Naprotek Overhauls with Complete Line Solution from Hanwha


Powerful. Cutting edge. Passionate.

■ Naprotek engineers using the Hanwha line

These are a few of the words used to describe Naprotek, a woman-owned small business founded in 1995 by Najat El-Ayi Badriyeh. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, They are an EMS industry leader who manufactures products generated by the most creative minds in the world. From quick-turn prototypes to low- to medium-volume PCBAs and box build, the company provides engineering and manufacturing support for the most demanding applications. With a core focus on outstanding customer value, Naprotek believes everything must be absolutely right and provides only the best in the industry.

When it was time for a line overhaul, They chose Hanwha’s total line solution, purchasing four pick-and place machines (two SM481 systems, an SM421 system and an SM482 system), two screen printers (an NPS650 system and an SMP200 system), as well as an Air Solder Reflow Oven (SRF70i82).

The SM Plus series of component mounters include the SM481 for high-performance chip and flexible mounting, an SM482 for precision flexible mounting, and the SM421.

Hanwha’s NPS650 is ideal for large-board printing up to 24” in length. The SMP200 with various board separation motions is used for multi-purpose printing, while the SRF70i82 is ideal for repeatable reflow processing of single- and double-sided assemblies.

Why did Naprotek choose Hanwha? According to the Naprotek engineers, they are simply the best. “Hanwha machines are the easiest to program, more so than their competitors,” commented an engineer at Naprotek. “They require less maintenance and the consumables are inexpensive. The machines provide a total line solution-printers, conveyors, pick-and-place and ovens, and all services are provided by direct Hanwha personnel.”
With Hanwha machines installed at Naprotek, the company is confident it can provide quick-turn capabilities because of their fast, easy programming. Hanwha equipment allows for traceability down to the component level, and the reduced cost of operation means passing on savings to Naprotek customers, making it a win-win partnership.

Naprotek CEO Najat El-Ayi Badriyeh does whatever it takes to ensure a flawless delivery of every product, so this is what she expects as a customer herself. “Hanwha has been in the manufacturing business for many years and has an excellent reputation,” she said. “Hanwha provides the highest quality customer service and builds reliable equipment that lasts longer than anyone else’s, which is what we need.”

“Naprotek’s continued investment in Hanwha precision machinery for printing, pick-and-place and reflow reinforces the importance and benefits of support continuity from the beginning to end of the line in the PCB assembly process,” commented Jonny Nichols, Director of Sales & Marketing, North America at Hanwha. “Hanwha is honored to work with Najat and the Naprotek team in the spirit of long-term business partnership.”
Hanwha has businesses in advanced chemicals, sustainable energy, aerospace and financial services that provide practical solutions to real-world challenges. In 2016, Their solutions, along with the results of investments in future businesses and advanced infrastructure, led to record revenues of more than $53.89 billion and resulted in more than $150.25 billion in assets while rising 50 places higher on the Fortune Global 500 Company list and staying highly competitive in every industry. Hanwha’s success can be attributed to a strategic response to rapid changes in customer needs, markets and industries. When they see change, they change, innovate and pivot to develop differentiated solutions that are one step ahead.

For more information about Hanwha and their equipment, contact Jonny Nichols at 919-606-3707;; To find out more about Naprotek, visit


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