The Naprotek Way: Quality and Commitment without Compromise

CEO Najat Badriyeh founded Naprotek Inc. on the premises of passion, quality and innovation.


Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Naprotek, Inc. is a unique Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and industry-leading EMS provider. Naprotek provides PCBA and system integration product, primarily to mission-critical OEM customers. The special formula for Naprotek, according to CEO Najat Badriyeh, is “the passion.” This is what makes the company such an amazing gem.

Founded in 1995 by Badriyeh, she wanted to create an organization that was “the best in the industry.” According to Badriyeh, “Passion makes the difference in this business. Daily, I walk the floor to check on our employees and how they are doing. I check on the customer’s product and oversee that things are moving smoothly. As a result, the DNA of the organization has always been about customer care and customer service.” This may not seem unique, but Naprotek boasts a 99.8% quality against RMAs and a 99.3% on-time delivery against commit to the customer. All of this, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and processes, is the company’s proven formula for success.

Naprotek has grown primarily by word of mouth, mostly from the high-reliability industry customers who have been with the company for upwards of 22 years. Additionally, many of its employees have been on the team for 10+ years, demonstrating the value in the culture of the company. As Badriyeh states, “Our customers know we will do whatever it takes to get their working product in their hands, on-time. And our employees know we care for them, and this is their home. Trust is at all levels within our organization. We work hard every day, and everyone is a part of this, including our customers.”

The Naprotek rewards are great and the company continues to grow and remain profitable. Not only are profits shared with employees, but the company also invests in a new piece of capital equipment approximately every six months. This allows Naprotek to stay fresh with new technology, and provide capacity for new customers that are onboarding.

■ Naprotek combines high-end engineering
and advanced equipment in order to
successfully accommodate the industry’s
most challenging designs.

Naprotek serves a range of markets including military/aerospace, satellites, networking, industrial, medical and engineering projects/DFM. To support these, the company provides a comprehensive repertoire of innovative and technologically-advanced services:

•  Quick Turn NPI: Naprotek’s rapid response manufacturing and engineering brings more than 20 years of experience to help time-sensitive products get to market quickly.

•  PCBA Assembly, SMT and BGA: Naprotek couples high-end engineering with advanced equipment to accommodate the industry’s most sophisticated designs. The company provides assembly of rigid boards and specialty of flexible board assembly with tight tolerance requirements, large body
assembly up to 18 x 24”, precision placement of 01005 componentry, fine pitch placement of 0.35 mm componentry,

• System Integration: Expertise for programs large and small supporting consumer, military and medical grades. Its wide breadth of experience includes engineering support, cable/harness assembly, chassis-level build, custom enclosures, software integration, system function testing, order fulfillment/final packaging, build-to-order and configure-to-order, and reverse logistics.

• Test and Inspection Solutions: For customers building a prototype or posturing for production, Naprotek offers complete inspection and test solutions for complex manufacturing needs. This is accomplished through solder paste inspection, SMT inspection, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), X-ray, in-circuit test and functional test.

• Materials procurement and management support for consigned, turnkey and hybrid material. Naprotek’s specialization in mission- critical products also has driven it to achieve both general and industry-specific certifications including ITAR, SAM, OASIS, ISO 9001:2015, IPC-A-610, IPCA- 620, IPC-J-STD-001, AS 9100D, ISO 13485:2016, Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Control. The company also is involved with the IPC as a certified trainer and specialist in-house, a certified specialist and as an association member.

Naprotek’s name has come to be synonymous with success in the industry. “Naprotek sets the standard for quality and production. We don’t compromise any aspect of our business because our customers’ products are simply too important,” said Badriyeh. “Our team knows what true performance means and we are driven to continually achieve the highest recognition from our customers. No excuses, only the results expected from an industry-leader.”

For more information about Naprotek Inc., contact the company at 90 Rose Orchard Way, San Jose, CA 95134; 408- 830-5000; E-mail:; Web site:


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