso vapor phase system, which provides optimum uniformity of solder joints and interconnections. Rehm also introduced a new LED dispensing and curing line on a small footprint and a new range of thermal chambers called Securo – and Securo +which has a load and unload cycle time of 15 seconds.

■ Rehm

■ Rehm

JASON SPERA, President and CEO at Aegis Corporation has been appointed Chairman of the newly form IPC committee for Smart Factory automation. This key new committee is tasked with specifying and establishing a standard for electronics factory integration. The committee will start by tightly defining what Industry 4.0/Smart Factory automation comprises for electronics manufacturing companies.

Bob Willis hosted the IPC REWORK CHALLENGE. This was the third in the Series, following its introduction at NEW 2016, in Birmingham, UK and the electronics show in Stockholm, Sweden last week.

SEHO SYSTEMS introduced a novel new pre-fluxer unit that uses a plasma technology to apply dry flux to specific areas of the board prior to going through the wave soldering machine. The pre-fluxer is very precise and boards do not need to be cleaned after soldering. SEHO also demonstrated some improvements to their latest wave soldering machine, including individually controlled pre-heating elements, independent dual solder pots and underside inspection of solder joints and bar codes.

TRANSITION AUTOMATION released the latest squeegee blades for the H.I.T. Automation stencil printers for LED applications. The blades traverse the boards from left to right. Transition Automation have their full range of blades available through their new German distributor, ANS GmbH.

INVENTEC promoted their range of non-toxic acrylic conformal coatings and their latest range of UV cured coatings for LED applications, capable of providing varied coating thicknesses.

SMT WERTHEIM demonstrated three versions of their successful CUBE thermal test chambers, which are used for testing loaded board assemblies that operate in harsh conditions, such as the automotive environment. The three chambers offer a hot function test, a cold function test and a room temperature test.

■ Viscom

■ Viscom

PANASONIC focused on their total line solution. At APEX the company showcased a wide number of partners that can connect their equipment to the PanaCIM software hub to integrate with a Total Line Solution. At SMT/Hybrid/Packaging they had a similar theme, but with European partner companies.

VISCOM promoted their 3D AOI systems which capture greater amounts of data and detail from the 8 angular cameras, providing a holistic view of the device or component under inspection.

■ Nordson Dage

■ Nordson Dage

NORDSON DAGE launched their latest x-ray system called the Quadra 7, their 4th generation x-ray fitted with a new tube offering 100nm resolution at up to 10 watts. The new closed tube has a warrantied lifespan of 5,000 hours. The Quadra also has a new 7 megapixel detector, an updated sample carrier system and new software platform based on Windows 10 technology.

SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2017 will make a hall change next year to the west side of the exhibition centre and will be held alongside Mesago’s sister event, PCIM on May 16-18. Let’s hope it will be a little warmer next year!



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