AIM appoints product manager Angelo Elyassi

AIM Solder, a leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Angelo Elyassi to the position of Product Manager.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and post-graduate experience in international marketing, Angelo has excelled in a wide range of roles including lab tech, chemist, product development, sales and marketing for large, well-known global companies.

As AIM’s Product Manager, Angelo will form an important link between the industry and technical departments of the company. This includes managing products throughout the product lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with the Research & Development team to continue delivering winning products.

“With more than twenty years of experience in the solder industry, Angelo brings a high level of expertise to help support and grow AIM’s product offering,” said AIM’s Executive Vice President, David Suraski. “This is a very important and exciting hire for the company. We look forward to his valuable contributions and insight.”


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