SMTAi 2018 Conference and Exhibition – some highlights you can expect to see on the show floor

SMTAi 2018 Conference and Exhibition will be held in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL on October 14-18. The exhibition will be on October 16-17. Without doubt SMTAi is regarded as the premier technical meeting in North America, where engineers have the opportunity to participate in the extensive conference proceedings and workshops, as well as the many IPC standards meetings held alongside the event. Global SMT & Packaging will be onsite with the Global SMT TV team providing in-depth panel discussions and highlighted videos of all the latest product innovations released at the show. On October 16th at 3:30 we will present the 2018 Global Technology Awards in the Keynote Room 21-22 in the conference area. All are welcome.

Program of Panel Discussions

Dates & Topics
Panel Discussions
Continuous miniaturization, harsh environments and the need for traceability all present challenges to those who seek to produce levels of cleanliness that meet or exceed IPC-TM-650. This panel will discuss these issues
The industry is in a period of unprecedented growth, but company growth is restricted by the lack of available skilled labor. This panel will discuss short-, medium- and long-term strategies to mitigate this issue.
Failure analysis is one of these functions that happens after the fact, but manufacturers need to learn the important lessons on
Inspection is at the heart of the line optimization debate. They act as the eyes and sensors for all the production equipment on the line. This panel will discuss how these systems need to evolve to provide real-time data feedback and yield improvement.

Here are some of the highlights you can expect to see on the show floor

Cogiscan Inc. BOOTH #1218

Cogiscan’s Co-NECT supports all existing and future industry standards such as SECS/GEM, CAMX, ZVEI, CFX as well as proprietary interfaces from leading soft-ware and machines vendors. Co-NECT is a unique, standalone and neutral connectivity solution that addresses the greatest challenge in the industry at this point: Connectivity between different machines, software and enterprise systems. This technology enables Industry 4.0 for electronics assembly.

The new Factory Intelligence —Analytics package offers a series of capabilities to analyze metrics and KPI over a period of time. Being able to collect and analyze key metrics such as machine OEE is key to enabling manufacturing staff to quickly identify any deviation from expected performance and quickly drill down to the root cause for corrective actions. This will guarantee that all assets always operate at optimal conditions.


Kurtz Ersa Inc. BOOTH #616

The Ersa team will showcase the VERSAPRINT 2 Ultra stencil printer and HR 550. The VERSAPRINT 2 Ultra is the first stencil printer worldwide with fully integrated 100 percent 3D SPI. The HR 550 hybrid rework system features a 1,500W high performance hybrid heating element to desolder and solder SMT components up to 70 x 70 mm. A 2,400 W infrared bottom heater in three heating zones guarantees homogeneous bottom-side preheating of the complete assembly.





■Essemtec FOX2

Essemtec BOOTH #902

The company will demonstrate the FOX2 with Micro Valve dispensing solder paste for 0201 and 01005 and placing them in same machine for NPI and prototyping.  FOX2 has a machine footprint of just 1m2 and can accept PCB sizes up to 16 x 12”. Components with sizes from 01005 up to 1.3 x 3.1”are placed. The machine achieves 10,800 cph (IPC9850) and still maintains 50 µm accuracy, 3 sigma with a two nozzle head. The new version is based on the original award-winning platform, which is the first machine in its class with linear motors and a mineral cast frame, providing excellent speed, stability, accuracy, and making it perfectly suited for use in small to medium production environments.





■EVS 500LF Solder Recovery System

EVS International BOOTH #628

EVS International will showcase the EVS 500LF Solder Recovery System. With the new concept of improved performance plus the significant reduction in price, everyone can enjoy the savings that EVS solder recovery systems can offer. With the EVS500LF, users can quickly recover up to 80 percent of pure solder with a higher ROI from the waste dross. EVS has continually improved the performance of the EVS units and the new EVS 500LF is no exception.





■Inovaxe SMART MSD Cart

Inovaxe BOOTH #715

The Inovaxe team will showcase the new SMART MSD storage solution, as well as its new SMART stencil storage solution.
The SMART MSD Cart improves on Inovaxe’s patented InoMSD Cart by adding intelligence to each individually isolated hive.

The SMART MSD Cart detects when a hive is opened and closed, and can light up to indicate to users where an MSD part is located. When an MSD hive is accessed, the SMART MSD Cart shuts down its air circulation so that no other location sees a rise in humidity. This patented design gives customers true moisture control for their moisture sensitive devices. The SMART MSD Cart can be used in conjunction with Inovaxe’s other smart storage solutions and software.

Inovaxe is also excited to showcase its new SMART Stencil Storage Cart, allowing customers to quickly put away and retrieve solder stencils.


Juki Automation Systems (JAS), Inc. BOOTH #839

Juki’s sales team will demonstrate the new G-Titan Screen Printer, ISM UltraFlex 3600 Storage System and RS-1 Placement Machine.
The new G-Titan Screen Printer is equipped for lights-out manufacturing and quality print control, which sustains optimal print conditions.
The ISM UltraFlex 3600 offers the utmost in flexibility, storage capacity, intelligence and ROI in the industry. It can communicate across a wide variety of vendor platforms. Replace your vertical carousels with smart ISM technology. Capable of providing up to 54 reels (7” diameter, 8mm wide) for production simultaneously, the ISM3600 can read low parts, warning to output the required reel in advance.



■KIC’s RPI i4.0 automatic profiling system


KIC will demonstrate the new RPI i4.0 automatic profiling system with network software for real-time dashboard, data sharing and traceability storage.  KIC RPI i4.0 automatically acquires profile data from each product soldered in the reflow or curing oven, in real-time. This new ecosystem offers full thermal process traceability, reduced scrap and rework, improved production line utilization and fast defect troubleshooting. Advanced data search and communication features save engineers valuable time.  The profile is compared to the relevant process window for traceability and can alarm instantly on out of spec conditions. Advanced search and filter functions on product name, customer name, time period and more, instantly provide pertinent data for deeper insight and effective troubleshooting.

■Metcal Connection Validation (CV)Soldering System

Metcal BOOTH #330

The company will demonstrate its Connection Validation (CV) Soldering System with new hand-pieces, MX-5270 system with solder wire feeder, Digital Hot Air Pencil, Solder Tip Cleaner and VFX-1000H Volume Fume Extraction System. The latest CV hand-pieces and assorted cartridges transform the CV-5200 soldering system into the solution for even the most challenging soldering applications. All of the new hand-pieces are now avail-able with a number of unique tip cartridge geometries. The tip cartridges are available in a variety of temperature series to satisfy the most challenging applications. Metcal’s new Digital Hot Air Pencil was developed for very small surface mount component and package sizes (1206s and smaller) and low board densities.





MicroCare BOOTH #1015

MicroCare Corp. has extended its port-folio even further with the launch of new and progressive products, which includes a new series of flux remover pens. Now presented in convenient pen-style packaging are three popular MicroCare flux remov-ing chemistries including; the RMA Flux Remover, No-Clean Flux Remover and the Water-Soluble Flux Remover Pens. Each has been specifically designed to success-fully remove flux quickly and safely from PCBs. The No-Clean Flux Remover Pen is based on the popular MicroCare cleaner, No-Clean Flux Remover – VeriClean™ which is already available in a variety of sizes from an aerosol canister to a drum.

Mirtec MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI


The company will premier its award-winning MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI and MS-11e 3D SPI systems Booth #208.The all new MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI Machine is configured with MIRTEC’s exclusive OMNI-VISION® 3D Inspection Technology which combines our award winning 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Camera Technology with MIRTEC’s revolutionary Digital Tri-Frequency Moiré 3D system to provide precision inspection of SMT devices on finished PCB assemblies. MIRTEC’s award-winning MS-11e 3D SPI Machine is configured with an exclu-sive 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Camera System, providing enhanced image qual-ity, superior accuracy and incredibly fast inspection rates.
The MS-11e uses Dual Projection Shadow Free Moiré Phase Shift Imaging Technology to inspect solder paste depositions on PCBs post screen print for insufficient solder, excessive solder, shape deformity, shift of deposition and bridging. The MS-11e uses the same robust platform as MIRTEC’s MV-6 OMNI Series. MIRTEC’s total quality management system software, INTELLISYS® also will be on display at SMTA International.


■ Nihon Superior Co. Ltd.’s new SN100CVTM P608 D4 solder paste

Nihon Superior Co. Ltd. 

The company will showcase the new SN100CVTM P608 D4 solder paste, NS-F851 rosin-based flux, ALUSAC-35 alloy and Alconano Nano-Silver paste. SN100CVTM P608 D4 is a completely halogen free, lead-free, no-clean solder paste. Unlike silver-containing alloys that derive their strength from a dispersion of fine particles of eutectic Ag3Sn, SN100CV gains its strength from solute atoms in the tin matrix of the joint. The paste provides excellent wetting and reduces voiding. Nihon Superior’s  NS-F851 is the improved version of the NS-F850 rosin-based flux for lead-free wave soldering. The new, no-clean flux ensures excellent wetting of all PCB and component substrates to deliver maximum through-hole fill and facilitates the solder drainage that ensures minimum bridges and icicles.
optical control GmbH & Co. KG




opticalcontrolGmbH & Co.’sKG OC-SCANCCX.3 SMD

optical control GmbH & Co. KG BOOTH #702

Company representatives will demonstrate the OC-SCAN CCX.3 component counter. Exact inventory knowledge and permanent inventory is mandatory to increase productivity, for on-time delivery and an immediate reaction in case of bottlenecks. Monitoring and controlling inventory to run the lines is equally critical for the production process.

The OC-SCAN CCX.3 SMD counting machine simplifies electronic manufacturing work and gives exact and precise control of inventory, and as a result, helps keeps lines running!was truly the first component counter in the industry. The machine is fully auto-mated as far as programming – there are no libraries or need for customer input to get started. It is truly a plug-and-play system and can X-ray ANY size reel in the same cycle time no matter how full or empty the reel is. It is the only machine with this ability, providing an ROI faster than any other machine.




■PDR Americas’ IR-C3 Chipmate Entry-Level SMD/BGA Rework Station

PDR Americas BOOTH #527

The company will have the IR-C3 Chipmate Entry-Level SMD/BGA Rework Station and IR-E3 Evolution Series SMD/BGA IR Rework on display. The IR-C3 Chipmate comes witha range of standard features allowing the operator to quickly, safely rework all types of components. The station is tool free, gas free, instantly/precisely controllable, clean, modular and pro-duces 100 percent yield BGA rework without any complications.
The PDR IR- E3G has been the com-pany’s top selling station for many years, a clear preferred choice of customers worldwide. The versatile system is ideal for a very wide range of SMD/BGA/uBGA/CSP/LED applications on small-large sized PCBs. The PDR IR-E3 systems are available in three models – IR-E3S Standard, IR-E3G Gold and IR-E3M Micro Component/PCB Rework System – each configured perfectly for their respective roles.


Saki BOOTH #407

See Saki in the Fuji America Booth  #407. Saki Corporation introduces Saki Self-Programming Software, the first self-programming software for solder paste inspection (SPI) and automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment. Saki Self-Programming (SSP) software, installed on Saki’s 3D SPI and 3D AOI systems, makes programming fast, easy, and doesn’t require any special program-ming skill or training. All you need is the Gerber and centroid CAD data. The software does the rest.

Saki Self-Programming is a seam-less system that doesn’t require DFM software. It combines technology that captures complete height and XY data and images while simultaneously scanning multiple fields of view. The ability to select from over 300,000 components from Saki’s Golden Library offers unlimited possibilities. In a matter of minutes, with just a few clicks, SPI/AOI inspection data can be programmed automatically, using a defined set of standards and criteria, such as naming, orientation, and parameters, as those recognized by IPC standards for AOI and SPI systems. This removes the programming discrepancies and variations that arise when programming is done by different program-mers. With Saki Self-Programming, one program can be used for all your inspection systems-SPI, pre-reflow, and post-reflow. There is no need to program each machine separately. The inspection program can be generated without first preparing a golden printed circuit board. This especially saves time for businesses that are primarily based on New Product Introduction and those with customers requesting high-mix/low-volume produc-tion with short delivery time.

■Scienscope International’s AXC-800X-ray table top component reel counter

Scienscope International BOOTH #229

The company will demonstrate the AXC-800 X-ray table top component reel counter and X-SPECTION 6000 X-ray inspection system.
Scienscope’s AXC-800 automatic component counter is designed for the inspection of components on traditional X-ray table top component reel counter reels, from 01005s to odd-form devices. However, this machine goes beyond standard inspection of components in 7”, 13” and 15” reels, with the ability to inspect components in JEDEC trays (including BGA ball counting), ESD storage bags, storage tubes, or just about any form by using simplified algorithms built into the system for all types of components.





SEHO Systems GmbH BOOTH #423

SEHO will introduce the new StartSelective – the perfect plug-and-pro-duce selective soldering system for those just entering into automated soldering. Connect, power on and produce. The StartSelective is thought through down to the last detail, from its compact design, ease of operation and many technical highlights. With a footprint of only 2.5 m², the StartSelective provides maximum quality and reproducibility of soldering results for assemblies up to 20“ x 20“ and an outstanding return on investment.

All process-relevant components such as the micro drop jet fluxer, preheat system and maintenance-free electromagnetic soldering unit have successfully been in use for years in other soldering systems from SEHO. While all process steps are fully automated and monitored, loading and unloading of assemblies is done manually.

Sayaka SAM-CT23S

Seika Machinery, Inc. BOOTH #307

Seika will showcase a complete line up of leading-edge equipment, including the latest models from McDry, Unitech, Sayaka and MALCOM. The Sayaka SAM-CT23S tabletop router with color CCD camera offers automatic alignment compensation with fiducial marks and automatic program change with QR code. With AC115V operation, no compressed air is necessary.

The new McDry DXU-1001A high performance dry cabinet maintains one percent RH levels. All McDry ultra-low humidity storage cabinets conform to IPC/JEDEC J-STD 033D and IPC 1601 Standards. Additionally, the ESD safe design adheres to the IEC-61340-5-1
(ESD) Standard. McDry cabinets dehu-midify ICs to prevent micro-cracking and are an alternative to baking, MBBs and nitrogen storage.
Seika also will highlight the UNITECH UC-250M-CV PCB Board Cleaner. The UC-250M-CV takes all the features of the UC-250M and adds a dual cleaning feature using a combination of a brush roller with the silicone/adhesive cleaning rollers. The combination dual dust removal system assures better results than a single brush or adhesive roller system.

SHENMAO America, Inc. BOOTH #233

SHENMAO is one of the world’s largest producers of SMT solder paste, laser soldering paste, cored solder wire, wave solder bar, semiconductor pack-aging solder spheres, wafer bumping solder paste, flux and solar PV ribbon. During the two-day expo, the company will showcase its PQ10 low temperature solder paste and PF606-P245 new genera-tion lead-free zero halogen solder paste.
PQ10 is made with the Sn42Bi58 alloy with a melting point of 138°C. In comparison with SnAgCu, PQ10 offers reduced peak reflow temperature, energy consumption, and warpage of PCBs and components.

PF606-P245 boasts superior continuous high-speed printability which produces great solder paste print quality as well as a wide reflow process window for excellent solderability. SHENMAO America, Inc. blends SMT solder paste at its facility in San Jose, CA for distribution in North America.

Viscom Inc. BOOTH #315

The Viscom Americas team will high-light the S3088 ultra chrome. The system is designed to meet the demand for high throughput production lines, inspect the most leading-edge electronics and be cost competitive.
The S3088 ultra chrome is based on Viscom’s unique 3D AOI technology, and combines accurate defect detection with high inspection speed. This makes the system the first choice for efficient SMT production.

Some of the market-leading features of the S3088 ultra chrome include inspec-tion speed of up to 65 cm2/s and 65 mega pixels of information in each 50 mm x 50 mm field of view. The resolution is switchable, and with 10 µm per pixel even 03015 components can be reliably inspected. Together with the eight angled-view cameras, a virtually shadow-free 3D inspection is one of the key advantages of the system.



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