INOVAR Partners with MIRTEC for Continuous Quality Improvement

■ INOVAR is committed to improving the lives of its customers as well as those of the
INOVAR family.


Strategically located in Logan, Utah, INOVAR Inc. is a complete EMS company with services spanning from full-scale prod-uct design to end user customer Fulfillment. Founded in 1998, INOVAR has been consistently recognized as one of Utah’s fastest growing companies. It is management owned and currently employs more than 350 highly skilled professionals. The company owns a 65,000 sq. ft. facility in Utah, as well as a 58,000 sq. ft. factory in Tecate, Mexico, and is building a 100,000 sq. ft. facility on Utah State University’s Innovation Campus. This new, state-of-the-art, facility will fuel future growth allowing the company to expand its workforce and capabilities in order to meet growing customer demands.

One of its goals is to be the employer of choice in every geography in which it operates. The company hires from the local community and has experienced extremely low turnover due to its culture, desirable working environment and the quality of its management team.

Their growth has been driven by its dedicated employees, top-notch technical capabilities, and outstanding customers. They take great pride in the fact that many of our customers have been with them for over a decade and truly value their relationship with their talented manufacturing team.

Over the past 20 years, We have earned a solid reputation as a leading provider of advanced technology products and system solutions for the military, aerospace and defense, medical instrumentation and com-mercial markets. We believe that growth and success is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to total customer satisfaction.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and dependable service to their valued customers. In addition to having quality teams in place across all its facilities, a key factor in the company’s quality initiatives is the equip-ment selection process. When it comes to purchasing new manufacturing equip-ment, it is critical to select the appropriate technology necessary to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We have made a strong commitment to continuous quality improvement, which prompted its recent acquisition of MIRTEC’s 3D AOI and SPI systems for both our Logan and Tecate manufacturing facilities. “After eval-uating several leading manufacturers of 3D Inspection Systems, We selected MIRTEC as the best solution to meet our ongoing quality initiatives,” stated Jef Nielsen, Process Engineering Manager.

“We understand that Electronic Manufacturers are becoming ever more selective in purchasing equipment that will add value to their business and provide them with a, much needed, edge in this highly competitive industry,” said Brian D’Amico, President of MIRTEC’s North American Sales and Service Division. “With this in mind, an increasing number of manufacturers are relying upon 3D Automated Inspection equipment to help increase profitability by improving pro-duction yields and reducing costly rework. We are extremely pleased to partner with INOVAR and are equally committed to their goal of continuous quality improve-ment. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship between our two organizations.”

■ MIRTEC’s MS-11 3D SPI Machines use Dual Projection Shadow Free Moiré Technology for
inspection of solder paste depositions on PCBs post screen print.

MIRTEC’s award-winning MV-7 OMNI 3D AOI machines are configured with their exclusive OMNI-VISION 3D Inspection System which combines MIRTEC’s proprietary 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Camera Technology with their revolutionary 3D Digital Multi-Frequency Moiré System to provide precision inspection of SMT devices on finished PCB assemblies. This proprietary system yields precise height measurement data used to detect lifted component and lifted lead defects as well as full 3D solder fillet inspection post-reflow. Fully config-ured, the MV-7 OMNI machines feature four 10 Mega Pixel Side-View Cameras in addition to the 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Top-Down Camera and an Eight-Phase Color Lighting System for superior inspection performance.

“MIRTEC’s OMNI-VISION 3D Inspection Technology produces amaz-ingly clear images of our SMT compo-nents and solder joints, virtually eliminat-ing the need for human optical inspection and significantly improving quality levels in both our internal metrics and in the eyes of our customers,” Nielsen added. “We are able to seamlessly move pro-grams across multiple production lines with extreme repeatability, allowing us to maximize our production efficiency.”

MIRTEC’s Award Winning MS-11 3D SPI Systems are configured with a proprietary 15 Mega Pixel Top-Down CoaXPress Camera System providing enhanced image quality, superior accu-racy and incredibly fast inspection rates.

■ MIRTEC’s OMNI-VISION 3D Inspection Technology produces amazingly clear images of
SMT components and solder joints virtually eliminating the need for human inspection.

The MS-11 uses Dual Projection Moiré Phase Shift Imaging Technology for “Shadow Free” 3D inspection of PCBs after the screen printing process. This proprietary system yields precise height measurement data used to detect insuffi-cient solder, excessive solder, shape defor-mity, shift of deposition and bridging.

The leadership team at INOVAR rec-ognizes that customers have a broad array of EMS choices. Only INOVAR, they believe, offers the best combination of execution, capabilities, and access to exec-utive management of any EMS company in the United States. We will continue to partner with top-tier companies like MIRTEC to serve our customers with the highest technical capabilities.

For more information about INOVAR’s Award-Winning Electronic Manufacturing Services, please contact INOVAR directly. Phone: 801-631-5099. Web: www.

For more information about MIRTEC’s leading-edge 3D Inspection Technology, please contact MIRTEC directly. Phone: 203-881-5559. Web:


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