AIM provides IPC-A-610 training to Universal Lighting Technologies employees

AIMAIM Solder, a global manufacturer of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce that it provided IPC-A-610 training to several Universal Lighting Technologies employees in Mexico.

AIM’s Technical Marketing Engineer, Andres Rojas, provided the CIS or Certified IPC Specialist training, which is designed to prepare line workers, operators, inspectors, managers and buyers to make informed decisions when assessing the quality and reliability of electronic assemblies according to the IPC quality standard.

“AIM has always provided Universal Lighting Technologies the foremost technical support and product training programs,” said Universal Lighting Technologies’ Quality Engineer Leader, Swami Hernandez. “The last training we received was on IPC-A-610 standards. This training has enabled us to get a better understanding of quality acceptability requirements in the industry, which we have been able to pass along to our associates to ensure improved control of our processes.”


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