New Products – October Issue

■ Dymax Speedmask

■ Dymax Speedmask

Easily removable electronic mask cures in seconds

Dymax Corporation recently launched maskant SpeedMask, a blue, light-curable peelable maskant for PWB connectors and board level protection. This SpeedMask resin is designed for protection of electronic components and assemblies, provides protection from reflow or wave soldering operations, and shields keep-out areas during conformal coating applications. This solvent and silicone free maskant is compatible with gold and copper connector pins. It is extremely thixotropic and is ideal for manual or automated dispensing on boards or components as an alternative to other masking options. This light-curable maskant withstands wave solder and reflow temperatures and is easily removed, eliminating the concern of ionic contamination or silicone left behind by other masking methods.

■ Cable Design Tool

■ Cable Design Tool

Pickering Interfaces introduces new cable design tool

A web-based tool to create customized cable assemblies Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular signal switching and simulation for electronic test and verification, today announced their new Cable Design Tool. Pickering provides a full range of supporting cables and connector solutions for all of their switching and simulation products; they also manufacture cable assemblies to special requirements. To help customers to design a custom cable solution, they now offer the Cable Design Tool. This graphics-based web tool allows users to create customized cable assemblies using very detailed design characteristics including a selection of connector types, wire type, pin definitions, pin and cable labeling, cable bundling, length selection, sleeving comments and more. The cable design tool has a built-in library of standard cable sets that can be used as the basis for customization or cables can be designed from scratch. If a user gets stuck creating a cable, all they need to do is submit the semi-completed assembly and one of Pickering’s engineers will provide guidance through the complete process. When the customized cable assembly is finished, users just need to submit it for a quote. The tool runs on all modern browsers and is fully supported on all major tablet operating systems.

■ Reflow Soldering System SMT Quattro Peak L with new frequency converter solution.

■ Reflow Soldering System SMT
Quattro Peak L with new frequency
converter solution.

Energy savings and improvement of process stability

In the field of energy and nitrogen consumption SMT systems are among the most efficient systems in the world for years. This is being researched and developed continuously at the headquarters in Wertheim, to optimize the systems regarding consumption. In a reflow soldering system, a large part of energy is consumed by the fans. In order to achieve significant savings in SMT soldering systems, the fan motors can be controlled and driven individually by frequency converters. With the new frequency converter solution a continuous adjustment of the motor control is possible. Therefore individual zones can be perfectly controlled, which can lead to huge energy savings. A reduction in frequency by 5 Hz achieve up to 20% lower power consumption of the fan motor. Since each fan unit is controlled by one frequency converter, the customer benefits from energy savings as well as from process individuality.


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