SMT Association News – July 2018

CTO of Universal Robots wins Engelberger Award 2018

Esben Østergaard, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Universal Robots has been awarded the automation industry’s most prestigious honor, the Engelberger Robotics Award. London, UK, May 29, 2018: Today the American Robotic Industries Association (RIA) announced Esben Østergaard as the recipient of the Engelberger Robotics Award 2018. Østergaard spearheads the development of Universal Robots’ collaborative robot arms representing one of the most significant technology breakthroughs coming out of the robotics community in decades. The Engelberger Awards Dinner and Ceremony will be held at 6:30pm on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany as part of Automatica 2018 and the International Symposium on Robotics. President of RIA, Jeff Burnstein, calls the Universal Robots CTO a visionary in defining a new category of robotics. “His work in the field of collaborative robot applications has allowed robots to enter previously unthinkable sectors in just about every industry,” says Burnstein. “Esben Østergaard’s emphasis on robots that work side-by-side with people and are easy to use has created enormous interest among many small and medium sized companies who never even con- sidered robots before. In a world that is increasingly characterised by people and robots working together, Esben’s pioneering technology advances play a pivotal role.” Universal Robots’ 2008 launch of the world’s first commercially viable robot able to operate safely outside enclosures alongside people came at great financial risks in a market unaccustomed to human-robot collaboration. Yet Esben Østergaard and his team prevailed by offering the industry a robot that was not only safe to work with but also lightweight, easy to use and flexible. These accomplish- ments have placed Universal Robots as the unrivaled market leader of collaborative robots – also referred to as “cobots” – with a current 58% share of all cobots sold worldwide, posting a rapid 72% growth in 2017. “I’m deeply honored to win the award named after Joseph Engelberger, who revolutionised industrial manufactur- ing with robotics,” says Esben Østergaard. “Engelberger’s view that a robot should be able to handle a range of tasks in a factory aligns with Universal Robots’ core mission, and I’m a great admirer of his work.” Esben Østergaard leads a team of developers that became the first to launch user-friendly, yet sophisticated, 3D robot programming via an intuitive tablet interface. This has enabled users with no previous program- ming experience to quickly set up and operate the UR robots. He also developed the robot’s force and safety control features, which ensure that if the robot collides with a person, the robot automat- ically stops operating and does not cause bodily harm, adhering to the current safety requirements on force and torque limita- tions. These features have eliminated the need for safety guarding in a vast majority of the UR robot applications currently installed and remain a trailblazer for the “collaborative robot” concept. Safety, how- ever, according to Esben Østergaard, is just “the cost of entry” in the cobot market. He continues to propel UR’s frontrunner posi- tion by constantly raising the bar for what the term “collaborative” entails; the label not only means humans can collaborate directly with the robots potentially with no safety guarding between them. The term also addresses the ease of use; a robot is not truly collaborative if it’s not affordable and easy to work with. “We want to place control of factory automation back into the hands of operators, instead of replacing people we want to give them a tool to do their work more efficiently,” says the Engelberger award winner.


IPC Honors Rockwell Collins and Northrop Grumman

IPC bestowed its highest corpo- rate honors on two member compa- nies, Rockwell Collins and Northrop Grumman Corporation. During a
luncheon at IPC APEX EXPO 2018, the Peter Sarmanian Corporate Recognition Award was presented to Northrop Grumman and the Stan Plzak Corporate Recognition Award was presented to Rockwell Collins. The Peter Samarian Corporate Recognition award, named for a former IPC Board Chairman, recog- nizes an IPC-member company in the printed board industry that has supported IPC through participation in technical and management programs while provid- ing leadership for the industry. Northrop Grumman, an IPC member since 1962, has long held a leadership role in IPC, participating in meetings for decades, making a significant impact on both IPC and the industry. More than 50 of its staff members are active on approximately 120 technical committees ranging from flexible circuits and fabrication processes to conflict minerals and intellectual prop- erty standards. Almost 1,000 Northrop Grumman employees have earned CIT, CIS, CID, CID+ and EMS certifications across all Northrop Grumman loca- tions. Named for former IPC Board Chairman and founding member of the IPC Electronics Manufacturing Services Industry Management Council, the IPC Stan Plzak Corporate Recognition Award honors an IPC-member company in the electronics assembly industry that actively contributes to the industry while supporting IPC technical and/or management programs. Rockwell Collins has been a member of IPC since 1965, and has devoted many staff members
to IPC standards development. Nearly 40 Rockwell Collins employees provide leadership and technical expertise on more than 100 standards development committees dedicated to topics such as assembly and joining, electronic docu- mentation and e-textiles. More than 250 staff members have earned CIT, CIS, CID, CID+, and EMS certification across all Rockwell locations. “We are privileged to have Northrop Grumman and Rockwell Collins as members of IPC,” said John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. “Their decades of leadership, commitment to providing staff resources to standards development, and engagement in IPC education and event activities, have contributed to IPC’s global growth in the electronics industry.”


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