SMT Industry News Europe – January 2018

valve from Intertronics

Two non-contact jetting valves for low and medium viscosity liquids have been launched in the UK by Intertronics. The Vermes MDS 3010+ and Vermes MDS 3020+ microdispensing jetting valves are designed for precision dispensing of material in small volumes at fast speeds with extremely high accuracy and repeatability. The piezo-actuated valves satisfy the trend for increasing miniaturisation of components in production processes – demanding ever-smaller deposits of beads and lines – as well as the requirement to dispense on 3D shapes, inside assemblies and other irregular applications. The MDS 3010+ is suitable for jetting liquids up to 300 mPas viscosity, such as aqueous fluids, UV adhesives, cyanoacrylates, anaerobic glues and a host of other media. The MDS 3020+ is designed for fluids up to 8,000 mPas including medium-viscosity adhesives, organic solvents, lacquers, solder fluxes, oils and greases. Both models feature repeatable dot or bead dispensing in volumes as low as 5 nl per pulse, with a minimum droplet diameter of 300 μm, depending on the medium, and a maximum frequency greater than 3,000Hz. The Vermes systems are likely to find applications in a wide range of sectors including microelectronics, micromechanics, life sciences, medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical laboratories. Intertronics Managing Director Peter Swanson says: “This ultra-fast, super accurate and fully repeatable dispensing enables companies to save time, reduce waste and dispense materials in locations not possible with other methods – such as inside components, following 3D shapes. They can even deposit variable width lines, dots and complex patterns upside down.” Other benefits include multiple customisable configurations, easy cleaning to reduce downtime and integral real time fault and stoppage monitoring. For further information please see or visit the Intertronics blog at

■ Helmut Pitterling, Projektleiter bei Continental und Michael Lindenberger, Key Account Manager Continental bei SMT (v.l.n.r).

20th system delivered to Continental

SMT Thermal Discoveries delivered the 20th system to Continental Automotive for their area “electronic breaking systems” in December 2017. It was a system for curing and drying of conformal coating and pottant. The highly accurate machine parameters and top process reliability make the SMT HTT the ideal equipment for the assembly section. The handing over took place at SMT in their plant in Wertheim, Germany. Michael Lindenberger, Key Account Manager for Continental at SMT presented an award to project manager Helmut Pitterling of Continental. Continental is one of the world´s leading automotive suppliers and one of the biggest customers to SMT. The group currently employs more than 227,000 people at 56 locations. The business relationship exists for over 20 years. “Together with Continental, we were able to realize many projects and incorporate the gained experience into our developments. We appreciate the long standing partnership with Continental very much and the trust placed in. At the same time, this is an incentive for us to continuously optimize quality and customer service,” says Michael Lindenberger.

Anda Automation Expands into Hungary

Anda Automation announced that it has partnered with InterElectronic Hungary, Ltd. as its distributor in Eastern Europe. InterElectronic offers lines for SMT and THT manufacturing for low-, medium- or high-volume production, as well as complete solutions for the automotive industry. InterElectronic was founded in 2003 with headquarters in Budapest. A leading representative in its territory, the company provides complex turn-key solutions for companies working in the electronic industry. InterElectronic is an official distributor in Hungary and Romania, and offers some brands in Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia. The company provides professional consultation, guidance and even integration of projects. Anda offers precision coating, high-speed dispensing, plasma cleaning, high precision laminating, and customized dispensing solutions.

Dynamic EMS Targets the Medical Device Market

Dynamic EMS has secured high-level authorization from the BSI confirming that the facility complies with the requirements of ISO 13485. The company is confident that this achievement will enable them to grow into the medical device market sector. Headquartered in Dalgety Bay, Scotland, the EMS provider has secured ISO 13485 certification, which demonstrates the facility’s commitment to efficient Quality Management Systems (QMS), which meets international regulatory, safety, and quality concerns, specific to the medical device industry. Dynamic EMS, which employs approximately 90 people, continuously monitors the global industry trends and believes that the medical device market holds a significant potential for manufacturing and supply chain solutions to be sourced from their base, and to act as a gateway for European and North American Original Equipment Makers (OEMs). This step toward IS0 13485 accreditation further highlights the strategic initiatives that Dynamic EMS is taking part in to ensure the company has the right business mix of traditional and non-traditional electronic manufacturing customers, supporting their needs through the entire production lifecycle from design, to development, to distribution and beyond.

Yamaha Celebrates Nordic Agent Core-EMT

New award acknowledges commitment to Yamaha Strategic Plan for Long-Term Strength and Success Yamaha Motor Europe IM has presented the inaugural Most Valuable Yamaha Distributor Award to Core-EMT, its agent for Denmark and the Nordic region. The award recognizes strategic focus on promoting Yamaha’s Total Line Solution, to maximize value for the manufacturer community and build strong connections between Yamaha IM, its representatives, and customers. Presenting the award at Productronica 2017, Mr Ichiro Arimoto, General Manager YME IM, said, “We warmly congratulate the team at Core-EMT for their tireless commitment to the Yamaha Total Line Solution and our overall goal, to provide the best products and services for customers and secure long-term success for all stakeholders.” Steen V. Haugbølle, Managing Director of Core-EMT, received the award, stating, “We have tremendous confidence in the Yamaha Total Line Solution, which we can recommend unhesitatingly to any customer seeking lasting competitive advantages in the electronics assembly market.” Yamaha’s Total Line Solution connects printer, mounters, hybrid 3D/SMD mounters, and high-resolution 2D/3D optical inspection, to ensure unrivalled integration and rich data-driven equipment and process-performance monitoring.


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