Altus and Danutek team up to share resources

Altus and Danutek Team Up to Share ResourcesThe Koh Young Zenith 3D AOI systems continue to prove themselves technically while gaining traction and momentum in the European market. The quality and quantity of applications and process support are critical to the ongoing satisfaction of existing and prospective customers.

Supported by Altus, Koh Young products are distributed throughout the UK, Ireland, Hungary, Romania and the Ukraine. Selling over seventy machines per year, Koh Young has an installed base of over 300 machines (SPI & AOI). After recognising the varying needs of each market, Altus has created an international inspection task force to provide customers with service and further information and advice.

Variations exist throughout the marketplace, with the UK and Ireland comprised of many small and large CEM’s and fewer OEMs as the market focuses on high technology rather than high volume production. Hungary and Romania are dominated by high volume manufacturers, particularly in the automotive sector, while many of the German marques manufacture their critical electronic modules and assemblies in the area.

The team will pool all of their knowledge, skills and experience with end users and suppliers in the SPI and AOI market. They will offer high quality 24/7 support for all customers, on site and/or with remote support via TeamViewer to provide instant assistance to customers in and around Europe. Seamless cross border support can also be provided, where necessary, as demonstrated by Danutek who have already successfully visited the UK to support Altus customers.


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