New SMT Products – May 2018

■ Henkel’s peelable, liquid-applied thermal interface material removes cleanly from electronics to enable easy rework.

Henkel delivers thermal control, automation and reworkability

Building on the leading BERGQUIST brand thermal management portfolio, Henkel has developed a brand new liquid GAP FILLER material that offers the rare advantage of thermal interface material (TIM) reworkability without sacrifices in thermal conductivity or automation performance. BERGQUIST GAP FILLER TGF 1500RW delivers these three valuable benefits in a single material, extending even greater process flexibility and post-assembly adaptability. Henkel’s new TIM is a one-part, cure-in-place liquid gap filler allowing use with automated dispensing equipment for high-volume manufacturing operations. Because the material is applied as a liquid, it is ideal for miniaturized, high-density assemblies and complex architectures, penetrating small gaps for complete coverage. Once cured, the material provides optimized surface contact and thermal transfer with a 1.5 W/m-K thermal conductivity. 

■ Techsil’s new adhesive from Panacol: Penloc GTN.

Techsil’s new methyl acrylate adhesive has wide appeal

Techsil introduced a new two-component high-performance structural adhesive from Panacol: Penloc GTN is an easy-to-process, methyl acrylate based, low-odour adhesive that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Penloc GTN adheres especially well to brass, ceramics, steel, aluminium, PVC and similar materials. The performance adhesive boasts a high power transmission capability and excellent thermal stability. It is both flexible and offers superior adhesion. Compared to other methyl acrylate adhesives, it has the advantages of a low-odour formation and a long processing time of ten to 15 minutes. To allow effective monitoring of blending quality, the two components of Penloc GTN have different colours that, applied thinly, change to a grey, almost colourless surface as the blend cures.

Multitest contactors for automotive test applications

Multitest’s customized high voltage contacting solutions have been well accepted for volume production. Multitest received a significantly increased order volume from automotive customers for it Blue Line Cantilever Technology sockets: nano Kelvin, Dura Kelvin, and Econ. Multitest high voltage contactors have proven best performance for reliable high voltage tests at full specification values. To optimize the contactors’ performance for high voltage testing, the Multitest Interface Product Group leveraged drew from decades of own experience in high voltage testing, as well as, synergies with the Multitest Handler Group. The sockets and also some of the change kit parts of the handler are designed based on the voltage requirements of the device.

Rogers Corporation introduces AD300D and IM Series

Rogers Corporation is pleased to introduce two new products: AD300D laminates and IM Series laminates. AD300D fourth generation, commercial microwave and RF laminate material extends the capabilities of the successful AD300 product grade. This ceramic-filled, glass-reinforced, PTFE based material provides the controlled dielectric constant (2.94±0.05), low loss performance (0.0021 at 10GHz), very good passive intermodulation response (-159dBc at 0.030” thickness), and good circuit process ability required for mobile infrastructure microstrip antenna applications. This PTFE composite material combines a cost-effective construction with unique chemistry and processing to offer RF and Microwave designers an option for improving electrical and mechanical performance without the additional costs traditionally associated with higher performance material options. The IM Series high frequency laminates are an outstanding Passive Intermodulation (PIM) performing version of our AD300D, AD255C, and DiClad 880 antenna grade laminates.

INSPECTIS: The best microscope requires the best lighting

The best Full HD Digital Microscope technology isn’t providing optimum results if its image is compromised by less than the best lighting technology. To get the best inspection results and imagery out of the powerful INSPECTIS system, the lighting has to be up to snuff. That’s why INSPECTIS AB announces the availability of its new HD-024-B White LED Ring Light. The all new HD-024-B provides the best light matched to the capabilities of the INSPECTIS system, and also makes the light easier to use and adjust. In keeping with the clean, simple equipment approach of INSPECTIS, it also prevents wire clutter. The new HD-024-B is powered directly from the INSPECTIS camera that’s being used via the AUX power outlet found at the top-right side of the camera housing. 


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