Alpha® Selects YAMAHA YCP10 High-Performance Compact Printer for Key Laboratory Facility

Yamaha YCP10Yamaha Motor IM announced that Alpha (‘Alpha Metals’), the world leader in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative electronic materials used in the electronic assembly process, has chosen the YAMAHA YCP10 High-Performance Compact Printer for purchase and installation at a key laboratory facility in New Jersey. After rigorous print testing, the YCP10 demonstrated the ability to deliver the consistent printing results that the Alpha evaluators were seeking.

“The evaluation included the use of an advanced Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system,” states George Babka, Sales General Manager for the SMT Business Group of Yamaha Motor IM America, Inc. “The YCP10 demonstrated a high degree of consistency in the print from edge to edge, and the adjustable squeegee angle feature made a significant impact on aperture fill not only with solder paste but with new materials using our unique 3-S print head. This feature allowed for easy adjustment of the squeegee angle for optimum results with both paste and experimental materials. This will allow users to benchmark printing parameters for squeegee angle for best results going forward.”

The YCP10 features an easily-controllable operation system and is supplied standard with a user-friendly, easy to operate touch panel, including multiple language options. A wide range of optional features includes a remaining solder detection function that monitors the remaining solder on the stencil to enhance printing quality, and a printing inspection function that carries out minute and effective solder printing inspections using a purpose-designed high-performance optical camera. The YCP10 complies with CE safety design standards, enabling the equipment to be sold worldwide.

To find out more, visit the website, or contact George Babka at Yamaha Motor IM America, tel. + 619.276.4393; E-mail:


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