SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2016 Focuses on Printed Electronics

The upcoming SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2016, Nuremberg, Germany, April 26 – 28th will focus firmly on integrating printed electronics into the PCB and EMS supply chain. Factory automation is expanding on all fronts and the printed electronics phenomenon is yet another facet of this journey.

Please find below some samples of the wide range of new equipment that will be on display:


HALL 7 • STAND 100

AdoptSMT will showcase an array of new innovative products. First-up is the new nozzle magazine for SIPLACE 7xx/9xx nozzles . The new nozzle magazine is completely produced of metal parts, this way all parts are durable. The nozzles are sitting in complete round holes in the non-moving top plate and held in position by robust springs. Second is the new StripFeeder Lightweight line for use in OEM automated tray towers. The StripFeeder.mod can present a few different components on the size of a JEDEC tray. The is only half the size of a JEDEC tray and can be used when more different components need to be presented or the pick and place machine doesn’t have room for a JEDEC tray. Also new are Flexible Squeegee Blades a premium part range of flexible squeegee blades compatible to DEK and Ekra squeegee holders. Lastly, Thermaltronics is adding pre heaters to the range of soldering stations with Curie Heat Technology which responds to the thermal demands of each solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously.

CyberOptics Corporation

HALL 7 • STAND 109

CyberOptics Corporation will demonstrate the SE600 and the award winning SQ3000 3DAOI. The system maximizes ROI and line utilization with multi-view 3D sensors that capture and transmit data simultaneously, and in parallel, accelerating 3D inspection speed versus alternate sensor platforms. The proprietary Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology combined with the highly sophisticated 3D fusing algorithms offers microscopic image quality at production speeds.

CyberOptics will also demonstrate the SE600 3D SPI system that delivers ‘true’ volume measurement and world-class usability. Designed with a state-of-the-art dual illumination sensor, it offers the best repeatability and reproducibility – even on the smallest paste deposits. The award-winning software offers full touch screen capability and world-class user experience for easy, flawless inspection.

Ersa GmbH

HALL 7 • STAND 117

Ersa GmbH will introduce the VERSAFLOW 3/45, the first in-line selective soldering machine with dual track transport, now equipped with VERSASCAN and VERSAEYE.

The VERSASCAN module recognizes multicodes on printed boards, product carrieres or printed boards that are not fully or wrong assembled. These “bad boards” will be excluded from the processing. This saves resources and cycle time and leads to a clearly increased productivity. The VERSAEYE gives information about the solder joint: good or bad.

Also on display at the show, Ersa’s new VERSAFLOW 4/55: the ideal selective soldering system for large and complex board assemblies in electronic manufacturing. Because of its modular design and depending on the demands additional flux, preheat and solder modules can be integrated. All modules run autonomously through their configured programs.


HALL 7 • STAND 331

Indium Corporation’s Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, vice president of technology, will present a two-part workshop on April 26-28. Dr. Lee’s workshop, DfX for Advanced Soldering Technology, covers the principles of designing for manufacturability (DfM) and reliability (DfR). Participants will learn how to maximize the output of manufacturing yield and reliability when addressing advanced soldering technology. Dr. Lee’s lessons will include real-world case studies, with fundamental consideration and mechanisms of challenges well illustrated.

Dr. Lee is a world-renowned soldering expert and an SMTA Member of Distinction. He has extensive experience in the development of high-temperature polymers, encapsulates for microelectronics, underfills, and adhesives. His current research interests include advanced materials for interconnects, and packaging for electronics and optoelectronics applications, with an emphasis on both high-performance and low cost of ownership.



KIC will demonstrate how its smart oven technologies lead to reduced production cost, higher quality and new capabilities that the electronic assembly market is starting to demand.

Over the last decade, reflow oven manufacturers have done a great job of making their ovens more stable, reliable and less expensive. Looking forward, the majority of additional customer value will be created in the utilization of the ovens, and that is the area where KIC has and continues to develop new technologies.

MicroCare Europe

HALL 7 • STAND 531

MicroCare Europe bvba will continue the roll-out of three new aerosol-packaged circuit cleaners. These three aerosols use novel chemical formulations not previously available to the market, and two of them are the first deployment of a totally new chemistry in aerosol form. These products will help companies lower their cleaning costs, improve product quality and meet ever-more stringent regulatory obligations. The three new aerosols are the Universal Flux Remover, the Universal Contact Cleaner and the Polar Flux Remover.

Scienscope International

HALL 7 • STAND 109

Scienscope International will display the X-SPECTION 6000 Cabinet X-Ray Inspection System – the ultimate in flexibility – Scienscope’s most technologically advanced X-Ray inspection system. As with all X-SCOPE platforms, it includes every advanced s/w tool required for a wide variety of applications. With more tilt and a rotating work table, the X-SPECTION 6000 is the ultimate in flexibility. Standard features of the X-SPECTION 6000 X-Ray Inspection System include fully integrated, 130 kV high power closed X-ray tube, 60° camera tilt for oblique angle viewing, 22″ x 18″ inspection stage with 350° rotation, color mapping camera with zoom window provides easy location and identification of faults, and Z axis movement of the x-ray tube and detector.


HALL 7 • STAND 139

SEHO Systems GmbH will exhibit technology from nearly all product divisions, focusing on processes for THT assemblies. With the aim to improve both product quality and system availability, fluxing in wave soldering applications is raised to a new level: In a plasma process flux powder is selectively deposited at the solder joints. The results are convincing – remarkably reduced flux residues on the assembly, lower flux consumption, true VOC-free process, and improved solderability of overaged surfaces.

Another highlight in view of wave processes is the nitrogen wave soldering system PowerWave N2. The system is designed for medium to large-sized production volumes.

In the field of selective soldering SEHO also meets highest requirements in terms of flexibility both with regard to production volume and processes with its SelectLine-C.

Also very flexible is the SEHO LeanSelect, a selective soldering system that is designed for lean production manufacturing environments.


HALL 7 • STAND 415

SolderStar will preview the very latest in internet based technology. Enabling ‘big data’ capture from reflow ovens for intelligent manufacturing requirements, the company will demonstrate the advances they have made in this field, as well as ‘Industry 4.0’ projects and trials.

Solderstar’s SMARTLine is a state-of-the-art data capture system that builds upon the company’s range of real-time process monitoring instruments and sensors. The new interfaces provide the network link and software for streaming of live process data from the ovens on the production floor. The system is scalable and provides all the tools today to allow ‘big data’ capture from single test/evaluations lines to full smart factories scenarios.

The system was developed to work with the Industry 4.0 / Internet Of Manufacturing concept, a principle where machines are connected through intelligent networks that can control each other autonomously to create a SMART factory.


HALL 6 • STAND 210

ULT AG will exhibit new and well-proven extraction and filtration systems as well as solutions for ionisation of surfaces and assemblies.

Two different solutions will accentuate the topic of ionisation, i.e. removal of electrostatic charges on surfaces, assemblies and components. On the one hand, there is the mobile unit JUMBO Elephant for manual workplaces providing ionisation, compress air cleaning, extraction and filtration rolled into one. On the other hand, IVH presents the IAT1200, the worldwide first worktable with integrated ionisation and extraction, making a separate ESD grounding cable redundant. In interaction with a ULT extraction system LRA 400, the additional removal of vapours, odours and dust during part processing will be demonstrated on the table.

The LRA 160, a compact and mobile extraction and filtration unit, will be another new model. The system is suited for the safe and efficient removal of airborne pollutants that occur during soldering processes in electronics manufacturing.



Viscom has reworked its successful MXI system X8011 PCB and will introduce the new MXI system X8011 PCB, offering first class image technology and comprehensive process control. Now the customer has even more options for configuring the system. Valuable experiences from many years of practical application have been devoted to the improvement and enhancement of diverse software and hardware features. The X8011-II PCB is recognized from the outside by its new housing, emblazoned with a large melon-yellow V. The front window is motor-driven and its new design makes loading even more convenient. Ergonomics have been significantly improved by the modernized design of the operating console. Within the system, a faster manipulator ensures even more precise positioning of the inspection object.



KseriesVi TECHNOLOGY will present K Series3D, its new 3D AOI, along with a complete range of inspection solutions at SMT/Hybrid/Packaging, scheduled to take place April 26-28, 2016 at the Messe exhibition center in Nuremberg, Germany. Visit Booth 7A-317 for a personal introduction.

K Series3D is the latest evolution of the successful K Series that has been delivering the most accurate component inspection to worldwide leaders in the electronics manufacturing industry for years.

Yamaha Motor IM Europe

HALL 7 • STAND 220

Yamaha Motor IM Europe will debut new surface-mount placement and inspection systems that introduce advanced features for faster and more flexible assembly. The Z:LEX YSM20W wide-body mounter populates larger, heavier boards at speeds up to 80,000 cph, with all the flexibility of the popular Z:LEX YSM20 High-Efficiency Modular system. By handling boards up to 810mm long x 742mm wide and 8mm thick, with conveyable weight up to 10kg, the new machine empowers assemblers to tackle technically ambitious projects that demand capabilities beyond the ordinary.

The YSi-V 12M TypeHS optical inspection system raises the performance bar, with enhanced features and the fastest 3D tact time in Yamaha’s range. Its arrival enables assemblers to maximise defect detection without trading cycle time as shrinking component sizes, increasing placement density and fine-pitch interconnects demand combined 3D, 2D and multi-angle inspection for optimum confidence. to suit a wide variety of budgets and manufacturing scenarios.


HALL 7 • STAND 321

When PCBAs are cleaned a lot of factors influence the cleaning result. There are not only the residues which have been cleaned from the PCBAs but also process-dependent influences like evaporation or transportation of cleaner into the rinsing stage. To achieve permanent good cleaning results, continuous monitoring of the cleaning bath is recommended. For this purpose, manual and automatic methods exist. Both methods are only fully effective with fresh cleaning baths. Manual concentration measurement method based on the phase separation procedure e.g. the ZESTRON Bath Analyzer works very reliably and accurately independently of contamination.

Automatic techniques, such as the ZESTRON EYE. Utilizing that system, both cleaner concentration and temperature is measured permanently and in real-time. The additional automatic method is the ZESTRON EYE CM, a product new to the market, a fully automatic stand alone module, performing both automatic concentration measurement and automatic dosage.

■ Yamaha YSi-V 12M TypeHS.

■ Yamaha YSi-V 12M TypeHS.

■ Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20W.

■ Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20W.

■ Viscom MXI system X8011 PCB.

■ Viscom MXI system X8011 PCB.

■ The SEHO SelectFlux.

■ The SEHO SelectFlux.

■ Sciencescope X-SPECTION 6000.

■ Sciencescope X-SPECTION 6000.


■ Indium Corporation’s Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee.

■ Indium Corporation’s Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee.

■ KIC’s smart oven technologie.

■ KIC’s smart oven technologie.

■ Ersa GmbH’s VERSAFLOW 3/45.

■ Ersa GmbH’s VERSAFLOW 3/45.


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