2017 Milestone Anniversaries

IBL Technologies, LLC – 30 Years
Jochen Lipp, CEO
IBL was started in 1987, by Mr. Helmut Leicht with the development of the first generation Vapor phase machines. 1988 IBL installed and sold the first machine. By 1992, IBL developed the second generation vapor phase systems. These units would be the beginnings of the IBL machines that lead the industry today.

IBL prides itself with the development of several vapor phase soldering machines – from batch to inline – as well as a vacuum series of systems. Today IBL has a wide customer range from all industry segments of the electronic industry and more than 2000 installed machines worldwide. The company provides the highest soldering quality, low running costs and customer-oriented solutions. 2017 finds IBL as the leader in vapor phase technology and the company is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary.



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