New Products – February 2017

■ Dymax Curing System Configurations Ideal for Post-Cure Processes or Rework 2000-ECE Flood Lamp with Zip Shutter Light Shield.

Dymax Curing Systems enhance 3D printing

Dymax Corporation introduced a new application for its UV light-curing spot and flood-lamp systems that enhance configurations for 3D post-curing applications or help rework the model. After a 3D model is built, it may be necessary to supply additional curing energy to the part to ensure that optimized material properties are achieved. Dymax UV light-curing f lood-lamp systems are designed for area curing or for curing multiple assemblies at once. These flood-lamp models use a powerful UV light-curing lamp (up to 225 mW/cm²) for fast curing over a 12,7 cm x 12,7 cm (5” x 5”) area. For rework or repair, such as curing drain-hole fills, assembling larger assemblies, or repairing cracked or broken models, the company’s BlueWave 200 3.0 spot-lamp system is the ideal solution. This unit is a high-intensity lamp that emits energy in the UVA and visible portion of the spectrum (300-450 nm) and is ideally suited for either manual or automated processes. It contains an integral shutter which can be actuated by a foot pedal or PLC and a universal power input that allows operation globally and provides consistent performance at any voltage.

■ CK Nanovate Nickel prolongs the Life of the Stencil.

New HighTech stencil material

Always striving to stay one step ahead in manufacturing, in particular in view of the continuing miniaturization of components, Christian Koenen GmbH has searched for a new high-tech material for its precision stencils. In the past few years, research and development in the area of the stencil material was ongoing. Especially the area of nickel proved to be very promising. With CK Nanovate nickel, the company has now included a tried-and-tested product from the field of aeronautics in the product range. Before its introduction, extensive tests had been executed in the Application Center. Some customers have also been using the material and test phases producing excellent results are ongoing. In particular, the fine crystalline grain structure and enhanced laser cutting properties of CK Nanovate nickel have to be highlighted, producing exceptional paste release properties, which overall result in increased yields and lower costs. With sharper cutting edges on the printed circuit board, the print deposits are sealed much better. The stencil life is significantly prolonged thanks to improved hardness and ductility. Uneven printed circuit boards will not result in waviness of the stencil. For specialist applications, the CK Nanovate nickel certainly provides a better alternative to stainless steel.

■ Cortec Corporation’s EcoSonic ESD Paper.

Cortec’s EcoSonic ESD Paper powered by Nano VpCI

Cortec Corporation has developed a static dissipative corrosion inhibiting paper that serves as a complete packaging paper for valuable electrical and electronic items. Simply wrap your sensitive electronic metal items in EcoSonic ESD Paper powered by Nano VpCI and rest assured that your valuable items will be protected from damaging static electricity buildup and corrosion. EcoSonic ESD Paper eliminates static electricity buildup through the use of an environmentally friendly coating made from soybean oil and coated on the surface of the paper. The paper performs better on the static half-life test (a test with an environment consisting of little or no humidity) than papers with conventional anti-stat coatings consisting of alkyl ammonium chlorides, typical ethoxylated amines, typical imidazolines, phosphated esters, and nonionic based antistat coatings. The antistat protection from EcoSonic ESD Paper is thermally stable at high temperatures (in excess of 392°F (200°C) and pH stable between 2 and 11 at temperatures in excess of 100°F (38°C) for several days. EcoSonic ESD Paper conforms to performance specifications for MIL-PRF-81705D (Static Decay Rate and Surface Resistivity).


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