We have all been affected by the current outbreak of COVID-19 across the world. In an effort to help our readers and viewers, Global SMT & Packaging is pleased to offer the following services:


For those readers who normally receive their monthly magazine at the factory and are now working from home, or facing lockdown, we would be happy to redirect the magazine to your home address. Simply send a short email with your home address to editor@globalsmt.net. Readers of the digital edition will continue to receive the magazine as normal.

Websites and Newsletters

Our websites,  International and weekly Regional newsletters will continue to be published as normal. Please continue to submit your Press Releases to news@globalsmt.net.


Global SMT TV team will be producing a series of Tech Tuesday Webinars, commencing April 7th at 7.45am PCT, 10:45am EST, 3:45pm GMT and 4:45pm CET. Click here for a full list of webinars and programs.

Tech Talk Thursdays

Global SMT TV will be producing a series of interviews with industry leaders and technologists every Thursday, starting on April 9th at 7.45am PCT, 10:45am EST, 3:45pm GMT and 4:45pm CET. See list of webinars and programs.

Global SMT TV – TGIF

Every Friday, starting on April 10th at 7.45am PCT, 10:45am EST, 3:45pm GMT and 4:45pm CET we will end the week with an informal chatbox on Zoom video conferencing platform to discuss the highlights of our week in an informal setting. Come and share your interesting stories and anecdotes from the past week with the Global SMT team. We will also hold a Pub Quiz – part SMT related, part General Knowledge. This is designed to be entertaining, to help uplift all our colleagues and end the week on a positive note. See our list of webinars and programs for information on how to join.

View our full list of all programming


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