New solution for process air dehumidification

ULT AG introduces adsorption dryer ULT Dry-Tec®

ULT AG recently introduced a completely new device for air-drying. The adsorption dryer ULT-Dry-Tec® was developed for process air dehumidification at dew point temperatures of down to -60°C (-76° F).  It is based on the rotation dehumidification principle, designed to be utilised in sensitive areas of electronics production.

The compactly designed ULT Dry-Tec® requires little floor space and the system was developed specifically for extremely dry process air atmospheres, providing an extraordinary extraction rate at very low air humidity level.  Optimised high-performance sorption rotors guarantee a high efficiency level during low maintenance operation and the unit incorporates an integrated heat exchanger to help recover energy. In addition, the ULT Dry-Tec® is easy to transport.

The applied capillary rotor condensation principle continuously and efficiently removes humidity from process air to be dried.  A constant and simultaneously controlled adsorption and a parallel running regeneration ensure an ideal dehumidification performance for process airflow.

ULT Dry-Tec® suits a wide variety of operations in the following fields:

–          In electronics and electronic component manufacturing, as the unit provides constant drying conditions.

–          In the chemical industry, e.g. for clumping prevention and protection from moisture damage.

–          In the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. for pill packaging into blister strips or coating processes.

–          In the food industry, e.g. in tunnel freezers or for spray drying of convenience products.


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