New SMT & Packaging Products – February 2018

■ Electrolube’s new HTCX_ZF.

Non-silicone zinc oxide free thermal paste

Electrolube has announced the launch of a new Non-Silicone Heat Transfer Compound, HTCX_ZF. The high performance thermal management paste is an entirely Zinc Oxide (ZnO) free version of one of the company’s best-selling thermal products, HTCX, with the additional benefits of improved thermal conductivity, lower oil bleed and lower evaporation weight loss. Designed for use as a thermal interface material, HTCX_ZF is ideal for applications where the use of zinc oxide, a marine pollutant, is restricted and silicones are prohibited, such as offshore utilities for instance. The new RoHS-2 compliant thermal paste is also highly suitable for applications exposed to varying temperature and humidity conditions.





■ Omron’s VT-X750 Automatic X-ray Inspection system.

Omron’s VT-X750 Automatic X-ray Inspection system

Omron’s VT-X750 Automatic X-ray Inspection system, incorporates the latest solution for manufacturers desiring high quality, in-line, automated X-ray inspection on PCBs, containing components such as BGAs or LGAs and through-hole connectors. Traditional X-ray technologies are limited in inspecting components like BGAs, LGAs or THT-components. Omron’s VT-X750 incorporates ‘Computed Tomography’ (CT), specifically to provide high-precision, X-ray imaging to perform precise and reliable analysis of these hidden soldered areas. “The VT-X750 can inspect accurately and reliably, soldered defects such as Head in Pillow and voids within BGA and LGA devices”, explains Kevin Youngs, Key Account Manager Europe at Omron Automated Inspection Business Europe. The new inspection system measures also the percentage solder, including voids in QFN’s, and Barrel Fill in through-hole devices. “VT-X750 fastest 3D-CT on the market” Traditional AXI systems incorporate 2D or 2.5D X-ray tomography. But these technologies provide limited capability causing high false calls and are insufficient to find core defects such as Head in Pillow and in many cases, voids.

■ Omron’s VT-X750 Automatic X-ray Inspection system.

HD-050 table enhances working distance for inspection

INSPECTIS AB announces the availability of its new HD-050 Telescopic Height Adjustment Table, a powerful solution that expands the flexibility of working distance achievable with the popular C-12 and U10 (with its supreme 4K resolution) high-performance video microscope inspection systems. The HD-050 also enhances the value and capability of INSPECTIS’s full range of lenses that complement these systems. In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, stated, “Often, having a camera at a fixed position has the advantages of simplicity or stability. However, with a camera at a fixed height, should magnification be required beyond the capability of the internal optical set up, external macro lenses may be needed. Unfortunately, the working distance is reduced proportionally to the power of the optic used. Thus, it becomes necessary to narrow the distance between the object under inspection and the lens to achieve the optimal working distance.” The HD-050 features a 3-stage telescopic post that provides convenient height steps and allows step-less height adjustment between 52 to 155 mm.

Amerway offers solder pot analysis, bath testing

Amerway Inc., a solder manufacturer servicing the electronics industry with high-purity alloys and solder products, provides solder pot analysis, bath testing, and other metals analysis services to ensure optimum quality control, aided by Amerway’s state-of-the-art metals analyzer, the SPECTROMAXx system. SPECTROMAXx is from SPECTRO, one of the worldwide leading suppliers of analytical instruments, employing optical emission (Arc/Spark OES, ICP-OES) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) technology. “Amerway customers in SMT PCB assembly understand the critical need for absolute accuracy, quality control, and solder alloy purity,” Tim Brown, Sales Manager, said. “With so many different lead-free alloys currently in use in electronics manufacturing today, maintaining pot purity for wave and selective soldering processes is absolutely required to maintain an optimized soldering process and end-product reliability,” he added.

Small but Powerful – New High Intensity, Compact LED-UV Curing Spot Lamp

Techsil introduce the newly launched Hönle LED Spot 40 IC. The LED Spot 40 IC (Integrated Controller) was developed for adhesive curing applications where the emitted light of a LED point source is just not enough for a completely uniform cure but a standard flood unit would be oversized. The compact LED Spot 40 IC is perfectly designed for smaller areas where the high intensity LED emitter provides reliable, consistent and homogenous curing of the UV adhesive. This LED-UV device can be selected to emit light in the wavelengths 365, 385, 395, 405 and 460nm, to suit the specific resin being cured; and reaches an intensity of up to 5.000mW/cm² @ 405nm. Its square high intensity light-emitting aperture has a size of 40mm x 40mm at a base of only 55mm x 50mm. This compact design allows the unit to be used effectively in very narrow spaces. In addition an integrated cooling fan and an optimized air flow enable the unit to operate continuously for prolonged periods making it suitable for automated or semi-automated production.


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