Altest Corporation adds advanced inspection capabilities with Koh Young 3D AOI inspection system

KY Zenith AOIAltest Corporation has installed Koh Young Zenith 3D AOI solution into their SMT PCBA manufacturing process, adding 3D measurement and inspection capability for completed SMT assemblies.  The Zenith 3D AOI system is intended to ensure product quality and full defect detection through Koh Young’s patented measurement and inspection technologies. Altest is a growing EMS provider that offers full engineering and manufacturing services.

“We have a very high mix/low volume environment that builds highly complex assemblies with up to 20,000 placements per board.  An AOI inspection capability and speed of implementation are critical to us being successful,” says Brian Seng, General Manager. “After an extensive search and test of the available AOI equipment, Koh Young offered the best technology and performance.  We are confident that Koh Young’s AOI solution will help provide our customers with highest quality products.”

With its authentic 3D measurement capability, Koh Young’s Zenith AOI system can detect all types of defects with real measurement values, allowing much easier defect evaluation and process control.


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