New SMT Products – July 2018

■ PQ10 Low Temperature Solder Paste

New low-temperature solder paste from SHENMAO

SHENMAO America, Inc. introduces its PQ10 Low Temperature Solder Paste. PQ10 is made with the Sn42Bi58 alloy that has been qualified by a third-party orga- nization and has a melting point of 138°C. PQ10 in comparison with SnAgCu:
• Reduced peak reflow temperature
• Reduced energy consumption
• Reduced warpage of PCB and com- ponents PQ10 is also paired with SHENMAO’s newly-designed PF735 and PF743 alloys. Comparison with other low-temperature alloys:
• Finer bismuth phase
• Better drop test performance
• Better thermal cycle test performance


Improved inspection of pastes and DCB substrates

GOEPEL electronic has upgraded the inline inspection system SPI Line
• 3D. In addition to 3D solder paste inspection, the SPI Line · 3D now has new features for testing sinter pastes and Direct Copper Bonded (DCB) substrates. Due to the high precision of the system in conjunction with the new functions, process errors in sinter paste printing can now also be detected. Even the smallest defect structures such as voids and particles with heights below 20 µm can be detected with reproducible results. In addition, the system is now able to inspect DCB substrates. For example, air pockets (voids) on DCB structures can be reliably measured from a height of 10 µm. This makes the SPI Line · 3D the only SPI system currently available on the market that can be used for both traditional solder paste inspection with typical solder paste heights of 80 µm to 150 µm and for the newer applications of sinter paste and DCB testing with significantly lower structural heights. The system software PILOT SPI provides the user with simple and intuitive test program creation. The operation is possible via touchscreen.


Samtec releases ultra-fine pitch, high-density edge card

Samtec announces the release of the industry’s first 0.50 mm pitch edge card socket (MEC5) with justification beam. This design meets the demands for decreased size and increased speeds, while also optimizing cost. The socket’s justifica- tion beam is designed to shift the card into proper alignment with the contacts. This allows for standard board tolerance on cards that would typically not work with ultra-fine pitch connectors. This optimizes manufacturing costs with a 30-50% PCB cost savings and a high yield for standard cards. The extreme density of this ultra- fine 0.50 mm pitch edge card socket pro- vides incredible space savings compared to more common 0.80 mm pitch solutions.


Affordability and precision in one from ANDA

ANDA Technologies USA, Inc. announces that it is highlighting the iCoat 2, an entry-level selective confor- mal coater, designed to bring factories up to speed. With its dependable and reliable automated process of conformal coating for printed circuits assemblies, it will increase production and decrease labor costs. It can be easily integrated into the automated process line system. Standard features include two nozzles (DJ-01 and SA-W5), a PC with LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse, as well as an auto dipping and waste collection system. Led UV lamps for inspection, PCB clamping system, a 10L material tank, UPS and 
voltage stabilizer, ESD grounding point, and CE certified are also included in the general machine package.


Dow’s new DOWSIL EA 3500G
Fast Cure Adhesive
Dow introduces DOWSILEA 3500G Fast Cure Adhesive, an advanced new silicone capable of building primerless adhesion within 10 minutes at room tem- perature – effectively delivering the rapid processing speed typical of a heat-cure adhesive in a cost-efficient moisture-cure formulation. The material retains its phys- ical and electrical properties at extreme temperatures to ensure the reliability and service life of LED lamps and luminaires, as well as home appliances, mobile devices, industrial circuit boards and other com- ponents to which it is applied. Dow Performance Silicones, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, today unveiled DOWSIL EA 3500G Fast Cure Adhesive, an advanced new silicone capable of building primerless adhesion within 10 minutes at room temperature.


New Electrovert inline cleaning solutions for manufacturers

Electrovert’s Aquastorm 60 In-line Cleaning System is ideal for PCB, semiconductor, and industrial cleaning applications in which the manufacturing volume has outgrown the capability of a batch type cleaner and there is a lack of floor space for a typical in-line cleaner. The Aquastorm 60 offers high-end performance capabilities in a compact design. For both straight DI and chem- istry based applications the total length is 9’ 10” (3009 mm). The Aquastorm 60 now includes a Windows-based operating system that provides familiar pull-down menus, includes data logging, and has barcode capability. Important cleaning parameters such as flows, pressures, and temperatures are easily displayed on the GUI.


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