White Paper: It’s as easy as SSP – Saki Self-Programming Software

Download the white paper at www.sakiglobal.com/ssp

Finally, AOI and SPI programming is fast, easy, and accurate.

Saki Self-Programming (SSP) Software revolutionizes the assembly process with the first software that programs solder paste and automated optical inspection (SPI/AOI) equipment in just a few minutes and clicks, instead of hours, without a golden board. Only Gerber and centroid CAD data are required. SSP improves process quality and control, ensures a defect-free product, and enhances Industry 4.0/M2M communication.

An Offline Debug Function allows fine-tuning without stopping the production line.

Programming is exponentially faster. One program can be used for all inspection systems.

  • No Programming Necessary
  • No Golden Board Needed
  • Programming Errors Eliminated

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