SMTA International 2016 Preview




ACE will exhibit its newest soldering technologies this year. On display will be the KISS-101IL a fully-configured SMEMA compatible selective soldering platform equipped with standard features including automated 2-point fiducial alignment and skew correction system, high-speed Z-axis, heated nitrogen system, witness camera and automated fluxing. The KISS-101IL comes standard with the ACE automated fiducial location and correction system that provides single click fiducial teach capability, seamless fiducial recognition and true automated alignment and skew correction of the printed circuit board. Other innovative features of the KISS-101IL include the SWAK-OS machine operating software which is a revolutionary graphics-based programming and editing machine control system that features fast program loading and program recall with minimal operator intervention.



The Cogiscan team will discuss the TTC platform, the enabling technology for Industry 4.0. The electronics assembly industry struggles to implement concepts like Industry 4.0 or Internet of Manufacturing, primarily because of the challenges associated with connecting a wide variety of independent systems. The TTC middleware already connects with all leading machine and software vendors

offering a modular, highly configurable and robust solution to all connectivity issues of the SMT industry.

Essemtec Spider jet dispenserEssemtec


Essemtec will demonstrate the new FOX pick-and-place machine, Spider jet dispenser and Cubus storage system. Compact Pick-and-Place Machine The new FOX by Essemtec is the first machine in its class with linear motors and a mineral cast frame, providing exceptional speed, stability, and accuracy, and making it perfectly suited for use in small production environments. FOX measures only 88cm x 109cm and it can accept PCBs up to 406mm x 305mm. Components with sizes from 0201 (imperial) up to 33x80mm can be placed, optionally up to 80x80mm. 4500 cph (IPC9850A) with 50 μm @ 3 sigma. Essemtec’s FOX can be fitted with a dispense valve for SMD glue or solder paste for hassle-free manufacturing of 2.5D assemblies. Fox also features our award winning ePlace software. Compact High-Speed Jet Dispenser The new Spider features a dispensing capability of up to 150,000 dots/hr (with Piezo Jet Valve) and accommodates boards up to 406×305 mm. With advanced laser height mapping, Spider offers compensation for substrate warp/3D applications. Spider offers the same benefits as the Scorpion system, but in a much more compact footprint and with only two valves. Spider’s sleek design requires only 1 m² of production floor space. Not only can it work quickly but it is accurate, placing dots within 50 μm @ 3sigma at full speed, resulting in improved throughput.

KIC’s smart oven technologiesKIC


KIC will demonstrate how its smart oven technologies lead to reduced production costs, higher quality and the new capabilities that the electronic assembly market demands. As electronic product variety continues to grow, the result is more frequent production line changeover. Productivity is lost when a multi-million dollar production line waits 15-30+ minutes on a $50,000 oven to stabilize on the new recipe. KIC’s technology provides either near instant oven changeover time or dramatically reduced downtime.

Ersa HR 550 hybrid rework systemKurtz Ersa

BOOTH 1034

Ersa’s team will demonstrate the HR 550 Rework system, Ersa Mobile Scope, i-CON VARIO 4 and Smartflow 2020. The HR 550 hybrid rework system addresses all users with the highest requirements in terms of precision and process safety in electronic assembly rework applications. The system features a 1,500 W high performance hybrid heating element to desolder and solder SMT components up to 70 x 70 mm. A 2,400 W infrared bottom heater in three heating zones guarantees homogeneous bottom-side preheating of the complete assembly. The Ersa Mobile Scope has been designed for optical inspection and digital image recording including measurements of solder joints on Ball Grid Array (BGA), ųBGA, CSP and Flip-Chip packages.



MIRTEC will premier our award-winning MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI and MS-11e 3D SPI systems at this year’s event,” stated Brian D’Amico, President of MIRTEC’s North American Sales and Service Division. “Market demand for these two revolutionary products has led to three straight quarters of unprecedented growth of our organization. We are very excited about exhibiting at this year’s SMTAI event.” The award-winning MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI Machine is configured with MIRTEC’s exclusive OMNI-VISION 3D Inspection Technology which combines our 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Camera Technology with MIRTEC’s revolutionary Digital Multi-Frequency Quad Moiré 3D system in a newly designed cost-effective platform. MIRTEC’s 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Vision System is a proprietary camera system designed and manufactured by MIRTEC for use with its complete product range of 3D inspection systems. MS 11MIRTEC’s

Digital Multi-Frequency Quad Moiré Technology, provides true 3D inspection using a total of four (4) Programmable Digital Moiré Projectors to yield precise height measurement data used to detect lifted component and lifted lead defects as well as solder volume post reflow. Fully configured, the new MIRTEC MV-6 OMNI machines feature four (4) 10 Mega Pixel Side-View Cameras in addition to the 15 Mega Pixel Top-Down Camera.

Nordson DAGE Quadra 5.Nordson DAGE


Nordson DAGE will showcase the Quadra 5 with industry-leading core technology, offers high performance and ease of use for 2D and 3D X-ray applications. 0.35μm feature recognition up to 10 W of power, makes the Quadra 5 the leading choice for printed circuit board and semiconductor package inspection. The Quadra 5 features the new Nordson DAGE Aspire FP 3 MP detector @ 25fps with 50μm pixel pitch, total magnification of 45,000 X, 70° Oblique Views Without Loss of Magnification.

PROMATION Inc.’s new IS-4000 seriesPROMATION


PROMATION Inc. will have on display the new IS-4000 series, in line soldering robot for top side applications. The IS-4000P model offers exceptional performance and value for an in-line hot iron soldering work cell and sets a new standard for fully integrated soldering robots. Constructed on a welded steel frame, the work cell boasts a 4 axis Cartesian robot, dual stop steel roller chain conveyor, Top Side Pre Heat, product Lift and Locate, 150 watt power supply (with super-fast thermal feedback loop), positive tip location, black chrome solder tips, auto solder feeder, and mesh tip cleaning station for superior soldering results. The precision Cartesian robot uses dual servos to direct the tip to the exact solder joint location every time. Soldering programs can be established quickly through the use of a detachable control pendant, high resolution witness camera and huge process viewing monitor (mounted on the front panel of the work cell). The controller can store up to 255 programs with program change-over in less than 1 minute.

SEHO’s SelectLine-C selective soldering machineSEHO


SEHO North America, Inc., will highlight the SelectLine-C selective soldering machine. Because of its outstanding modular design and innovative technical details, the SelectLine-C exactly meets today’s challenges, ensuring clear cost benefits. The SelectLine-C machine concept includes fluxer modules, various preheat modules and soldering modules that may be equipped individually. Even a brush station to remove any residues after the soldering process and an AOI station for immediate inspection can be integrated into the machine. Depending on the requirements, the different modules can be configured to a complete manufacturing line and, of course, the machine can be upgraded with additional modules at any later date as well.

Specialty Coating Systems (SCS)


Specialty Coating Systems representatives will demonstrate the SCS Precisioncoat Tool Changer – a flexible, advanced coating feature on SCS’ Precisioncoat V platform. The Precisioncoat Tool Changer is a robust, motor-driven 5-axis system capable of selecting and hanging up to five valves and/or tools within a single program profile. Each valve and/or tool enjoys programmable 0-360° rotation and +/- 0-45° tilt. Because multiple heads are combined into one system, the SCS Precisioncoat boasts a full 22.5” (571 mm) x 21” (533 mm) work area on every valve. The SCS Precisioncoat also has the largest pass-through height available, measuring 5” on top and bottom.

Viscom S3088 ultra blue - 3D AOIViscom


Viscom will show a revolutionary new level of 3D AOI image quality. With a complete lineup of 3D inspection systems for the electronics industry, Viscom is offering a unique solution to integrate processes and improve production yields. The portfolio includes solder paste inspection (SPI), automatic optical inspection (AOI), and X-ray systems (AXI/MXI) with micro-computed tomography (μCT) for the highest defect coverage. Inspection of wire bond connections and conformal coating also is included. Experts will be available at the exhibition to provide information on any aspect of the product line. A highlight at the Viscom booth will be the worldwide live premiere of 360View, showing best-in-class 3D AOI image quality, demonstrated on the S3088 ultra blue.

JUKI UltraFlex 3600 Intelligent Storage SystemJuki


JUKI will showcase the UltraFlex 3600 Intelligent Storage System that provides automatic kitting for the next run on placement machines, and the CUBE.460, RX-6R/RX-6B and GL Screen Printer. The company also will demonstrate its new X-ray platform for the first time.

Gensonic Stencil Cleaning, systemGen3 Systems (Ascentech)


Gen3 Systems Limited will exhibit the global award-winning Gensonic Stencil Cleaning, system will be displayed with a 24″ stencil frame. The system uses a 40kHz on-contact ultrasonic transducer for high efficiency cleaning of stencil apertures. The Gensonic can be used either in conjunction with Gen3 stencil cleaning centres or is portable enough to be taken directly to the printer. Gen3 also will display the award-winning contaminometer in particular the CM22+ will be displayed.


BOOTH 1019

Vi TECHNOLOGY will show the K Series3D, its new 3D AOI, coupled with PI series (3D SPI) and SIGMA Link, resulting in a complete 3D inspection solution. K Series3D is the latest evolution of the successful K Series that has been delivering the most accurate component inspection to worldwide leaders in the electronics manufacturing industry for years. By combining its extensive 2D AOI and 3D SPI experience with new proprietary technologies, the K Series3D delivers highly accurate all-around defect coverage including lifted components, lifted leads, tombstones, etc., for components up to 25 mm in height.

Count On ToolsCount On Tools, Inc. (Panasonic)


Count On Tools will have a selection of products on display. This product selection includes customized tooling, grippers and LED nozzles for odd form component placement, ezLOAD PCB support modules, Stripfeeder tape carrier trays, and the new QWIKTRAY system. As a Panasonic Total Solutions Partner,

Count On Tools works to provide complimentary products and turnkey production solutions compatible with all Panasonic equipment.



BTU will showcase its RecipePro recipe generator software, jointly developed with Electronic Controls Design Inc. (ECD), along with the latest version of the Energy Pilot software and Industry 4.0 compliant solutions. RecipePro is the only recipe generation tool in the industry to include convection rate in the recipe generator algorithm, pairing it perfectly with PYRAMAX’s closed-loop convection control. The integration of ECD’s recipe generator technology into BTU’s advanced reflow systems offers manufacturers a streamlined and effective approach to initial recipe generation for higher yield results.



Conecsus, LLC, is an environmental technology and recycling company. Conecsus representatives will illustrate how the company processes wastes containing primarily Tin, Tin-Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gold, and Copper, and converts them into usable metal products for sale into the global market.

JTAG Technologies


JTAG Technologies will premiere several new hardware products for PCB testing and In-System [Device] Programming. Experienced JTAG test engineers will be on-hand to discuss practical test issues and advise on solutions – just bring your questions and/or your target board to Booth 136 for an honest appraisal. The latest product on display will be an example of JTAG’s ‘fixture embedded’ test technology – the JT 5705/FXT multi-function JTAG tester built into one the small linear series of cassette-based re-configurable fixtures of Everett Charles Technologies (ECT), a world-renowned name in PCB test fixtures and interface. Meet with the Nordson YESTECH team in Booth #606 at SMTAI for a Demonstration on the FX-940 ULTRA 3D AOI with high powered inspection.

Speedprint TechnologySpeedprint


Speedprint Technology will be showing its ADu+ dispensing module integrated into the SP710 printer platform and participating in the Tech Tour. In-printer dispensing offers significant advantages to manufacturers. Speedprint’s ADu+ provides dual syringe dispensing – one for solder paste, one for glue. Importantly, the ADu+ can dispense lines as well as traditional dots of material: functionality that can prove critical for affixing RF shields or cans. Some of the many other applications include rapidly handling PCB engineering changes by dispensing paste on to new pads without modifying the stencil (also ideal for prototyping), dispensing fresh paste on pads for rework, dispensing adhesive post-print for robust component attach at placement, and dispensing underfill materials after placement.



Nordson YESTECH will demonstrate the FX-940 ULTRA 3D AOI with cutting-edge 3D technology for the inspection of solder defects, lead defects/lifted leads, component presence and co-planarity of chips, BGAs and other height sensitive devices. With its Advanced Fusion Lighting and comprehensive inspection tools including angled cameras, full-color digital image processing and both image and rule-based algorithms, the FX-940 ULTRA offers complete inspection coverage with unsurpassed 2D and 3D defect detection.

STI Electronics


STI Electronics representatives will discuss STI’s Engineering Services and Training Resources divisions. STI’s Engineering Services division provides engineering support and specialized contract manufacturing services for the electronics manufacturing industry. From product design and manufacturability analysis to pre-production prototype and development, STI’s Prototype and Development Lab is a full-service design review and preproduction facilit.



Scienscope International will showcase the new AXI5100c X-ray Component Counter along with the X-Scope 2000 X-ray system. The AXI5100c is a new innovation in counting components, capable of counting 01005s with ease, as well as (4) 7″ or (1) 15″ reels of various thicknesses. Scienscope Stray ComponentsAccurate component count is vital for inventory management and production efficiency. Currently, this is a time consuming, labor intensive process. Most machines require an operator load, and run through each individual reel to count the components. The count is then manually recorded.

Inovaxe SR Series Smart RackInovaxe


Inovaxe will display its new low cost SR Series Smart Rack and InoBin Smart Mechanical Cart. The SR series Smart Rack is intended for customers whose main challenge is finding parts quickly and do not need all of the features of the InoAuto Smart carts. The design is based on Inovaxe’s cost-effective InoKit platform. The units start as low as $4890 for an 80 location 7″, 8mm smart reel system, which includes the controller and Inovaxe’s InoAuto Locator software to locate and return parts, and then just add more trays for only $877 each. The SR series trays are available to store 7″ and 13″ reels, and are fully upgradeable to InoAuto Smart units with all of the kit management and connectivity features.

Metcal USF-1000 Solder Wire FeederMetcal


Metcal representatives will show the Metcal USF-1000 Solder Wire Feeder, along with Metcal’s proven rework and repair equipment, including the Scarab Site Cleaning System, Scorpion Rework System, MX-5200 Soldering System and more. The new Metcal USF-1000 Solder Wire Feeder adds a new level of control and convenience to the soldering process. The Scarab Site Cleaning System ensures accurate and repeatable cleaning of the component pad in one user-friendly system.

Nihon Superior


During the show, the company will showcase a newly developed product that offer solutions for some of the challenges the electronics industry is now facing, such as improvements in reliability and thermally stable joining. SN100CVTM P506 D4 is a lead-free, no-clean solder paste with a basic composition of (Sn-Cu-Ni+Ge+Bi). This new alloy has an addition that enables thermally stable solder joints even after thermal cycling. Unlike silver-containing alloys that derive their strength from a dispersion of fine particles of eutectic Ag3Sn, SN100CV gains its strength from solute atoms in the tin matrix of the joint. The unique ability of SN100CV P506 D4 to survive long-term storage at room temperature allows simplification of stock management while meeting all the requirements of modern reflow soldering processes.

EVS International


EVS International will showcase the new EVS 500LF lead-free version and EVS 8KLF. Simon and Helen Norman will be available to discuss solder recovery options. The simple yet ruggedly designed EVS 500LF is highly ISO14001 compatible as it complies with the ISO mantra of reduce – reuse – recycle. The system enables the customer to reduce solder consumption by up to >50 percent. The EVS 500 also can help to reduce dedrossing time by 75 percent and waste dross off-site by up to 85 percent.

Seika Machinery


Seika Machinery, Inc., will offer special show floor prices on the Sawa Handy Cleaner and select McDry products. The Seika team will be available to demonstrate industry-leading equipment from DENON INSTRUMENTS, Unitech, SAWA and MALCOM. The RD-500V Rework Station features a two mega pixel full HD camera with a 19″ LCD display for easy visual alignment.

Virtual TWEEZER-VAC EliteVirtual Industries


Virtual Industries Inc. will demonstrate the TWEEZER-VAC Elite. The TWEEZER-VAC Elite (TV-1500-ELITE) was developed in response to customer

concerns about firmly grasping critical components and not dropping them due to a vacuum leak. This vacuum tweezer uses an integrated ten segment bar-graph display that visibly shows the vacuum level present during operation. Additionally, the vacuum port integrates a user replaceable inlet filter that protects operation of the tool from dust particles. The TWEEZER-VAC Elite is available in various kits depending on the handling application. Kits are available in 110 or 220 volt operation.

AIM Solder


AIM will highlight their innovative M8 No Clean Solder Paste along with their full line of solder assembly materials. M8 No Clean Solder Paste has been formulated to improve production yields and product quality, whether printing 0.50 area ratios or eliminating voiding on QFN and LED packages. M8’s post-reflow residue passes all IPC, BONO and tough changing environment test specifications, making it the ideal choice for automotive and high performance/ high reliability applications.

Panasonic NPM-DX quad-gantry platformPanasonic NPM-W2 mounterPanasonic Factory Solutions


Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America has launched a new PanaCIM Maintenance solution to control the full life cycle of any manufacturing asset. PanaCIM Maintenance brings innovative, value-added elements to help manufacturers streamline processes, reduce costs, increase uptime, and improve efficiencies.

Panasonic also recently launched the NPM-W2 mounter, which provides a 10% throughput boost to 77,000 cph and 25% more accuracy at 25-microns over the previous model. It integrates innovations like the award-winning Multi Recognition Camera, which uniquely combines three separate imaging processes into a single process step: 2D alignment, component thickness inspection, and 3D coplanarity measurement.

The evolutionary Panasonic NPM-DX quad-gantry platform continues in the steps of its award-winning predecessor with interchangeable process heads, yet new productivity enhancements further increase its appeal. A component range spanning the world-smallest 0201 metric microchips to massive 100x90mm components up to 30mm tall positions the platform for myriad applications from high-volume wearables to high-mix industrial devices.

VisionPro M500ASC International


ASC International will offer live demonstrations of its industry-leading SPI and AOI solutions. The VisionPro M500, VisionPro AP500, VisionPro AV862 and LineMaster DM will all be available on the show floor for hands-on presentations. The VisionPro Series of SPI systems incorporates the most advanced, rapid 3D inspection technology coupled with an intuitive Windows 7 OS and packaged in a rugged, bench-top or standalone platform.


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