India Electronics Week 2016 and Make in India Update

2Held in the great setting of the BIEC in Bangalore, which is a little like walking into a park with some exhibition halls, sun is shining through trees and birds are singing, surely one of the best show locations. This show comes at a time when stock markets are nose diving in Asia with China leading the way. Global predictions of gloom and doom abound, so you could be forgiven for expecting a slow show and many long faces from the exhibitors. But India is still riding the Make in India wave, a government initiative to boost manufacturing. This has really become a strong pulse within the whole electronics sector, leading to much talk of investment and growth across the spectrum. There are already many positive signs from this initiative and the momentum from last years Productronica India is still in evidence and the number of live projects is growing month by month.

It is great to see this as so often these things are just great words and the spark quickly dies without even starting a small flame, but Make in India like its Lion logo is really going strong.

3The show was a collection of several parts, LED Asia, iotshow, Test and Measurement India, electronics Rocks, the main gig Electronics for You Expo and a new event focusing on electronics in defense, aerospace and security. There were also 14 workshops, an Innovation Zone, live PCB Design consultancy and a conference from the India Chapter of the SMTA, even free tea for early visitors and a welcoming robot.

The show covers one decent sized hall and stands are module style, so there are many exhibitors on the floor, big names like Humiseal, RS, Arrow, Juki and Electrolube to local companies. One with a neat product which uses sensor technology to monitor tire pressures and report any changes to your Smartphone. Visitor numbers and quality were very high for this type of event, helped by many parallel conference programmes, IPC, SMTA, Smart Automotive and Meet the Buyer. In fact, there were 6 parallel sessions on each of the 3 days, most bringing in good crowds, the SMTA event drew in a high number of engineers and managers on the last day, with a high level of presenters from several countries.

4Humiseal were reporting a very strong show with a good level of new and existing contacts, they have invested a lot of effort in this market and have seen successes here for quite a few years now. It continues this trend with the recent expansion of sales, support and manufacturing operations into Pune, India. This move further enhances the company’s ability to deliver a unified, robust supply to a growing global customer base. Chris Palin, responsible for Humiseal in this region is ever present at these events and is proof that putting in the effort here brings good results for international companies. Chris said ‘this show further proves that our commitment to this market was the right decision, we are seeing significant growth year on year, with a very solid pipeline.

There are challenges in this market but it is very rewarding and working with experience. There is a real thirst for knowledge and we are able to improve reliability of many products with our materials’.

5Make in India is going from strength to strength and is still a major part of the business news each day. Everything from strengthening the infrastructure, to making land available. There are plans to reduce tax for manufacturing companies in addition to all the existing support. The plan is for the country to cut imports to net zero by 2020. Chinese mobile manufacturers organised a sell out event to look at integrating production into India, first of low end products, but ultimately building Smartphones. There is talk of a $2 Billion investment over the next 2 years, also making 500 million handsets in India by 2019. There are also many rumours about major semi players planning to set up Back End manufacturing plants to cope with the huge growth over the coming years. Make in India also means no import tax, so there are many good reasons for the big players setting up manufacturing here. Currently, India imports around the same value of components as it exports in finished electronics goods. I am sure the government have a plan to change this state of affairs.

The future for India electronics manufacturing is still looking very strong and if this wave of optimism continues it will good for all companies who have invested in India.


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