SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018

This year’s show, June 5-7th at the Messecentrum in Nuremberg, Germany, offers a holistic view of systems integration in electronics manufacturing and microelectronics.

Once again, Global SMT & Packaging will feature a full program of Panel Discussions in the Forum Area in Hall 4, Stand 520. 


10am – Smart Factory integration 

Who is already implementing Industry 4.0 practices, what quality and yield improvements have they made and what have they learned? 

10:30am – Is the industry ready for Artificial Intelligence? 

The volume of data being captured is outpacing our ability to translate it into actionable data. However, AI is still not fully developed. Are we risking catastrophic failures of widespread recalls in the future? 


10am – A multidisciplinary approach to void reduction 

It is widely accepted that successful void reduction is best achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach of alloy, flux, soldering methodologies. This panel will discuss the merits of each and some of the latest techniques. 

10:30am – Integrated test methodologies – making x-ray intelligent 

SPI and AOI play a central role in M2M communication and process optimization. They also play a significant role in post-reflow test. This panel will discuss a successful “Design for test strategy”. 


10am – Will Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality change the face of EMS manufacturing? 

AR and VR are already being employed to view hidden parts of the manufacturing process. They also have great potential for training and maintenance. The panel will examine other potential applications on the manufacturing line and how they could be used to optimize manpower on the factory floor. 

10:30am – Stencils and avoiding printing defects? 

The print process still accounts for 60-70% of all defects. What best practices can manufacturers implement to minimize defects and errors in the print process? Insufficient paste, beading, paste types and storage, cleaning cycles and methodologies, step stencil production and more will be discussed with this expert panel. 

Taking a holistic view of systems integration in electronics manufacturing and microelectronics, the SMT Hybrid Packaging is unique in its approach. Visitors are invited to examine all the technical processes in the production of electronic assemblies – from the idea and development to the final production. 

Market overview of the entire industry 

Numerous new exhibitors and key players in the industry offer a wide overview of the entire value chain, presenting their new product innovations and showing new trends and developments of the industry. 

Highlights in 2018 

Once again in 2018, the production line “Future Packaging” on “Intelligent automation for e-mobility and robotics” presents the entire production process in Hall 5, Stand 434. Visitors can experience all steps of production and discuss issues and challenges together with experts. At the annual IPC Hand Soldering Competition, experts in soldering will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. Over three days, competitors will face each other and practice speed and precision – part of the evaluation criteria required for the manual soldering of complex circuit boards. 

Companies wishing to present their products and solutions as exhibitors will have the chance to do so in a “Newcomer Pavilion.” The Pavilion offers cost-effective pricing and full-service package. By doing so, companies can test their presence at the exhibition presence with little organizational effort. Besides the Newcomer Pavilion there are more joint stands being planned for the SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018. 

Here are some of the new products to look out for on the show floor: 

Aegis Software  HALL 4, STAND 150 

Aegis Software will showcase the latest release of their true Industry 4.0, digitalized MES software, FactoryLogix. Aegis will also be a key participant in the show-wide, live, IPC Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) IoT demo. 

The latest release of FactoryLogix features many new and improved functions, including the integration of Administrative Quality Management, which combines CAPA (Corrective And Preventive Action) and FRACAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System). 


AIM Solder will highlight its novel REL electronic solders, REL22 and REL61. These new alloys provide the PCB assembly industry with unique solutions to address the limitations of current industry offerings. REL22 is an award winning, high reliability alloy with durability characteristics double the reliability of SAC305 in harsh environments. REL61 is a low silver solder alloy that solves the process challenges associated with many other low/no silver solder alloys. With a 10°C lower melting temperature and superior wetting performance, REL61 can lower process temperatures, prevent PCB damage and reduce costs and waste. 

AIM REL alloys are available in paste, wire and bar formats. 

Alpha Assembly Solutions HALL 4, STAND 101 

As the demand for electric and hybrid electric vehicles increases in response to new government and environmental policies to tackle CO₂ emissions, the need for automotive electronics to be robust and highly reliable has never been greater. Alpha, a Macdermid Performance Solutions Business, has developed a range of highly reliable die attach solutions to ensure optimum performance and lower warranty costs for automotive manufacturers. 

ALPHA Argomax products provide a dramatic reduction in thermal resistance and inductance and 15x higher reliability than traditional solder methods. Alpha will also present its products for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and 5G Integration, including ALPHA Atrox Conductive Adhesive and ALPHA Maxrel Solder Alloy. “ALPHA Atrox provides high thermal conductivity for high frequency ADAS and 5G computing, as well as enabling high reliability sensor integration.” 

Asys Totech HALL 4, STAND 324 

Along with partner ASYS, Moisture specialist Super Dry Totech will feature its broad range of dry storage solutions for moisture sensitive devices. Visitors will find out how Super Dry low humidity desiccant cabinets can protect a wide range of products against defects caused by humidity. Designed to exceed IPC/ JEDEC J-Std-033C, Super Dry Cabinets can dehumidify to less than 0.5% RH. This qualifies them not only for unlimited safe storage, but also means they can safely remove moisture, thus resetting floor life without oxidation, even at ambient temperatures. 

CyberOptics Corporation HALL 4, STAND 101 

CyberOptics will demonstrate the MRS-Enabled SQ3000 with multi-process capabilities including 3D AOI, SPI and CMM applications. 

The SQ3000 offers a combination of unmatched accuracy and speed with the industry-leading Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) sensor technology that meticulously identifies and rejects reflections caused by shiny components and surfaces. Effective suppression of multiple reflections is critical for highly accurate measurement, making the proprietary MRS technology an ideal solution for a wide range of applications with exacting requirements. 

The SQ3000, deemed best in class, has been widely used for 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and can now be used for 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) for the best accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility – even on the smallest paste deposits. Combined with the award winning, easy-to-use SPI software, solder paste inspection has reached a new level of precision for the most stringent requirements. 


Fluke Process Instruments will launch a new range of temperature profiling systems for quality control and optimization of soldering processes. The all-new family of DATAPAQ DP5 data loggers is augmented by the Insight Reflow Tracker professional software which quickly transforms the raw data into actionable information. Reflow soldering process optimization using the Easy Oven Setup recipe calculator is included as standard, as are SPC and trending analysis. These functions enable the operator to get the best out of every SMT production line. The launch furthermore includes two sensor holding frames that save setup time and ensure repeatability: an improved 12-thermocouple pallet for monitoring wave soldering process stability and a new, easy-to-use DATAPAQ Surveyor for reflow processes. The manufacturer will also showcase the world’s smallest temperature profiler for selective mini-wave soldering: no more than 20 mm high and 40 mm wide including the thermal shield. 

Electrolube HALL 4, STAND 548 

Electrolube will launch a series of innovative new polyurethane and silicone conformal coating products. Electrolube’s 2K, two-part conformal coating range has been an important advancement for customers, combining the tough, resistant properties of an encapsulation resin, with the easy application of a coating. The company has extended the range with the new 2K550, 2K850 and 2K750 conformal coatings. 2K550 is a tough, flexible, high performance coating, which has excellent clarity and resistance to discolouration, humidity and condensation. The UL94V-0 compliant polyurethane coating is characterised by greater coating thickness and enhanced edge coverage and shows improved adhesion, hardness and scratch resistance. 2K550 also features a fluorescent trace to aid inspection. 

Indium Corporation HALL 4, STAND 301 

Indium Corporation will feature its ultra-reliable Indium8.9HF Solder Paste. Indium8.9HF Solder Paste is an air reflow, no-clean solder paste specifically formulated to accommodate the higher processing temperatures required by the SnAgCu, SnAg, and other alloy systems favored by the electronics industry. 

The Indium8.9HF series is a halogen-free solder paste solutions designed to produce low-voiding—plus improved stability—during the printing process. 


KYZEN will reveal the latest research findings from controlled laboratory tests conducted in the interest of improving stencil printing reliability. The research indicates consistently lower production yields are delivered when some of the industry’s most common cleaning agents are utilized in under-stencil wipe applications. Demonstrated improvements for a multitude of standard processes, solder pastes and laboratory conditions are being made available to help industry experts. 

MicroCare HALL 4, STAND 531 

MicroCare Europe will showcase its newest electronics cleaning products. These new circuit cleaners will help companies boost quality, enhance throughput and lower PCB production costs. They also will help clients meet ever-more stringent European regulations 

Amongst the new range of products, are three new flux-cleaning chemistries including the No-Clean Flux Remover, the RMA Flux Remover, and the Water- Soluble Flux Remover Pens. Packaged in a pocket-sized, convenient pen, the highly effective cleaners have been developed to specifically remove fluxes easily and efficiently. The No-Clean Flux Remover Pen is formulated to remove no-clean fluxes and pastes quickly, leaving no residue, and has the advantage of also cleaning other contaminants like adhesives, oil and grease. It is also exceptional as a degreaser and general-purpose cleaner and boasts low Global Warming Potential (GWP) credentials. It is exempt from VOC regulations in most areas making it an ideal cleaning option during assembly. As well as the No-Clean Flux Remover Pen, visitors will be introduced to the high-purity RMA Flux Remover Pen, which contains an extra-strength formulation to help clean aged and baked-on flux which can prove difficult to remove. 

Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe HALL 4, STAND 311 

Panasonic will be presenting a new era of full process optimization covered by its own brand new solutions in the Cyber- Physical-System field. 

The iLNB controls the entire line with only one PC. iLNB significantly improves overall productivity. Production data and production changeover of all equipment such as Panasonic’s placement machines as well as non-Panasonic machines like AOI, SPI, Reflow oven and others can be controlled. All collected data are transferred to a remote central computer. Small errors such as pick up errors can be recovered from that central point. Automatic production changeover is possible as well. 

The Manufacturing Operations Optimizer (MFO) is a newly developed product for drawing up production plans required for on-site operations to reduce the man-hours needed for the production plan and, at the same time, to enhance production efficiency. 

PanaCIM Enterprise Edition is an extremely powerful system for integrated management of the entire SMT production floor. It realizes enhanced quality, reduces costs and increases production floor productivity. PanaCIM EE comprises 8 modules. All of the modules can be installed individually according to customer needs and requirements. Modules are available for Material control and verification, Production control for production changeover, Traceability, Analysis, Monitoring and Maintenance module. The module Enterprise link is the interface between PanaCIM EE and the customer’s MRP/ERP system for the export of all data collected by PanaCIM EE. 

Panasonic also has a number of new hardware introductions at the show. 


SEHO Systems GmbH will focus on equipment productivity with the aim to make the production process in electronic manufacturing more efficient and to reduce production costs sustainably, SEHO extended its range of automation solutions in recent years from board handling with conveyor systems to connect various machines and work places in production lines, buffer systems, turn stations, lift stations, as well as transfer units and many more. 

SEHO also will also introduce the completely redesigned flagship PowerSelective for the first time. This selective soldering system offers the highest flexibility at simultaneously large production volumes with minimum footprint requirements. The latest generation of PowerSelective presents itself with many new features, including a gripper system that automatically can be turned 360° thus leading to remarkable cost savings in multi-wave processes, or an integrated AOI system that ensures reliable soldering results without influencing cycle time. 

Seica HALL 5, STAND 220 

Seica announced that at SMT they will be showcasing their new Next> generation of solutions. Viva 6 Next> is Seica’s latest evolution of its core management software platform, in a 64 bit version, complete with a new graphical interface and a guided environment for creating test programs according to each specific requirement. The new platform continues to leverage its open architecture, further extending the capability of integration with third party software, such as TestStand. 

The other solutions on display will include the Pilot V8 Next> flying prober, the Firefly Next> laser selective soldering system, the Dragonfly Next> system for optical inspection and, for the first time, the new Compact Slim: with a width of only 300 mm, it represents an optimal solution for integration in a cobot automated line. 

Techcon HALL 4, STAND 209 

Techcon will display the TSR2000 Smart Dispensing Robot, their just released Smart Valve Controllers, and the new TS2560 series pneumatic applicators. 

The TSR2000 Smart Dispensing Robot is designed specifically for precise fluid dispensing applications and is compatible with all valve types and controllers. The user-friendly, smart PC-based software makes the robot easy to program and simple to operate. The vision system allows the robot to automatically correct part misalignment and shorten programming time via pattern recognition feature. 

Thermaltronics HALL 4A, STAND 458 AND 460 (ADOPT SMT) 

Thermaltronics, a manufacturer of soldering systems incorporating the unique Curie Point technology, have appointed Adopt SMT as the exclusive distributor of the new Thermaltronics Soldering Robot in Germany. They will exhibit the new Thermaltronics robot, TMT-R9800S.The TMT-R9800S incorporates features and benefits not found on other soldering robots, including: 

Six Axis system, Dual arm capability, Fiducial marks, Dynamic laser height control, Enhanced software, 360-degree rotation on base plate. 


ULT AG will introduce a unique system concept. The ULT 200 unit series was not only renewed conceptionally and technically but will be providing users unrivalled benefits. The ULT 200 systems help to remove soldering fume (LRA series), dust and smoke (ASD series) as well as odors, gases and vapors (ACD series). The modularly designed units can be equipped with additional filter modules, e.g. for higher amounts of air pollutants or with activate carbon. Furthermore, a variable number of capturing elements such as extraction arms, tubes or hoses can be installed per unit. 

Yamaha HALL 4, STAND 319 

Yamaha Motor Europe-SMT Section will debut advanced printing, 3D print-inspection, and mounting machines, all featuring important innovations to boost productivity and efficiency. Yamaha’s new state-of-the-art printer introduces fully automated product changeovers for high-speed error-free productivity, down to the finest resolutions for 0201 passives and fine-pitch flip-chip ICs. Visitors also get the first opportunity to see the new YSi-SP inline 3D paste-print inspection machine, after its global launch in January. Feeding today’s data-centric manufacturing, YSi-SP with statistical process control (SPC) delivers greater insights into print-process performance for increased yield and continuous improvement. YSi-SP is engineered for speed and efficiency using a single inspection head, with exclusive algorithms for 2D/3D-image handling and camera-resolution control. Also newly launched and meeting European audiences for the first time, the YSM20R mounter is built for all-round speed and flexibility. Extending the performance and capabilities of the Z:LEX high-efficiency modular line-up, the YSM20R boosts mounting speed by about 5% and expands maximum component dimensions with scan camera to 12mm x 12mm for greater productivity. 


ZESTRON will be exhibiting a selection of state-of-the-art cleaning machines from leading international manufacturers that will showcase a variety of innovative and proven technologies to trade show visitors looking for a new cleaning machine. ZESTRON’s process engineers and technologists of the equipment manufacturers are available to answer questions about the technology as well as the cleaning chemistry optimally adapted to it. This year’s offer will be extended by the topics validating and monitoring of cleaning processes to ensure the reliability of the assemblies so that trade show visitors can inform themselves about innovative, non-destructive testing and new measurement concepts. Another trade show highlight of ZESTRON is the area of power electronics including cleaning agents of the VIGON PE series, which are especially adapted to the requirements of power modules, and the world’s first water-based stencil cleaning agent VIGON TC 150 for the removal of thermally conductive compounds. 


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