IPC APEX 2019 Promises to be Bigger Than Ever

IPC APEX Conference and Expo is just around the corner and this year promises to be one of the busiest yet. The meetings and courses run from January 26th thru 31st. The conference and exhibition run from Tuesday, January 29th thru Thursday, January 31st.

The show floor opening times are:


In addition, Global SMT & Packaging will be featuring a number of leading edge panel discussions on some of the industry’s most challenging topics. These include:

Design for Manufacturing – closing the DFM loop

For many years engineers have struggled with closing the DFM loop and getting all the manufacturing lessons learned back to the designer. Now through line optimization software and increasingly sophisticated factory management systems, this ‘holy grail’ is achievable, resulting in fewer turns in pilot production, few defects during production and fewer field recalls.

Component shortages and avoiding the counterfeits

The serious shortage of some components have led EMS companies to devise some novel strategies to deal with the issue. This panel will discuss the likely future for component supply in the wake of the current trade war and how to mitigate the impact in your factory.

Full line solutions – are they producing results and what are the benefits

Every major pick and place company is developing a turnkey solution that they claim will produce optimized results. Should EMS companies place their trust in one vendor and move away from investing in ‘best-in-class’ products?

Automating inspection and utilizing AI –how will it affect test engineers?

The test landscape is changing. SPI, AOI and x-ray systems provide much of the intelligence that drives the production equipment on the factory floor. Future systems will be even more intelligent, gathering more data and include automatic programming and integrated inspection analysis. This panel will discuss what this means for the test engineer.

Will jet dispensing replace stencil printing?

Many manufacturers are placing solder dispensing systems after the printer to makeup for missing paste or last minute redesigns. Is this a growing trend and will paste dispensers eventually replace stencil printers?

What are the new boundaries in materials science?

There is no doubt that technology is only constrained by the pace at which materials science can design and introduce new materials that conduct electricity faster and more reliably in greater temperature ranges using cheaper raw materials. What are the current barriers, opportunities and even threats? This panel will discuss.

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