SMT Industry News Americas – March 2018

■ John Hengst

John Hengst joins Inovaxe as Regional Sales and Channel Partner Manager

Inovaxe is pleased to announce that it has hired John Hengst as its new Regional Sales and Channel Partner Manager, located in Chicago, IL. Hengst joins Inovaxe with many years of experience with Panasonic, Assembleon and Fuji. He will work with the company’s current sales team and representatives, and expand Inovaxe’s sales channel partners. Margy Khoshnood, Inovaxe’s VP of Sales, commented, “John is a respected expert in our industry and brings a new perspective to help us continue to provide the best service to our customers. We are excited to welcome him to our Inovaxe team.”

Nordson SELECT appoints Rich Sales as Sales Rep

America Nordson SELECT announced the appointment of Rich Sales as Sales Representative for the complete Nordson SELECT portfolio throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Central America which includes the countries of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. “For the past 12 years, we have represented the Nordson divisions of Nordson ASYMTEK, Nordson DIMA, Nordson MARCH, Nordson SEALANT, and now Nordson SELECT,” commented Kyle Harder, Managing Partner and Operations Manager of Rich Sales. “Our mix of products and services have allowed our organization to adapt to the industry’s needs, while maintaining sustainability through our seasoned and experienced 25-person sales and service organization.” Kevin Valentine, Americas Sales and Service Manager for Nordson SELECT stated, “We are delighted to have Rich Sales as members of our sales team with their extensive sales and service network.” 

CAMtek, Inc. acquires fourth assembly line

Ms. Christine Davis, President, and CEO of Camtek, Inc., announced that her company recently expanded its manufacturing capabilities by adding Hanwha Precision Equipment Model SM 482 Plus which will be the contract manufacturing company’s fourth surface mount assembly line. The SMT line is made up of two Model SM482 Plus chip placement machines and includes, board loaders and unloaders, stencil printer with inspection and measurement capabilities, a leading edge technology platform for precision placement, and a 24 zone reflow oven system to support high reliability electronics. This is one of the most advanced SMT systems available on the market today. When making the announcement, Ms. Davis said, “we made the decision to go with the Hanwha Precision Equipment because we felt it was the best value on the market today and we have had a long and productive relationship with this company going back to the very beginning of our company.

ITW EAE announces new representation agreements

ITW EAE is extending representation agreements for several of its existing Vitronics Soltec partners to include MPM, Camalot and Electrovert equipment. The new agreements, which will be effective February 12, 2018, will now include all ITW EAE’s electronic assembly equipment which includes MPM printers, Camalot dispensers, Electrovert soldering and cleaning equipment and Vitronics Soltec soldering equipment. The representatives who will be adding these products to their lines are: Cope Assembly Products (SC, NC, VA, MD, DE, WV) Del Tech Associates (MO, KS, NE) Foster Innovation Technology (WA, OR, MT, ID) Midwest Tech Services (IL) Simler Associates (Eastern WI).

■ Kevin Marion

Kevin Marion joins MicroCare; will collaborate with customers in North-Central USA

MicroCare Corp. announced that Mr. Kevin Marion has been appointed the Regional Sales Manager for the Central USA and Canadian regions, extending roughly from Indiana to Minnesota and into Canada. Mr. Marion comes to MicroCare with more than 30 years of experience in ele ctronics assembly and industrial sales. “The MicroCare sales force is highly talented, but it is a special moment to recruit a sales executive like Kevin,” announced Dan Sinclair, MicroCare National Sales Manager. “Kevin’s been selling in the region for two decades. He knows every customer, he knows the technology, and he knows our product line. You simply can’t get a better fit.” Prior to MicroCare, Mr. Marion worked for sixteen years in outside sales for a prominent OEM in the electronics assembly industry and nearly a decade at an industrial distributor, the enormous Marshall Industries out of El Monte, CA. At both of those companies he supervised various sales functions, covering as many as 16 states, managing at times up to 35 manufacturer reps and more than 100 distributor sales representatives. But Mr. Marion is more than just a steely-eyed pitchman. Expert in the technology of electronics assembly, in the 1990s he introduced clients to the then-radical new component design called “surface mount technology.” He gingerly picked from Marshall’s vast product portfolio to help his clients get the right answers for their needs. His excellent communication skills were tapped to implement vendor training for all the company’s sales people across the entire region.

■ Libra employees with the new XQuik II.

Libra Industries installs XQuik II with AccuCount technology

Libra Industries announced that its Dallas, TX facility recently installed an XQuik II with AccuCount Technology from VJ Electronix. Improved component inventory accuracy and reduced time waiting to count will boost Libra Industries’ responsiveness to customer needs. “The XQuik II X-ray Inspection system not only gives us capability to quickly turn around component reel counts through automation, but improves inventory control and accuracy,” stated Cory McMaster, Libra Industries’ Assembly Manager. “The machine also allows us to count parts in sealed packages or trays that are moisture sensitive, avoiding un-necessary exposure.” The innovative XQuik II uses X-ray imaging combined with proprietary image analysis to quickly and accurately count components without the need to unwind the reels and manually count. Incorporating the XQuik into Libra Industries’ production process will provide more efficient movement of inventory, reducing line setup and break down time. The revolutionary XQuik II with AccuCount Technology is now faster than ever. With available material handling automation, the XQuik system automatically counts components at up to twice the original speed. Parallel processing allows the system to acquire images and calculate component count in parallel with bar code scan, loading and labeling of reels.

■ Greg Benoit

Cogiscan’s new Regional Sales Manager for the Americas

Cogiscan Inc. announced the hiring of Greg Benoit as Regional Sales Manager – Americas. Benoit will be responsible for growing Cogiscan’s sales in the Americas and will oversee the company’s growing customer base and sales channel partners in his territory. François Monette, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Cogiscan commented: “I am very pleased with this latest addition to our team. Greg has a very strong industry background and deep expertise in advanced manufacturing technology. He is hard-working and a real pleasure to work with. I know that our partners and customers will greatly appreciate his support on their future projects.” Benoit has more than 16 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry


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